Tropers: Jerodast

Relatively new troper, sucked in by the Community page and quickly addicted to everything. Tries to stay relaxed but ironically gets agitated by overly tightly wound folks (and policies). Mild Serial Tweaker. Hopefully-reformed Not a Subversion perpetrator. Tries to keep Wall of Text tendencies in check. Definite Splitter.

I sometimes enjoy nitpicking, confusing friends (and enemies) into thinking I dislike works I love. Not true! It's just that "that was sooooo great" makes a boring conversation.

I completely enjoy reading TV Tropes and try to add valuable content. But I wish it had some better tools. Like better discussion forums (more nesting, notification options). Like watches on your own edits without watching the whole page. I don't need to see every edit to the Star Trek page, I just want to know if someone disagreed with my contribution, so we can work out the best compromise/neutral example. This is what probably leads to a lot of natter (another temptation I try to control). People don't like to clobber others' entries since they won't be notified unless they're watching the whole page and picking through every change. I hate being on either end of clobbering. Discussion posts can't tag people. Tighter communications and notifications "behind the scenes" of the wiki would make a lot of administration and decision-making smoother. Better independent addressing of pages between the "type of media" and "sub-page type" dimensions would be nice - currently, as I understand it, any sub-page loses its media specification.

I also disagree with the pretense of keeping things encyclopedic at all times. They call it an informal wiki but it occasionally feels like the opposite. People enjoy the site because it offers a chance to see and discuss works with others. Conversation on the Main Page is bad. But two conflicting yet calm, concise, informed opinions on the same example isn't conversation. It's good. It adds value to the example via audience perspective. Some tropes are always YMMV, but tons of potential examples for others can still be seen in different lights. It's absurd to relegate all of these to the YMMV tab, and sad to suffer the information loss and weasel-wordiness of the neutral phrasing. Similarly, I've seen some "keep fan/audience reaction out of this trope" arguments. That's dumb. Every trope is a trope because it affects the audience in some way. Tropes can be defined by denotation and connotation alike as long as we're cognizant which is which.

Plus documentation of procedures, policies, and syntax could all be better, preferably from a centralized ToC (and for instance, a link to the full guide from the "Markup Help" button).

Wow, that's a ton of beef huh! I must hate TV Tropes. No! See paragraph two!

I helped organize and add to the Commonwealth Saga pages. I try and keep an eye on them a couple times a year.

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