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11:18:13 PM Mar 24th 2014
"Some have actually said "I watch it ironically" unironically." Wait, wouldn't that mean they genuinely watch it ironically? Isn't that the opposite of the point that's trying to be made?
06:54:27 PM Mar 22nd 2011
Cut examples of this as audience reaction:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • Come on, who hasn't watched some piece of crap because an actor you liked was in it? Although the poor, tortured Kate Hudson fans have to take the cake on this one. Sympathy hugs, you little troopers.
  • There is a pantomime version of this in Charlie Chaplin's City Lights where the Tramp's attention is drawn to a nude classical statue in a storefront window. Realizing what he is doing, he immediately starts looking at the statue with the poise of an art expert, as if judging the statue abstractly and not simply ogling it.
  • Do people still try to excuse watching Showgirls?
  • Nobody actually watches the Saw series for gore. They watch it for the intricate plot.

  • For a surprising number of people, the Harry Potter novels seem to require some rationalization for reading (let alone enjoying) them. Perhaps not too surprising given the fact it was originally marketed at children before sheer popularity and acclaim made the adult readership more 'acceptable'. Now its considered one of those so-called 'crossover' series, though in many stores, the whole series is still sold as children literature.
    • Rowling has stated she intended the series to 'grow' with the readers as her original target demographic would have aged between releases.
  • People read Kushiel's Legacy novels for the politics, religion and epic questing, not the numerous extended BDSM sex scenes.
  • Many people claim to only read Twilight to make fun of it.

Live-Action TV
  • Many Heroes fans declare that the only reason they give the series the time of day is because of a character or two whom they like.
  • Smallville has this as well. Either you watch it for the comicbook references, or perhaps Chloe, or for the Clex Ho Yay.
  • How many people out there only watch NCIS because of Abby Sciuto?
  • Mythbusters: "I watch it for the science."
  • Glee has this on two levels — you claim you watch it for the comedic deconstruction of High School shows, rather than the music. But half the time you actually suffer through some Cliché Storm plotlines and dialogue thinking "when's the next song, already?"
    • Then there are those who say they watch it for the music, rather than the overblown teen drama, but we all know they're dying to know when (insert any two characters here) are gonna hook up.

  • Amusingly, for a long time Playboy paid better per word than almost any other magazine; as such it attracted some serious writing talent. That Other Wiki points out that along with interviews with all sorts of famous people (Martin Luther King and Fidel Castro for example), Playboy has featured short stories by Arthur C. Clarke, Ian Fleming, Margaret Atwood, and even the original A Christmas Story. One issue even has article written by Elliott Gould - look it up - wherein he tells of his recent trip to Disneyland...on acid.
    • Its interviews are often fairly noteworthy in their own right. For example, Jimmy Carter admitting that he's tempted to cheat on his wife, and Metallica revealing just how dysfunctional they actually were in the late 1990's.
    • Playboy used to be downright draconic about what they would accept. Stephen King, in the foreword to one of his short story collections, recounts a time when he brushed off a friend ragging on him for the high cut his agent took from the pay from a story: "He damn well earned it. He got me in Playboy."
    • The novel Fahrenheit 451 actually started off life as a series of short stories in Playboy.
    • I.Z.E.T.I.T. once analyzed the contents of a Playboy:
      • Vehicles: 12 g and 0.2115 m2
      • Girls 36 g and 0.415 m2
      • Articles and other interesting content (the entire rest?): 274 g
    • Playboy is also one of the few magazines which are also published in braille so that blind people can read the articles. Not only that, but that publication is government-subsidized...and when the United States Congress tried to cut off the funding in the '80s, that move was ruled unconstitutional as a First Amendment violation.
  • The articles in Mayfair Magazine (still the leading men's rag in the UK) are commonly of topics suited to The History Channel ([1]) or Discovery, such as articles on the common myths surrounding Drake's defeat of the Spanish Armada or the tactics and techniques of contemporary era snipers, or the design of new-line Rolls Royce engines. It's quite common for readers to get the mag for the women, and stay to read the articles.

Video Games
  • Every eroge ever. You play it for gameplay or the story, but never the porn.
  • Those who play "Bayonetta" will justifiably say they play it for the excellent action gameplay. Some will also refer to the fanservice as a high-minded jab at fanservice in general.
  • Most Disgaea fans will claim to play it for the gameplay and cracky storyline. They, of course, are totally lying.
  • Ah. The things you can learn from Bible Black. It's not just the story that can serve as an excuse. You have no idea how much you can learn from reading the cultural references heavy conversations. That is if you read them instead of just skimming over to get to the good stuff.
  • The Dead or Alive series shamelessly invokes this trope. Puzzling in that the gameplay isn't even bad to begin with.
  • Eroge aside, Brave Soul is still basically a perfectly ordinary RPG with a romance plot. Except, you get to do the girl on screen.
  • Anyone who has ever said "I play World of Warcraft for the story."
  • Let me guess, you play Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo for the romance, the interesting characters, and the funny Slice of Life comedy and not the incredibly well-drawn lesbian sex scenes, right? Actually, though, this view is apparently pretty common - Fuguriya recently finished a totally sex-free Hanabira game called 'Hanahira!' because many female fans of the series enjoyed exactly these things and wanted a Hanabira game they wouldn't have to hide they play.
  • Inverted with Touhou Project: Many fans don't play the games for the Bullet Hell gameplay (although there are plenty that do), instead preferring the characters, the plot, the memes, the music, and of course, the Yuri Shipping. In fact, the games don't even have any FanService.

  • The cover story for going to TV Tropes.
  • Urban Dictionary
  • Wikipedia, especially when you look up smut on it.
  • Joining an online forum

Real Life
  • "I only go to Hooters because the wings are so good."

07:44:39 PM Mar 22nd 2011
You cut the former trope namer(And Playboy, which let's be honest is more or less the current trope namer)... I am pretty sure that audience reactions are supposed to be there too. (Well, common ones)
04:02:23 AM Jul 9th 2011
Tentatively agreed, but given the wiki's policy on such things these days, they probably should at least be soft split.
07:15:20 AM Jan 5th 2013
A lot of fitness videos fall into this category in Real Life (saying this here, not on the main page). They're cheaper than porn and easier to justify their discovery in your closet.
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