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Everyone Is Gay

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Scarlet Devil Mansion seems to be Gensoukyou's version of a lesbian bar.

What else could I say?
Everyone is gay.

The tendency for Fan Fic and other fan works to include an improbably high proportion of characters that are homosexual/bisexual/pansexual, even if the original work contains no indication of such a thing. Works possessing a Cast Full of Pretty Boys or an Improbably Female Cast are especially susceptible to this, as there's virtually no choice for shippers to avoid this route other than applying a Gender Bender or Rule 63, or adding in their own original character, which by many is considered far worse. Often considered a form of Canon Defilement and Character Derailment, although obviously those perpetuating it mostly disagree.

Het Is Ew can be the culprit, and unfortunately in these cases any remaining heterosexual characters often fare poorly, if not ending up suddenly evil or dead.

Compare and contrast Everyone Is Bi. If this occurs in official works and sanctioned adaptations, then it's a Cast Full of Gay. Adaptational Diversity is a common reason behind this trope. Sometimes fanfiction writers just want to see people like them. More than that, though, it's the usual suspects.



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     Anime & Manga 

  • Kindred does this to the Disney princesses and princes. Whether it's Situational Sexuality or not, they tend to pair up together on their princess-only and prince-only retreats.

  • The Love Club is outright tagged "nobody is straight". Pretty much everyone is queer. For example, Elphaba is non-binary and ends up in a relationship with Glinda, while Elphaba's father Frexspar was in a relationship with his wife as well as Turtle Heart (which is canon in the original books).

     Live-Action TV 
  • Horatio Hornblower:
    • Harboured & Encompassed: Every romance and relationship is this fanfic is queer. Archie and Horatio are gay (and later it's Archie plus Horatio plus Will who are in a poly-amorous relationship). Styles and Matthews are gay (they're lower-deck Heterosexual Life-Partners in canon; here they work at the library, are gay and live together). Hannah and Will's sister Victoria hit it off, too, being lesbians or bi. Even Jack Simpson is a gay rapist. The only heterosexual couple are actually Archie's parents.
    • Tendency to have everyone gay in Horatio Hornblower fanon is spoofed in a Fan Vid appropriately called "Hornblower Spoof". Horatio wants to get it on with Archie, Hunter watches them, Bush, Buckland and Kennedy ogle Hornblower during his naked Shower Scene... and so on. And Kennedy is honestly surprised that straight people make an appearance. But what can you do when this Wooden Ships and Iron Men miniseries has only a handful of female characters, and only one of them is embraced by the fandom as a cool one.
    Bush: You better have a look at this... [hands Kennedy a spyglass]
    Kenedy: Um, k... [sees man and woman kissing atop of watchtower] Straight people!! [laughs and watches some more]
    Hornblower: I never knew they existed in this series.
    Bush: Oh stop. We're not that weird.
  • Highlander in spades because of all the male characters. There’s probably more Duncan/Methos than other pairings combined. Duncan/Richie has happened as well. Methos and the Horsemen are ripe for it and there are probably Duncan/Connor fics as well.


     Video Games 
  • As the page image shows, this is very popular in the Touhou Project fandom due to the almost entirely female cast: of the four canon human(-looking) males, one was killed as a child eons ago, another turned into a monster and was killed by Reimu, and one's a cloud (so in turn the remaining guy is the target of just about everyone else in the cast in non-yuri, non-OC doujins). The canon relationships feature no romance whatsoever.

     Web Original 
  • A video on Jandrew Edits takes their TNG video edits directly into this, by bringing LaForge into the existing Triang Relations between Picard and two Rikers.
  • In an article by The Onion, every celebrity came out as gay.
  • RWBY:
    • Roadside Assistance is a Yang/Weiss fic that ends on four different same-gender couples. It's also mentioned that Ruby and Yang's father is married to his former teammate Qrow.
    • Most of the cast of Ruby and Nora are LGBT.
    • The rewrite RWBY: Scars makes much of the core cast explictly queer: Ruby is an asexual trans girl who is in a relationship with a girl, Weiss is lesbian, Blake dated Adam in the past but begins dating Weiss midway through the fic, and Yang is implied to be bisexual (and is explicitly attracted to a woman, more specifically Weiss). Amongst the extended cast: Jaune is a trans boy, Neptune and Sun are dating, Penny becomes Ruby's girlfriend early on, Velvet and Coco are dating, Weiss' brother Whitley is a trans boy, and it's implied that Raven is a lesbian.
    • Silver Rings and Golden Hearts is a Qrow/Ironwood Kid Fic that also contains Summer/Raven/Taiyang, Port/Oobleck, Junior/Roman, and Glynda/Willow.
    • With the exception of the villains, almost every protagonist in Team LVDR is LGBT.

     Western Animation 
  • For Eternity, a web remake of Rainbow Brite, has all the Color Kids (as well as its versions of Rainbow Brite, Stormy, etc) as male. Considering that the only females in that universe are childlike temple guardians or the four mother Goddesses, this is justified.
  • The Oversaturated World: Discussed in Sonnenunterganglied:
    Sunset: Sunset took a deep breath, then said, "I have to ask; given all the student bodies of all of the versions of Canterlot High, is there a single heterosexual girl among them?"
    Derpy "Well, there's me."
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: Of the Mane Six, Lyra is out-and-out gay, Cheerilee bi (with one accidental marriage to her college roommate and a date with Rarity), Trixie is asexual but with the occasional hint she and Raindrops have burgeoning feelings for one another, while Raindrops's only canon romance is with a guy, while Carrot Top and Ditzy are strictly het.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants. Bikini Bottom is the gay district without any appearance from Sandy Cheeks whatsoever.


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