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    Hey, where can I learn how to edit the source code of these pages? I try to figure it out on my own by looking at the source, but I end up making laughable mistakes. Reply

      Click "show markup help" when editing and it will show you how to encode various links/formatting with examples.

      It isn't "source code", but close enough. Read Welcome to TV Tropes! carefully, and follow the links. You can practice your edits in the Wiki Sandbox.
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    So... why is it called a "bork" or "borking"? Because of Robert Bork? Reply

      It's a deliberate mispelling of "broke". Like "teh" or "pwned".

      ...I like my version better.
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    Shay Guy keeps on deleting examples he believes "are not valid" in Wham Line. Reply

      ...No offense, but have you tried private messaging him? I'm sure you could work something out if you're both willing to compromise and hear one another out.

      He just did it again now

      Again, no offense, but what do you expect any of us to do about it? TV Tropes isn't your personal army.

      What I expect you should do about it is absolutely nothing,the reason I posted this on ask the troopers was so that a mod would see it and judge for themselves if action should be taken,as is normal to do on ask the tropers

      Don't ask here, ask on TRS. Bickering is pointless.

      No, it's standard procedure to ask here. Certainly, if it's a more reasonable debate and people are willing to talk, you can make a TRS to get the opinions of others. But if the debate has gone into Edit War with one side (Admittedly, perhaps both) not listening to the other, snipes being taken in edit reasons, or just outright vandalism, you're supposed to report it here.

      No, it's standard procedure to ask here. Certainly, if it's a more reasonable debate and people are willing to talk, you can make a TRS to get the opinions of others. But if the debate has gone into Edit War with one side (Admittedly, perhaps both) not listening to the other, snipes being taken in edit reasons, or just outright vandalism, you're supposed to report it here.

      Well, Shay Guy has referred to earlier discussion on the discussion page, and asked Don't Call Me Wave to take the issue there. I'm not seeing anything from Wave on the discussion page though, so I'd say Shay has been doing it right.

      I looked at the disscusion page, and he did not give any reason for deleting any examples. the specific examples that led me to start this arnt even mentioned!

      I also pm'd him and he has yet to give a reason why they are not valid

      he pm'd me back, and he outright refuses to give a reason. he claims that he explained why in the discusion page, but have searched through it and he does not

      he did it again, and he refuses to give any good reason.

      None those are actually Wham Lines. Wham Lines require the wham to be delievered in the line itself, not in the actions that precede the line. Regardless of whether Shay Guy is right, you shouldn't re add the examples without going to the discussion page and settling your debate with Shay Guy there.

      I've tried discussing it with him in pm's.

      Call me skeptical, but I'd like to hear Shay Guy's side of the story. I'm sensing some bias on your part, no offense.

      so ask him

      Going to go ahead and say here that I've removed the Harry Potter examples you added, partly because they are disputed at this point, partly due to poor spelling. If you wish to add them back after this is resolved, use proper spelling and grammar.

      Edit: And he reverted my deletion. Argh.

      where exactly was there bad spelling and grammer?

      Now that's comedy.

      Here's your additions:

      • Prisoner of azkaban:"he's an animagus, by the name of Peter petigrew
      • Goblet of Fire: Lord Voldemort had risen again
      • Half Blood Prince:Snape:Avada kedavra

      Azkaban should be capitalised, as should the beginning of the dialogue. Pettigrew has two 't's in it. It's 'Lord Voldemort has risen again', with a period at the end. Avada Kedavra is spelled with two capital letters, and should also have a period at the end.

      In addition, if any quotes have inverted commas around them, all of them should, for the whole page. And none of these should have been spoilered- it's a page of spoilers. if any quotes are sourced, all of them should be, and there should be a space between Source: "And the quote."

      And making two errors while asking someone to prove you misspelled and/or were grammatically incorrect is pretty bad (it's 'Where exactly was there bad spelling and grammar?', but that's a horrible sentence structure to use).

      Now that all cards are on the table, can we please get some consensus about the WhamLineyness of these quotes?

      ...Are those really Wham Lines? They're just lines that advance the plot in a dramatic fashion. They don't make everything you thought you knew about the series a lie.

      From the page:

      "The most important aspect is that the audience doesn't see it coming not just not knowing the exact information, but not expecting any kind of surprising (or even significant) line there at all."

      I offer no judgments.

      I fixed the grammar, and as for the spoiler tags, they are every where else on the page, why should these examples be an exeption?

      Others being wrong does not mean that you are right. And the grammar may not be the key issue here. Are you certain that they belong on the page?

      "not expecting any kind of surprising (or even significant) line there at all."

      If that were true, than half of the examples that are on the page would have to be deleted.

      That's not what I asked. Are you certain that they belong on the page?

      yes, I am quite certain

      Okay. Making a judgment call here.

      The first is fine. It comes out of nowhere, it changes the entire plot up to that point, and it proves that Voldemort has friends everywhere.

      The second is a line in the narrative, not a line spoken by a character, and thus does not qualify.

      The third comes during Malfoy's betrayal. The audience is aware that Dumbledore is weak and may be killed by someone. That the someone in question is Snape does not change the fact that we know something is going to happen, regardless. It is spoken at a moment of high tension. Thus, it does not qualify.

      If you disagree, feel free to explain why the second and third should be included, but do not simply replace them without explanation.

      either way, this is about more than just my contributions.

      All of the deletions made by Shay Guy fail to live up to some part of the trope description for Wham Line. You brought this up because of an edit war over the two examples that I have now deleted and you have now agreed do not belong. Any other deletions were made with a similar logic to mine. The fact that he is deleting things shows that he wishes to live up to the description of the Wham Line trope as coming out of nowhere. This was never about anything more than your contributions being deleted.

      I believe that this resolves the issue.

      Sadly, not quite yet. Shay Guy went ahead and removed the first one with no explanation (His given edit reason only applies to another example he deleted simultaneously), so I'm going to PM him myself to try and get him to participate in this discussion. (Hopefully it will go better than dontcallmewave's P Ms.)

      Why don't you put it on the discussion page for the trope? It is kinda the place for this.

      Too late, I sent the PM. If he doesn't respond by tomorrow, I will take it back to the discussion.

      I literally had no idea this discussion was going on here until I got Totemic Hero's PM.

      Okay, several lines are being argued over. Which one is currently up for discussion? The Prisoner of Azkaban example? Because the scene has a lot of buildup to that line, including the ones immediately preceding it outright stating that Scabbers wasn't a rat, and was in fact a wizard. The matter of which wizard magnifies the surprise and/or incredulity, given what we knew or thought we knew of him, but Rowling very clearly indicates "I'm about to drop a bomb on you" before she does. That was ultimately why I cut it.

      Some others were pretty fuzzy. For instance, after watching the scene for myself, I decided to keep "Okay, kid, this is where it gets complicated" based on the fact that it's almost impossible to see and recognize Amy in there before recognizing her voice — had the camera been on her for a second or two before she spoke, it would've been a no, because the surprise would've come from the image. Had it not cut to show her until a word or two into the line, it would've been a more definite yes.

      There are probably a lot more non-examples on there that I don't know about due to unfamiliarity with the source material.

      -facepalm- I give up
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    My posts keep getting "eaten" by the system, both here, on the forum, and elsewhere on the wiki. Reply
  • 4 Jan 18th, 2011 at 4:04AM
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    Is there a problem with watchlists? Items on mine are showing as unread even after I've looked at them. Anyone got any ideas how to fix?

    Edit: And actual New Edits aren't showing up when I visit the new wiki edits page. Reply

      It seems to be a problem on both the forum and the wiki see discussion here

      Seems to be a caching problem, it's being discussed here.

      EDIT: Also makes it really hard to tell when I'm answering questions that have already been answered.

      My experience, FWIW, is that if I hit the force-page-reload button the changes do appear.

      I don't know if this is the same problem or not, but a recent post I made on the forum and a YKTTW suggestion both seemed to get "eaten" after I submitted them.
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    Keystone Kopps? Why is there no trope for it? Reply
  • 3 Jan 17th, 2011 at 7:07AM
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    Is Grandma, What Massive Hotness You Have a female-only trope or not? I'm seeing a few guy examples on the page... Reply

      The page description includes males, so I don't think so.

      Hmm, the Laconic page is female-only, all of the related tropes are female, there aren't any male redirects...

      Well, if it's gender-neutral, I suppose we should make it so.

      The examples are mixed gender so all it needs is a tweak on the laconic and a redirect of Grampa What Massive Hotness You Have.
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    suedenim is waging a one-troper war against examples on Captain Ersatz - many of which are actual examples of the trope. She keeps saying "these are Expies" in her edit reasons, but... an expy is a character similar to another character by the same writer. That, and she seems to think that Expy is basically "Captain Ersatz as regarding objects or concepts of Shows Within a Show."

    I really don't mean to complain, but she's throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Yes, there are some examples that don't belong, and she's taking out some natter, but she's going a little too far. Reply

      Actually, I believe expy has become somewhat broader than that.

      It is currently in the TRS for this reason, looks like someone just jumped the gun on whatever action it eventually gets decided on.

      Jordan: If it has (and it hasn't), that's because Expy is often mistakenly used in place of Captain Ersatz. Besides, what else would it mean?

      It might be because of trope decay, but my inpression was that Captain Ersatz was "this character is the same as someone else's, and the name is changed for copyright reasons", while expy is more like "similar character to one in the same author's works/or just a similar, but not identical character".

      I could be wrong though.

      That's more or less what I said/meant/thought all along (although that "for copyright reasons" thing sort of completely misses the point. No, The Sentry wasn't created because Marvel found out they couldn't just use Superman.)

      Yeeeeeesh I'm really hating the way this is going. After dropping by the TRS thread and then checking out Laconical List of Subtle Trope Distinctions... erghf. I don't think there's a single example in Captain Ersatz that doesn't belong on Expy under these new definitions! And I should know, since I wrote half of those examples, including almost the entire Comic Books section, myself!

      But that's the thing that's driving me mad about this - there should be a difference between "inspired by" and "very heavily based on".
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    Little question, is there a specific rule against adding a pothole instead of a work title? And if so, what page is it on?

    For example.

    I hope that made sense. Incidentally, no, I haven't added any like that myself. Reply

      It's discouraged to do that, as it can lead to repeat examples because of the title not showing up when people search for it. As for the specific page, I can't recall. If you see any examples where the work title is potholed, try to fix them.

      Another reason it's discouraged is that it makes things unnecessarily difficult for readers who don't happen to know which show Alice and Bob belong to. An example should say which work it comes from, without making the reader go to the link to find out.

      Of course, it's a simple matter of clicking "view source" for potholes to show up on a page search, but not a lot of people do that. So, yeah, simply potholing the title makes for a less smooth read (hence the name "pothole") and duplicate examples

      People shouldn't have to view the source to check whether a work is already mentioned. Potholing the work name to a character name or a line is usually nothing more than Fan Myopia — "Oh, everyone will know what this refers to."

      Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest that was a viable alternative to clarity within the article.
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    Hey, a user named Tear Drop deleted the notes to not include Fridge Logic, Fridge Brilliance, or Ho Yay on the main page for the Prince of Persia movie. He didn\'t add any examples, but why did he delete those?

    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=Film.PrinceOfPersia Reply

      ...yeah, this is the same troll who was messing with the page before. He also deleted Fake Nationality on the basis that some Persians look white.

      No idea. I doubt he had permission to remove them, so I re-added them.

      ...and now an account called Treasure Chest deleted them...

      Oh, and as if this troll isn\'t insane enough, he went through the discussion page, and edited every comment made by myself or Mr Death, replacing them with \

      ...ok, just another update: The guy keeps insisting that since there currently weren\'t Fridge or Ho Yay pages, those notes shouldn\'t be on there. So, just for the hell of it, I made a Fridge page. He promptly deleted what was on it, is still deleting the Ho Yay note. Furthermore, he keeps changing the Germans Love David Hasselhoff trope. I\'ve taken that one to discussion, but I doubt he\'ll respond...

      Oh God, is the Prince Of Persia troll back?

      Yep, he is. He\'s also trolling the Tangled IJBM page. I was afraid this would happen if the page was unlocked, he\'s quite persistent.

      ...and he deleted my message attempting to talk with him about the Germans Love David Hasselhoff thing.

      ...oh, and I made a Ho Yay page in response to his complaining that one didn\'t exist...and he wiped it... Sorry I couldn\'t limit this to just one or two posts, but this guy literally never seems to stop vigilantly preparing to wipe anything he sees as negative about his favorite movies. (by extension, I assume he\'s a homophobe, if he perceives Ho Yay as bad)

      OK, is he gone?

      Tear Drop is banned. I don\'t think Treasure Chest is the same person.

      Doesn't seem like this one stuck, since he's doing this shit again.

      What happened to all the previous posts?

      someone called Teardrop edited them into oblivion.

      I don't think comment editing is affected by edit bans. This is an Eddie thing. I'll PM him.

      Aaand now Treasure Chest is PM'ing me for some reason to tell me he's glad the page is locked, and he blames the whole thing on Mustex.

      Honestly, I don't see what the big fucking deal is with this movie. No, really, what the flying fuck people? Some people enjoyed it, some people didn't, can we just let it the fuck go already without having to lock the godsdamn page?

      To all the parties involved: GET OVER IT
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    Me and the author of a combination search engine Duck Duck Go have been discussing special integration with TV tropes. He asked if you had a dump of the whole site he could use. I couldn't find it; is there one? Or if not, could the sysadmins make one?


      Recommending you send a PM to Fast Eddie, he's your best bet.

      Double post, but the guy below me is also right.

      Suggest you ask on Wiki Talk on the fora.

      I don't think Fast Eddie reads most of his P Ms, actually - I know I've sent him a few and never gotten replies.

      He does. He's replied to mines. Most mods do. I suppose it may depend on how many spam pms he gets in a day

      ...So he's been deliberately ignoring me? Dang. And here I thought he was just busy.

      An on-demand site dump is far too intensive on server resources. Eddie's done one-time dumps before and made them available for download on a limited basis, but that's the best you could expect.
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    Lastest Reply: 17th Jan, 2011 09:36:30 AM
    Does anyone know what indexe/s this page should be given? I'm at a complete loss on how to categorize it.

    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ElviraMistressOfTheDark Reply

      I've added her to Presenters to start with (although that index itself could use more love).
  • 16 Jan 16th, 2011 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Jan, 2011 09:40:06 PM
    Ill Ill Ill Ill has started a one man crusade against gushing. He's written a manifesto and is deleting any mention of it that he finds from the wiki pages outside of the Sugar Wiki. When politely asked to move them to YKTTW pages instead of just deleting them he flat out declined. Reply

      Weird, I literally reported this a few minutes ago.

      Here's his recent edits page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/el.php?findfor=IllIllIllIll

      So he decided to play vandal rather than discuss things (though considering the way he wrote it, it looks like he wasn't going to take "no" for an answer anyway)?

      I'll start reverting his stuff.

      Edit banned. Keep an eye out for a return under a new name, please, and commence clean-up activities. His recent edits list is here.

      Holy crap, you guys work fast. I keep trying to repair stuff to find you've already done so.

      Not that I don't think the action taken was appropriate or necessary, but is this really the place to raise the subject?

      Also: good heavens that's a lot of edits for just one day.

      Um... yes? This is where you are supposed to report any Wiki Vandals, since the mods patrol here every once in a while.

      The mods keep a very close eye here. It's the best place to report a problem with the wiki.

      Okay, just making sure. Sorry, I'm sort of new to this specific area of the site. I'd have thought it would be the forums, since I know Fast Eddie hangs around there fairly often.

      There are so many places on this site I figure tomorrow I'll walk into some place everyone else knows of that I've never heard of. It's understandable.

      Well, I tried to revert the edits, but any and all I tried were all ready done. Thank you, Madrugada and everyone else who helped.


      De nada. All I did was ban him. The folks that got it all cleaned up in under 20 minutes are the heroes.

      Speaking of cleaning it up, if a page has a "Main" and a "Film", does the YMMV page apply for both? The guy got rid of a Crowning Music of Awesome thing on Superman, and I had to put it back on the Film page as I had no clue where it was actually supposed to be.

      I think, to continue from your example, you'd either make a movie section on the YMMV page or give the movie its own YMMV page.

      There's something similar to that second one on Transformers, which has a unique character page in Transformers Film Series. That confuses matters a little because it doesn't receive a link at the top of the page, but it's still the set precedent.

      I think in this case you should probably do the first suggestion, since I doubt there's enough YMMV on the Superman page to warrant its own article.

      Indeed. I think I have to make the YMMV section for it entirely. Going to go ahead and do that, then.

      Also, was looking through... looks like it's all done. You guys are insanely fast (and insanely awesome).

      Darn, evidently. Looks like this was a problem for, like, a little over an hour? Wowzers.
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    Lastest Reply: 16th Jan, 2011 09:18:19 PM
    This is kind of a namespace question:

    How should one go about creating works pages for plays of the same name and genre but by different authors? (For reference, Sophocles' Electra and Euripides' Electra). I can't think of a way that wouldn't likely lead to misused wicks. Reply

      I know for movies we use the year of production, not sure about books.

      I don't think we really have namespaces for genres per se. Media, yes...

      Even so, apparently they're both plays, so...

      (fairly old ones at that, looking em up).

      Sorry Ep Kid, I meant the "Theatre" namespace, moreso than Greek tragedy itself.

      They're based on the same subject matter but are treated very differently, meaning there's a decent chance you could wick one when you meant the other if they didn't have some disambiguation, but I'm just not sure how that ought to be done.

      I would suggest a Disambiguation page at Theatre.Electra, then individual pages at Theatre.Sophocles Electra and Theatre.Euripides Electra (possilby ptitle them with non-ptitle redirects)

      ^ That would be the best choice.

      Thanks, I'll go with that then.
  • 15 Jan 15th, 2011 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Jan, 2011 09:01:49 PM
    Jack Mackerel just vandalized Locked Pages and Permanent Red Link Club. Please ban. Reply

      I removed snipes on Locked Pages (they may be "unfunny", but that's kind of an insult). Granted, I went overboard on PRLC, but that's been reverted and I only removed a snipe at The Lonely Island, and I thought at the time that shortening the descriptions would be better and more formal. If they're vandalizations, then I apologize, and I'm sorry I didn't post any discussion prior to my edits.

      I think you're being a little hasty regardless of what edits he made. That, and I don't think I saw a question in there.

      Changing things =/= vandalism. Having a look at his edits, it doesn't seem like he did anything more than change the way it said what it said.

      Indeed, not only is an insta-ban way overboard, you might, y'know, try discussing these things?

      I wouldn't mind having the page have less sniping against people, but it would be nice if we could preserve some sillyness while doing so.

      That said, maybe Jack Mackerel could explain himself in the Edit Reasons next time he makes a major edit so we can avoid these misunderstandings in the future. Yes, it's silly that nuke got his panties all a-twist, but if all it takes to avoid that is saying "removing insults that don't belong on the page", well...

      Is there consensus to revert nuclearneo's edits on that page? It looks like all Jack Mackerel's "vandalism" was actually rewriting the lines in question to be less inflammatory, which seems to be a good idea.

      I'd bring it up in Trope Repair Shop, personally. I didn't find the lines all THAT inflammatory, but best get some consensus before removing/adding them.

      I'd bring it up in Trope Repair Shop, personally. I didn't find the lines all THAT inflammatory, but best get some consensus before removing/adding them.

      Well let me take a look... Oh, Hell yeah. Nuke's edits/reversions are completely unnecessary. If anything, he's the one who's been vandalizing.

      Reverting a more informative and funny description is not vandalism.

      Actually, yeah. I'd say you are the one in the wrong, Nuke. The edits you most recently reverted had nothing wrong with them. There's really no need to make Locked Pages a Take That! against every page ever locked. It's meant to be informative.

      @Neo - But you still haven't explained why I was trolling. I've already posted a topic to TRS to try and solve this.

      You weren't wrong, Jack Mackerel.

      Nuclearneo, unless you can prove that Jack Mackerel was being a vandal by simplifying the descriptions of the locked pages, I think that we can safely say that he was not.

      In addition, attempting to call down the banhammer on him without discussion is poor form.

      Take Thats in the reasons a page was locked aren't particularly funny. I see nothing that qualifies as vandalism on Jack's part, or indeed anything that requires moderator action onhis part. Nuclearneo, you need to learn that just because you think something is funny, doesn't mean others will agree, and that just because you added something doesn't mean it's too perfect to edit.

      @Madrugada - Thank you.

      Slightly on-topic, the original person who inserted them was Ethereal Mutation, but he/she's a lurker.
  • 1 Jan 16th, 2011 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Jan, 2011 08:54:49 PM
    Ill Ill Ill Ill seems to have a grudge against Crowning Music of Awesome, and is going on a crusade to delete all of its potholes.

    That'd be fine, except s/he's not moving them to a YMMV tab and is just zapping them, forcing me to clean up. S/he's also deleting potholes not "listed on a work's page as a trope," despite that to my knowledge those are allowed as long as they aren't excessive.

    Advice please? Reply

      Madru's edit banned her, so no worries. I'll follow her works and move them to YMMV tomorrow, she did a few on pages I'm watching.
  • 3 Jan 15th, 2011 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Jan, 2011 04:25:33 PM
    Where do I go to ask a question about the difference between two similar tropes? Reply
  • 3 Jan 16th, 2011 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Jan, 2011 03:29:47 PM
    Is there an inverse trope to Broken Base? That is, a work by a formerly-divisive artist that pretty much eliminates the divisiveness? (For example, Kid Rock has been very divisive until Born Free, which has been his best received album.) Reply
  • 10 Jan 15th, 2011 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Jan, 2011 01:50:25 PM
    Dear Tropers

    Seriously, how do you guys type with boxing gloves on? Reply

      ...I'm wearing boxing gloves?

      Yeah, What?

      The answer to "What?" is "Homestar Runner".

      Next burning question: Why?

      This question is not really appropriate for ask the tropers

      Okay, I have a better question, then.

      Where did you guys get your funnybonectomies done? Seriously, it was just a joke, people.

      This is not the place for jokes. We have a forum for a reason.

      Jesus, calm down.

      nuke: The forum's for jokes? Funny, that's what got me banned from it.

      Ah, so this is a "You all suck because I got banned and it's totally not my fault" thing.

      Seeing as I don't think anyone is a mod here, I don't think you'll be able to get any help from us.

      Also, I have no clue who you are or what you did to get banned, so why the heck are you blaming random people on Ask The Tropers about it?

      ...I got banned six months ago and decided then that it wasn't worth my dignity to raise a big stink about it. The point of this topic was simply making a joke. I got a little upset when someone told me to take it to the forums because I kind of can't, is all.
  • 0 Jan 15th, 2011 at 9:09PM
    Double post. Reply
  • 4 Jan 14th, 2011 at 11:11PM
    Lastest Reply: 15th Jan, 2011 03:22:35 PM
    I just noticed something rather odd about the redirect of Antigone for the page Antigone. It doesn't actually show up as a redirect on the page itself and I when I try to edit it I get directed to a page headed with "Antigone: Antigone", yet wicks do redirect from it. I'm curious whether it can be fixed on the basis that the pages that link to that redirect won't appear in the "related to" feature as it is. Reply

      I'm not sure what you mean; I can edit Main.Antigone just fine.

      Maybe it's just my browser or something then. Thanks.

      No, the redirect was partially borked. I have repaired it.

      Thank you! That works much better.
  • 2 Jan 14th, 2011 at 7:07PM
    Lastest Reply: 15th Jan, 2011 08:11:28 AM
    bbb Reply


  • 11 Jan 10th, 2011 at 6:06PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Jan, 2011 09:48:03 PM
    How do you get on the Contributers page? Reply

      Make a Contributor page (for you, edit Librachan), and it will be added automatically.

      Could you be a bit more specific on how to do that?

      Librachan click on this. Click on edit page. Edit page it will automatically index.

      It didn't help...any other way?

      Not Main.Librachan. You have to use Tropers.Librachan and set the page type (that's over in the "tools" sidebar to set the page type to "a contributor" for the indexer to find it.

      I kinda messed up on that so I just need to set it as Tropers.Voids Empathy then?

      Looks like you got it, Voids Empathy.

      I did, now if only i can get that forum account back with a new password i'd be golden!

      Post your request here

      I already did and so far i haven't been notified about it...

      There! Finally, now I have my orignial account back to normal....thank you Madrugada! =D
  • 2 Jan 14th, 2011 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Jan, 2011 06:36:09 PM
    bbb Reply


  • 6 Jan 13th, 2011 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Jan, 2011 06:34:46 PM
    Hello~ There's been a bit of an edit war between myself and another troper on the Tangled IJBM page, and I was wondering if it would be possible for a mod to take a look at it.

    One of the things that the other troper has been doing include deleting huge swaths of text aren't directly to the point, editing and reediting the page so that the edit history is all them editing between "inserttexthere" and "insert text here" and has ignored every attempt to ask them to bring it to the discussion page before deleting things. I've ended up just saving a word document of the page, and putting it back the way it was several times, but I'm willing to stop if that is what needs to be down.

    Thank you for your time, Loracarol Reply

      The things is a lot of the tropes are actually explained that way in his blog. It's not a justifying edit to clarify a trope that misrepresents what happened in a show.

      And calling someone butthurt for fixing examples is not an argument against the examples themselves. You think an example should be written another way, you should be able to explain why, preferably with referring to his actual writings.

      EDIT: I'm not pro Malstrom. I'm pro accuracy and reason. Now I've found he's fallen short of that in a lot of his writings, but that doesn't excuse how the page was written before.