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    rolandvvdeschain was nattering on Asura's Wrath (natter since reverted) and Blue Literature. blackcat P Med him about this before (due to his edits on Syukusho Gakuen), so I think he may need a more serious talk about the meaning of Natter, the proper (non-)use of This Troper, and Repair, Don't Respond. Reply
  • 3 Mar 9th, 2012 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 10th Mar, 2012 12:37:50 AM
    Excuse me, but I just have one simple question: Would this entry counts as an example of getting crap past the radar?

    • In Sonic Heroes, Amy will sometimes say "Oh my God!" when she's falling in Final Fortress at one point. In a game about colourful hedgehogs, foxes, and echidnas fighting against an egg-shaped scientist. The game was rated as suitable for pretty much all ages.

    I'm just curious, because there's a user who keeps removing this entry from the page it was originally on with an edit reason of "not everyone is a Christian." Reply

      I would say that it's not an example, but not necessarily for the reason given. Getting Crap Past the Radar is about sneaking something potentially objectionable past whoever would have objected to it. This involves no sneaking; anybody who's going to object to a character saying "Oh my God!" can clearly see that here is a character saying "Oh my God!".

      The reason for cutting is terrible, because Christianity is not the only monotheistic religion out there. That said, it's a classic case of not knowing where the radar is - when Sonic Heroes was made, you could say that in an E-rated game. It got past the radar because the radar doesn't care about it.

      "Oh my God" is not considered obscene or offensive except by the most extreme Bluenose Bowdlerizers. As a rule of thumb, the word "God" will never, ever be an example of Getting Crap Past the Radar.
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    Lastest Reply: 9th Mar, 2012 08:14:59 PM
    Is it okay to have work pages on message boards? I'm asking this because I found this page earlier today. Reply

      Oh crap. This looks like it was created by three musketeers who where having their own little party and forgot that this place is supposed to be about tropes in fiction. Cutlisting
  • 4 Mar 9th, 2012 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 9th Mar, 2012 06:39:44 PM
    Actor pages aren't supposed to have real life tropes applied to them, right? Reply
  • 2 Mar 9th, 2012 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 9th Mar, 2012 10:21:03 AM
    Is it okay to make a new sub-page for a split trope page? I want to make one for Manhwa and Manhua for Berserk Button because it doesn't have an "other" page. Reply

      If there are enough examples for that, yes.

      That's why I wanted to put them together. It would be longer than the radio sub-page.
  • 1 Mar 9th, 2012 at 7:07AM
    Lastest Reply: 9th Mar, 2012 07:32:39 AM
    Kuma is a relatively new troper, but all his edits so far have shown a pretty shaky grasp of the English language. Reply

      Suspended. Edits reversed.
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    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2012 06:39:44 PM
    I have been wondering what the policy is on editing a YMMV entry not your own? What I mean is that recently I have found many entries in certain YMMV tabs which are just ever so slightly not accurate/reflective of canon, as well as often making the entry not applicable in the tab once the correct information is provided, but because it is YMMV entry I'm not sure what the protocol on this is and I don't want to offend anyone, start a conversation correcting them, or create an edit war. I'm sorry if this has been answered before, I'm a long time reader but a new contributor. Reply

      I believe it's a case of if the information is inaccurate or if it is not a YMMV trope (say Even Evil Has Standards is used incorrectly in citing a YMMV trope when it is shown in universe) then go for your life. For something like Complete Monster, we actually have special rules regarding the use of this trope. As for something like Crowning Moment of Funny, these are subjective. I personally thought a recent Angel & Faith comic was the best thing ever yet some might groan about it featuring Harmony, so it might be best to leave those.
  • 2 Mar 8th, 2012 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2012 04:38:16 PM
    Apparently, HarleyQuinnhyenaholic has decided to unilaterally give Ship-to-Ship Combat an Example Sectionectomy. I do not see any TRS thread on the subject, nor anything on the discussion page, nor any edit reason.

    I reinstated the examples, but this definitely needs mod action. Reply
  • 6 Mar 6th, 2012 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2012 09:33:00 AM
    A troper by the name of "hartbreak" is ban evading.

    Back in 2009 and 2010 "Heartbreak" was edit blocked for making extremely wrong edits and then edit-warring over them. He turned to sockpuppetry to avoid the block and got googlebounced.

    Now he is back as "hartbreak". He claims he was allowed to start editing again after promising not to disrupt pro wrestling stuff, but he's editing with a new username and I saw nothing in the Unban Request Topic from him.

    He's also back to his old antics in regards to pro wrestling. One of his recent edits was to delete Insistent Terminology from the WWE page because, according to him, "pro wrestling" is only the matches and "sports entertainment" is the entire production. Anyone even remotely familiar with pro wrestling is aware that "sports entertainment" is a WWE-exclusive term and WWE literally tries to pretend that they aren't pro wrestling.

    Anyway, reporting this. Reply

      Suspended. He certainly is still edit-waring crazy text blocks.

      He's in the forums complaining about being banned. In badly-spelled walls of text explaining that he did nothing wrong. Also, someone might want to go over his recent edits and revert them.

      He can make as many socks as he wants, we'll keep banning them.

      Ooh. Nuked thread page now? Neat.

      If he's that banned would it be possible to get his posts in this topic thumped so that no one wastes time arguing with him?

      They were already thumped with a MOFW* bonus.
  • 1 Mar 7th, 2012 at 10:10PM
    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2012 08:12:06 AM
    The sponsor of this YKTTW has gotten rather defensive. The proposed trope here has a cheap snowclone title, and despite criticisms the sponsor is insisting on the title and is now getting rather personal about it. Reply
  • 4 Mar 4th, 2012 at 9:09AM
    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2012 07:53:58 AM
    This question has been bothering me for a while: Why were the tropes Stripperiffic and Troperiffic named as such rather than "Stripperific" and "Troperific", since it seems they appear to be puns on the word "terrific"? Reply


      Because -iffic is the more commonly used suffix in modern English to indicate "heavily suggesting of." While I don't know the exact origin of the suffix, it isn't actually related to "terrific."

      I can't find anything that indicates "-iffic" is an actual suffix, only "-ific". It appears the former is merely a mispelling of the latter.

      It's likely not an actual suffix, just one of those words that came about into the common consciousness like some words do. Regardless, it's likely never going to change.
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    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2012 07:24:22 AM
    I'm having a problem with a sub-page tab. The tearjerker page for Ravages Of Time isn't appearing. It's there on the side bar but not on the top. I can't figure out why. Reply

      Because it was created as Tearjerker rather than Tear Jerker. These buttons are case-sensitive, the page itself isn't. A known bug.
  • 5 Mar 6th, 2012 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 7th Mar, 2012 12:37:02 PM
    Didn't really know where to ask, but if one stumbles on a page that seems like a legitimate trope, but needs examples badly, is there anything to do but add whatever examples one can think of, add the trope to Tropes Needing Examples and hope for Wiki Magic? Reply

      If the problem seems to be in a botched launch, you can take it to TRS.

      If it's really badly lacking in examples, it can go back through YKTTW again (or for the first time, for some tropes). You need a TRS thread for that.

      Other than that, Entry Pimp it, make sure it's crosswicked on other pages (especially related tropes), and add it to Tropes Needing Examples.

      Which trope is it?

      Bargain with Heaven. It's apparently older than Deal with the Devil so it hasn't been through YKTTW.

      For now, I think I'll just try to see if can't up with some examples myself, and crosswick it with related tropes.

      Wow, that's really sparse. I can't see how it will ever thrive with so few examples. I'd personally recommend a trip through YKTTW to garner more.

      I've added one example that was missing. It's not much, but...

      To repeat one piece of very good advice: do the crosswicking that it's missing, especially the crosswicking from Works pages. It has 15 Works wicks, but only six examples. Use the "Related to" page to find the Works pages it's on, and add those as examples on the trope page. Then make sure that each of the examples on the trope page is also on the appropriate Works page.
  • 6 Mar 5th, 2012 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 7th Mar, 2012 07:13:12 AM
    Weird question, but under what medium, if any, would a psychic prediction go under in an example list? "Other" is the best I can think of. Reply

      Real Life? Sort of.

      What is it being proposed as an example of?

      It's for a YKTTW I'm working on. Early 20th century psychic Edgar Cayce predicted California would suffer huge earthquakes and be swallowed by the ocean. He was fairly well-known, so it may have contributed to the development of the trope in popular culture. I think it's an interesting example and worth a mention.

      I usually make an "Other" folder for weird stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

      News maybe?

      I'd call that Other, or Real Life.
  • 3 Mar 7th, 2012 at 2:02AM
    Lastest Reply: 7th Mar, 2012 06:58:41 AM
    SPAHSAPPINMAHTVTROPES vandalized Film/Transformers and My Little Pony. Reply

      Banned and all edits seem to have been cleaned up.

      (Sorry, no one else seems to be awake yet. Hope that's okay.)

      ^ You took care of an issue that clearly needed taking care of. I sincerely hope you don't get in trouble for that.

      Personally, I think we a U.S.-Time Night mod. Camacan used to fulfill that role but he seems to have evaporated lately...

      You did precisely the right thing, ccoa.
  • 2 Mar 4th, 2012 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 6th Mar, 2012 07:07:35 PM
    McKnight has been adding an "asterisks are okay for emphasis" amendment to the new Dethroning Moment of Suck rules. They put a request for the rule in a Wiki Talk thread, but didn't wait for an answer. Reply


      Suspended. I know we told him not to use them for emphasis. Please clean up after him.
  • 7 Mar 4th, 2012 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 6th Mar, 2012 07:05:19 PM
    don vandalized Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic

    A while back I reported him for adding political commentary and other opinions onto pages where none were needed. Reply

      Oh good. He really needs to be banned for this.

      It's easy to see where he vandalized ME 3, but I can't figure out how changing the Arc Words pothole to Hilarious in Hindsight is vandalizing?

      It looked to me like he was trying to make the line "You were deceived" into a joke on how he feels SWTOR didn't live up to its hype. I wasn't certain that it was vandalism, so I didn't report it at the time. I figured that I might as well mention it so the mods can decide whether it qualifies.


      Relevant because there's a new user named 'Hired Muscle' who started vandalizing the Mass Effect 3 Character pages by replacing James Vega's names with ridiculous names like 'BUTCH DEATHLIFT' (yeah, all caps)... Banhammer?

      Just about have to be you'd think, especially if it's a sock.

  • 4 Mar 6th, 2012 at 9:09AM
    Lastest Reply: 6th Mar, 2012 12:39:13 PM
    Troper ysanne's edits on Buxom Is Better, Gag Boobs, and Eiken are really starting to bug me. It's clear that he/she just wants to share links to some NSFW sites. I sent a pm yet so far no response and still the same behavior. Reply

      Suspended according to our current policies on such things.

      I was just about doing so.

      You know, what bothers me even more is that he/she was going through those pages, de-italicizing work titles, and then replacing their potholes with a link to the work's page.


      I need a wall...
  • 4 Mar 3rd, 2012 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 6th Mar, 2012 12:00:43 PM
    Gomess uses first person and adds natter a bit too much. Reply

      Yes, his history is filled with Justifying Edits. have you Natter-fied him?

      I did, for his edits on the Anime and Manga and Insult Backfire pages. Let's see if he'll respond to them.

      Ok, more bad edits. "Good grief, no one's mentioned X, yet!" and natter. I think we need help here.

      And he's suspended. These are easy ones.
  • 2 Mar 4th, 2012 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 5th Mar, 2012 07:12:23 PM
    Just something quick: the Screamer Prank page isn't actually a screamer, right? Reply
  • 3 Mar 5th, 2012 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 5th Mar, 2012 04:51:14 PM
    Ever since Cute Shotaro Boy was renamed to Adorably Precocious Child, can someone please create a new separate trope for cute boys in general? Reply

      We have Cheerful Child, which is cute kids in general, and an entire index of Youngsters. Some may fall under Token Mini-Moe. Generally, cute boys in the anime/manga world are Bishōnen, which covers kids down to toddlers and up to their 20s (if not more), so feel free to go wild on that (as long as it's not a Western work).


      Ooo, also just found The Cutie, which looks like a good one. Must remember that.
  • 1 Mar 5th, 2012 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 5th Mar, 2012 04:46:19 PM
    We have another troper with a pathetically poor grasp of decent grammar - sonictheepichog. Reply

      Suspended edit privileges and reverted the page. What a mess.
  • 0 Mar 5th, 2012 at 4:04PM
    Blackjack254's edit history shows some grammar and capitalization issues, as well as a couple of indentation issues. The weird thing is that some of his edits seem to have perfect grammar while other ones he just seems lazy on. Examples: here, here, and here, while this page shows both a good edit and an edit that needs fixing. Reply
  • 8 Mar 5th, 2012 at 9:09AM
    Lastest Reply: 5th Mar, 2012 12:05:24 PM
    Blatant flamebait. Reply

      And more of the same guy griping about the trope.


      Deleted the entries and pm'ed the troper. Let us know if there is further activity. Thanks!

      I'm not sure if you can search discussion pages (can you?) but I've seen tons of Discussion page comments from that troper.

      Yeah, I was going to say there should be a way to track a troper's discussion page entries like you can their wiki edits. It'd make rooting out this kind of thing a lot easier.

      I received an apology pm from them and I hope that indicates a behavior change. Finding flamebait-y comments they may have written in the past would be helpful in removing the flamebait. However, I'd like to avoid the appearance of a witchhunt, if possible. I'm willing to accept the notion that it was an honest mistake unless I see further activity after today.

      Search for discussion posts has long been a dream. But FE is a busy busy man and there is a long long list of things that need to be done.

      Yeah, I'm not looking for a witchhunt, I just figure it'd make clean-up easier (like when that baba jackass shows up), and help differentiate between the tropers making one-off mistakes and serial offenders.

  • 1 Mar 5th, 2012 at 9:09AM
    Lastest Reply: 5th Mar, 2012 10:12:05 AM
    While meandering around the site I found something called Perhaps You Were Expecting A Trope that appears to have once been an entry, deleted and locked, but never added to the Permanent Red Link Club. Just posting this in case someone's interested in remedying that.

    (I found the redlink on Report Siht) Reply

      Permanent Red Link Club is only for tropes that keep getting used even when the only use is of the "mis-" variety (see If You Know What I Mean for one of the more obnoxious offenders). "Expecting a Trope" doesn't seem to qualify, judging from the edit history.

      As for the lock, regular Cut List victims are automagically locked when deleted to prevent someone from recreating the cut page (which did occasionally happen before the lock system was implemented last year [IIRC on the timing]).