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Otogi: Myth of Demons and Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors were two of the best and most overlooked games on the Xbox. So I looked them up on tvtropes expecting to find a small but well typed page, and insted find... nothing? That can't be right, surely someone on tvtropes has played the Otogi games, and yet nobody has made a page for it.

Well I think it's time to fix that, I've never worked on a wiki, so I don't know how to work the pages here, but if someone wants to edit the page for me I'll be glad to give as much info and list as meny tropes that fit the games as I can.

The House of Void/Hiphop
Never heard of it. Anyway way you can inform me and the good people here on TV Tropes on this duology?
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...Your username is Otogi, you have Raikoh as your avitar pic, and you have one of the five houses as a quote... I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you alredy know about Otogi, so would you like to help make the page?

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The House of Void/Hiphop
Yeah, pretty much. I'm just doing a bit of harmless trolling tongue (though to be fair, it's "House of Void/Hiphop"

But, yeah, totally. I'm actually hoping that this thread actually spins a little interest; there are never to many cooks in the kitchen when making a trope article.
Ok, let me be blunt, I SUCK AT TYPING! On top of that I've never worked on a wiki, I just don't think I can do the page justice. That's why I'm asking for help in the 1st place. I don't want to see Otogi go unreconized, so I would realy appricate any help.

To Otogi: Ya I hope it gets some intrest too, I made this acount JUST to try and get this page going.

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Touch The Sky
Oh finally someone who appreciates these games! I never played the first one, but the second was one of my favorites...such good times with it. I really wish we'd get another...I mean they were beautiful before, imagine how they'd look now. And think of how much bigger the stages could be and more they can fit into the game.

The game was hard though. But it felt so rewarding too.

I'd help but I have no idea how to edit wikipages D: Actually if someone could give some direction, I'd try with the second game.

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I think it would make more sense to have both games under the same page, like what they do with other game series trope pages.

As for direction for typing 2, start with the basic idea of the story, how seimei has summoned Raikoh and his four generals to help her stop the 9 tailed fox's plans.

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Heres a rough draft for the start of the Otogi: Myth of Demons page.

Otogi: Myth of Demons is what happens when you take a legendry figure from Japanese history and the tales that surround them and turn it into a video game, and a GOOD video game at that.

At the beginning of the game, Raikoh wakes from his death, revived by a shadowy princess that was banished to the netherworld. She tells him that someone has broken the seal that protects the human world from demon kind, and tasks Raikoh to find this person, and to execute them. He is also to find a way to restore the seal that was broken, but neither of these tasks will be easy, as with the seal broken the human world has been flooded with demons who will show no mercy to any that cross there path.

EDIT:Fixed spelling errors.

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More rough draft, conteues from above.

The game itself is wonderfully done, the environments are stunning and beautiful, not to mention eerie in some places. The music is classic Japanese and mixes with the world near perfectly. The controls are simple and effective, and the fighting is quick and powerful. There is also one feature this game has that it does better then most, destructible environments. If you can hit it (or hit an enemy into it), then you can probably break it. From buildings, to castle walls, to trees, and in some places even the floor, you can leave half a ton of rubble in your wake.

The demons that you fight are also deserving of mention, as each is just as well done as the environments and even get descriptions that you can read before the levels, which not only tells you what to expect when fighting them but describes them in a way that is worthy of there origin from Japanese mythology.

EDIT:Fixed spelling errors.

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Going to start listing tropes I think aply and the reasons why. Will update list as I figure out more.

Flash Step: The dash button is basicly this, Raikoh (and the others) turn into a gust of wind that moves quickly in the derction your moving before turning back.

Multi-Melee Master: There are over 30 weapons in the 1st game, including light/heavy swords, staffs, dual blades and one that looks like a giant metal pinweel... that last one is more useful then you would think beleave it or not, and Raikoh can use all of them like it's second nature. Sadly he only uses swords in the 2ed game. (After rereading this trope I'm not sure if it aplys, does it?)

Dual Wielding: Raikoh can do this in the 1st game with some weapons, including dual axe/scythes. Tsuna in the 2ed game can take apart his double bladed katana for some dual wielding action, and also has a snap out arm blade on his left arm for a totle of THREE blades...

Sinister Scythe: Sadamitsu's weapon, also a somewhat creepy little girl with ice/water elements.

The Lancer: Tsuna, he has a rough desposition, plays very much like Raikoh, and he's lightning/earth element.

The Big Guy: Kintoki, don't beleave me? Look up a pic of him then come back and tell me he's not the big guy. Also, An Axe to Grind, a very big axe... that's sometimes on fire.

The Smart Guy: Suetaki, he's also a talking floting tree... yaaa, I don't know what to say other then that, I mean come on, TALKING FLOTING TREE!

The Rival: Crimson King to Raikoh, an Oni demon with lots of flowing red hair that wields a huge stone kanabo, you meat him in a early stage in the 1st game when he wakes up, at this point he can easaly kick your ass. Later in the game you get a dual stage where it's just you vs him, you beat him, but he is not killed. In the 2ed game he shows up as a Bonus Boss that's as strong if not stronger then the end boss, he can be fought with any of the 6 warriors, but you get an extra cutscene if you beat him with Raikoh. Still not dead, meny people hope he's in Otogi 3... if there ever is an Otogi 3. Oh, and he sounds like Mojo Jojo, I kid you not.

The Four Gods: The Japanese version is used for the magic system, with each house represnting a god and it's element. Note: They seem to be using the Chinese version of Byakko, which is Metal (ingame shown as Lightning), instead of the Japanese version, which would be Earth... I have no clue why they did that though. Kohryu is also in the game as Ouryu, but can't be used by the player the same way you can't use Void.

Lightning Bruiser: Raikoh in the 1st game, he's fast, can smash a demon twice or more his size though a wall, and can launch powerful magic attacks. You can use weapons that focus on one of these aspects, but overall Raikoh is best when he can use all three.

The Mario: Raikoh is reduced to this for the 2ed game, he can no longer use the strongest magic, and the much smaller weapon selection weakens him a bit, but he still has some Lightning Bruiser to him, as he can walk into almost any stage and beat it without trouble, even if the stage is ment for another warrior. Tsuna is also a Mario, he's almost exactly like Raikoh in the way he moves and handles, but theres a twist to him, the way his weapon works makes him good at crowd-control, agenst lots of small enemys he's a beast, but larger enemys can give him trouble.

Fragile Speedster: Sademitsu all the way, she has the best movement speed, has the shortist delay between dashs, can keep attacking as long as you keep hitting the light attack button, and does not take hits very well (I think she has even less defence then Seimei, can't remember for sure).

Mighty Glacier: Kintoki, he has the worst speed, the worst jumping abilty, can only use the weakest magic, but he has so much health that he can survive an attack that one-shots every other warrior, and his melee is so strong that he can kill a boss enemy thats supposed to be immune to melee in two hits... damn, just damn.

Squishy Wizard: Suetaki and Seimei, they both rely on magic to do most of there dirty work, the difernce between the two is that Suetaki can melee if he has to because his weapon gives him a wide range, while Seimei can mostly only use magic, but Seimei can double-tap her spells, firing two full powered shots one after the other AND can use spells even Suetaki can't use, one of which is bar none the strongest spell in the game.

One-Winged Angel: The end boss of the 1st game has 3 forms, he starts in human form, becomes dragon-like with scales and horns, and then... I can't remember what his last form was like but I know he had one. Intrestinly he never changes into a giant monster, all his forms are humanoid, just with deferent skins and a huge jumps in power.

Heroes Prefer Swords: Subverted in the 1st game where Raikoh can use meny types of weapons, sadly played straight in the 2ed game where he only uses swords. One of the only things that the 2ed game didn't do better then the 1st.

Double Weapon: Tsuna uses a double katana made from his old katana and the katana of a slain friend. Also a Bifurcated Weapon.

Improbable Weapon User: Suetaki uses what can only be described as a floting wagon-wheel as a weapon, it is surprisingly effective.

Paper Fan of Doom: Seimei Dual Wield's these, there not very strong by game standerds, but by real life standerds they would be the deadliest melee weapons ever.

Carry a Big Stick: The Crimson King carres around a stone Kanabo so big you could use it as a support beam for a house.

Katanas Are Just Better: Almost completly Subverted, in the 1st game theres only one sword that resembles a katana, and while it is a good early game weapon, it gets outclassed by the weapons you can get later. In the 2ed game the only person who uses katana is Tsuna, and it's a Double Weapon most of the time, not to mention his starting weapon, his 2ed and 3rd weapons look nothing like katana.

Evil Weapon: The Orchid Malevolence, a crimson red bladed sword covered in purple flames that can kill anything in one hit. The catch? In saps all of your health while it is held, turning you into a One-Hit-Point Wonder.

Infinity +1 Sword: The Moonlight Sword, not only does it have some of the best stats, but when you do a standing heavy attack the sword unleshes a Moonlight Wave that does incredible damage, one-shoting most enemys and crippling bosses. Makes a Cameo in Ninja Blade as the strongest heavy sword.

Double Jump: Raikoh, Tsuna, and Seimei can do this. Kintoki can only jump once. Sademitsu can jump three times. And Suetaki... he can jump as much as he wants to.

Elemental Powers: The five houses are this.

Playing with Fire: The House of Suzaku, The Phoenix, luanchs Phoenixes made of fire. Kintoki is this element, though he doesn't act to much like a fire type and isn't very good with magic anyway.

Making a Splash: The house of Genbu, The Butterfly?(should be Snake and Turtle), makes a cloud of butterflys made of water that knocks away enemys. Sademitsu is this element, she fits it well, in fact one of her alt costumes turns her entire body into see though water.

Blow You Away: The house of Soryu, The Dragon, shoots dragons that home in on enemys. Suetaki is this element, he fits it very well, as he is the only warrior that can jump as meny time as you want, so you'll spend most, if not all of your time in the air.

Shock and Awe: The house of Byakko, the Chimera?(should be Tiger), brings down lightning. Tsuna is this element, he can apperintly generate electicity from his body, so much so that he gets used as a living generater at one point in the game.

Power of the Void: The house of the Void... Duh. Has no spells as you can't use it, and the few enemys that have this element are just resistent to all magic spells.

Color-Coded Elements: Suzaku/Fire is red, Genbu=Water Is Blue, Soryu=Wind Is Green, Byakko/Lightning is blue or yellow depending on the charge of the spell, Void is black.

theres alot more but my mind has decided to forget 90% of the trope names, so I'll have to get back to this.

[down]Thank you.

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There's no y in multi.
Long live Cinematech.


Does this realy not intrest anyone?

It's not one but TWO games set in an epic fantasy world basied off of 1000 year old Japanese myths and legends.

It practicly screems awsomeness from start to finish, and has at least 100 tropes in it if not more.

Wheres the love tropers?
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All I remember about the first one was that it was unfairly difficult on one particular level, where you had to somehow get to the boss by getting across a ridiculously-long stretch of water.
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I wanted to play the game way back when, and totally would have if it was a PS2 game. I'm assuming it's not backwards compatible with the 360?
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[up]No neither game is backwards compatible.

[up] [up]I'm not sure which level your talking about, can you be more spicific?

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I might be remembering wrong, but it may have been level 7.

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Long live Cinematech.

The House of Void/Hiphop

Ah, that one. Yeah, it can be pretty tricky to figure out. I honestly just spammed magic and heavy attack at the smallest blob of weird goo. As I got better weapons, the level was actually a lot more fun to go through. Just get the biggest stick you can buy and spam dragon, that should get you through it. I mean, if you still have it.

The only level I remember that has a ridiculously-long stretch of water is the one with the water spirit, where you have to protect a "fish" that summons the spirit when it reachs the end.

If thats the level your talking about, then I'm not surprised you found it hard, it is an escort mission after all, but there's an easy way to beat it. Stay away from the "fish", far away, the enemys will only spawn within a certin distence of Raikoh. So if your far enough away no enemys will spawn near the "fish", and all you have to do is wait for it to get to the end.
The blob level? The one with the boat you ride on?

If that's the level he's talking about, then why didn't he mention blobs? Or the boat for that matter.

Also, Otogi, what do you think of my rough drafts, and the trope list? The trope list isn't done by a long shot, but it's what jumps to mind 1st. As for the drafts... just be honest, brutely honest.
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I don't quite remember which level, since my memory is really, REALLY sketchy. I haven't played this game since I first got my old Xbox.

But yeah. That's a good start.
Long live Cinematech.

The only levels that I remember giving me trouble, were the 1st time you fight the giant flying centapede, and the level where your in a volcano and have to keep passing though gates to keep evil spirits from slowly killing you.

Of course your not ment to beat the centapede the 1st time you fight it, so it only counts if your going for the kill insted of just surviving. But that second one is a pain in the ass, if your not moving fowerd at a near constent rate your probably not going to make it, and on top of that, there is leteraly 3 TONS of rocks and other things blocking the path, sometimes this game just shows no mercy.
If anyone wants to know, the game was made by FromSoftware, the people who make the Armored Core games, and who made Ninja Blade which was, at 1st, thought to be a Spiritual Successor to Otogi. It wasn't, but did have a handful of cameos from Otogi, the most obvious being the Moonlight Sword.


I just noticed something, except for Armored Core, most of the games by FromSoftware have very small or nonexistent pages... Is FromSoftware's games not populer/wellknown or something?

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They made Metal Wolf Chaos and Demon's Souls so they've got a following over here. They're right behind Treasure and PlatinumGames in "Underappreciated Japanese action game makers" though.
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Well, in the case of Eternal Ring, it flat out wasn't very good. From aren't the best known of companies anyhow.
'twas brillig.

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