YMMV / Star Fox 64

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Since things like rocks and space junk can count towards your score, and your score determines the paycheck the team receives at the end, there are people who believe the team is defrauding the Cornerian government and/or military by counting random objects they blew up as defeated hostiles.
  • Annoying Video-Game Helper:
    • All of the team qualifies. Falco is a condescending jerk who's supposed to be the team's ace, but gets in trouble often and throws backhanded compliments at you. Peppy gives gameplay hints that are useless to second-time players (he's a pilot that doesn't even know the difference between an aileron roll and a barrel roll) and just can't shut up about the protagonist's deceased father. And Slippy has the uncanny ability to get in trouble more often than not and screw up your medals.
    • This comes to a head on Sector Z for those chasing its medal: At least one of your allies will go after each missile, and if it's one of their shots that blows up the missile, you get no points for it! And you need to destroy each missile to hit the 100-point quota, as the six missiles are worth 66 points total and other sources of score are scarce.
      • It doesn't even apply to just the team. Katt shows up on Zoness to steal some two point searchlights and (more notably) Sector Z to try to rob you the very significant points of a missile or two. At least Bill manages to avoid this by not focusing on high point targets or showing up on point-starved levels.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Andross, sadly. His attacks hurt, but are easy to avoid, and a hyper laser, which a player can get from corridors along the way to the fight, can kill him in seconds. The Fake Andross robot head you fight at the end on the easy path is downright pathetic, its charge attack is a joke to avoid, and that's its only attack. Also, you can beat the boss before the fight even begins if you immediately shoot at its weak spot with the Hyper Laser. Most bosses you fought before this thing take longer to kill. The only challenge a player might have is with Andross' brain on the hard route.
  • Awesome Music: Quite a few.
  • Best Boss Ever: Any time you fight Star Wolf: a challenging dog fight against an evil mercenary team whose abilities match and later surpasses your own team's. It's not uncommon for players to take the Blue route through Fichina, then changing to the Red route to go to Venom through Area 6 just to fight Star Wolf twice. In fact, on Venom, each of Star Wolf is worth 51 points if you kill them fast enough, meaning that if you quickly take all four of them down without losing any wingmen, getting the medal (200 points) is a simple matter of finishing the level at your own pace.
  • Best Level Ever: Fichina, Katina, Bolse, Area 6, Venom, Zoness, the list goes on. Most notably, Macbeth turns a Scrappy Mechanic into a Best Level Ever - that's how much fun it is.
  • Catharsis Factor:
    • Taking down most of the bosses is fun, but rerouting the train on Macbeth right into its own supply depot is easily the most satisfying feeling in the game, especially given how condescending the boss is. Even your wingmates can't help but act smug about it.
    • Shooting down the members of Star Wolf can be this, but special mention goes to Pigma. Helping Fox avenge his father by blasting away at the swine who betrayed him just feels so good.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Star Wolf due to their memorable Psycho Rangers setup, banter, and having a fan favorite battle theme. Wolf even got into Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a hidden playable character.
  • Goddamned Boss:
    • Andross' brain. It does tight circles in All-Range Mode, making it fairly annoying to line up a good barrage of shots against its one weak spot. Its eyes will shock you if you get between then and the brain, and shooting the brain literally anywhere except its weak spot makes it teleport behind you. Get caught in its tentacles, and watch a good chunk of your energy go down, and more often than not, your wings get destroyed, which resets your laser to the standard one. The 3DS remake's 3DS mode makes it much easier, though, as the tentacles don't cause as much damage, and it can be taken down in one barrage if you've got quick fingers and the Hyper Laser.
    • The Sector Y bosses are also in All-Range Mode and move around a lot, which can make them hard to hit. Fortunately, they have very low health, and can be shot down in one pass if you've got the Hyper Laser.
  • Good Bad Bugs: It's possible to keep some points if you die soon enough after hitting a checkpoint. This is, unsurprisingly, best used on Sector 6 for score attacks, but can be used anywhere.
    • It's possible to fight Corneria's hard boss by colliding with the stone arches instead of going through them. While Falco's comment about Fox's flying doesn't happen if you do it, he still leads you to the boss if you haven't missed any of them.
    • You can get extra points by using a charged shot or Blue Marine torpedo against certain objects, such as the base of the small mechs you can destroy on Corneria, or certain pieces of seaweed. The seaweed stands out in particular, as it's possible to get well over ten points from a single piece if you can mash fast enough.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Memetic Mutation: As noted on the franchise YMMV page, the entire English script is this. Probably an Ascended Meme at this point; the 3DS remake keeps the entire script, and the Super Smash Bros. games enjoy parodying the dialogue.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Slippy's whining. It's gotten him on at least a few "Most Annoying Character" lists, not helped by him being The Millstone of the Star Fox team.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The immense explosion that occurs after defeating a boss. Taken Up to Eleven on Macbeth when an entire factory explodes several times.
    • Shooting down a giant satellite or one of those flying command spaceship thingies on Area 6 results in a series of small explosions back to back.
    • Speaking of Area 6, if you decide to accept one of ROB 64's offers for cover fire:
      ROB 64: "Great Fox will cover you."
    • The Famous Last Words of each of Star Wolf, particularly if you fight against their Wolfen II's on Venom.
  • Narm Charm:
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • When you die and your teammates are still there, they'll give a Big NO!. If you die alone, though, you're treated to Fox's grisly last moments where he screams.
    • Andross can be quite the scare given how he suddenly pops up, after going through a dark corridor with his deep menacing voice (especially in the 3DS remake) taunting you, he's a freaking giant head floating in the air, and one of his attacks consists of inhaling you, chewing up, and spitting you out. The music and the grunts and laughs he makes don't help either. It gets worse if you take the Hard route. Once Andross is "defeated", you get to fight his brain and floating eyeballs! The music playing in the tunnel leading up to him is no slouch either, and the tunnel being different in Venom 2 helps add to the suspense.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • What's the first thing Andross does when he's reduced to his brain form? Make a pun.
    Andross: Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!
    • While his redubbed voice is appropriately deep and menacing, Andross's Evil Laugh in the remake sounds so forced he cuts a lot of the fear.
  • Retroactive Recognition: In the original N64 version, Peppy and Andross are voiced by Rick May, also known as the Soldier.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: If you don't like how they control, the non-Arwing levels can be frustrating as all buggery. The Blue-Marine has unlimited torpedoes, but due to being a sub, it controls much more slowly than the Arwing, and Aquas's enemies don't help. The Landmaster can be hard to hit enemies with as it lacks the rapid-fire capability that the Arwing has and has a non-upgradable laser cannon to boot (Unless you use a bomb or charge a shot in advance).
    • The score attack mode on the 3DS version has you start off with the basic laser on every stage, which can cause some trouble if you're going for the gold medal. Venom 2 in particular, as it forces you to take out all of Star Wolf quick enough to earn 50 points for shooting down each member with the wickedly weak weapon.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off:
    • The Saucerer boss of Katina is almost exactly like the flying saucers of Independence Day, right down to the base-destroying laser that requires the core to be exposed.
    • The human-shaped mecha enemies in Sector Y are quite clearly inspired by Gundam.
  • So Bad, It's Good:
  • Special Effect Failure: In the 3DS remake, the Star Fox team running on rocky terrain during the credits looks just fine... as long as it's not viewed in 3D. In 3D, the depth perception between the characters (and their shadows) and the ground is off, with the characters appearing much closer to the camera than the ground. As a result, it looks like the characters are suspended in the air rather than running on the ground. It's a shame, because the 3D effects are otherwise very well done in the game.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The good ending. Fox's dad James McCloud, apparently Back from the Dead (though we're not sure), leads Fox out as the fortress on Venom explodes. Then, once they're almost out, James says "you've become so strong, Fox," and vanishes. As Fox leaves Venom, his wingmen congratulate him, with Fox looking around desperately for his father, unable to find him.
    Peppy: What's wrong, Fox?
    Fox: ... Nothing. Nothing's wrong.
    • The menu theme. Whoever grew up with this game can't help but get close to shedding a tear or maybe breaking down into tears while listening it, specially after so much time. One particular YouTube comment will break your heart:
    Commenter: This music actually makes me feel kinda sad, only because when I go and look at the highscores a bunch of them are from around 16 years ago from friends I haven't seen in a very long time.
  • That One Boss:
    • The Golemech, the penultimate boss on Venom's easy route. The pillars that come out of the wall can be incredibly hard to dodge, and it gets even harder if only one part of him is left to attack.
    • Sarumarine, the boss of Zoness. He can only be damaged by bombs until all his parts are off, it's easy to attack the parts in the wrong order, and his morning star can easily clip your wings.
      • This is lessened somewhat by the fact that he constantly spews bombs for you to scoop up and use against him.
    • The battle with Star Wolf on Venom 2, generally regarded as the hardest fight in the game. Much harder than on Fichina/Bolse. Continuing Is Painful, indeed, as your hyper lasers can quickly down two of the fighters before Wolf starts annoying you. The AI for the whole team is much better than before, they're all faster, and bombs and charges won't hurt them. The encounter is also much more difficult if you're missing team members, since Star Wolf members go after you if their corresponding wingman is down.
    • Taking out the Macbeth boss by way of switching the tracks so the train runs into an ammo depot. To do this, you need to hit 8 switches. Simple enough, right? Except 2 are on the left of the track, which doesn't sound like much of a problem until you realize that you'll be focusing on the right so much (due to the 6 other switches) that you're almost certain to miss them. Although if you come from Zoness, Kat hits these two switches for you, and if Falco's with you he hits the last switch, which is otherwise difficult to get since it stands behind several obstacles and appears at the same time as another switch on the other side of the track.
      • Taking it out directly is even worse. For starters, it's an airborne boss and you're in the Landmaster. So you'll constantly be getting hit by its many ground-based attacks that you won't even notice half the time because you're too busy just trying to hit the damn thing. Most of those attacks are pretty damaging too. Trying to reach the end of the track is even harder because you'll need to survive a long time (it's not called the Forever Train for nothing) without any pickups lying around, plus it's a bad thing to do anyway, you just lose your ship and have to try again. The fact that fighting it is the "easy" route just throws salt in the wound.
  • That One Level:
    • Sector Z: it's a Battleship Raid with you on the defending side; you have to protect the Great Fox from incoming missiles. It's swarming with Invader-III fighters (which have the best AI of all the enemies in the game bar Star Wolf or the Bolse Fighters) which means you'll constantly be listening to your wingmen calling you for help and it has just enough junk on the outskirts to ensure that you'll almost certainly crash into something and rip off your wings. Worse still is that if you're going for the medal, your wingmen can actually steal your points if they're the one to land the last hit on the missile: and if you come from Zoness you'll have to contend with Katt kill-stealing from you as well, and then saying that you owe her one for it.
    • Aquas. There's only one way to get to it, the level is slow (and underwater) and due to how the Blue-Marine's missiles work (locking on to the first target your crosshairs hits, and you can only fire one missile at a time), it's difficult to get the required 150 hits to earn the medal for the stage. On the other hand, it's significantly easier to get a high score than Katina or Fichina, both of which are all-range missions.
      • That can be (somewhat) remedied by constantly barrel-rolling while spamming your lasers and unlimited (for this mission) seeker missiles/bombs. With a little skillful steering, you can breeze past this mission. Can't guarantee that it won't hurt, though.
    • Fichina's problem with getting a high score is an actual lack of targets. It's arguably the easiest medal in the game; the necessary score is so low (only 50 hits, the lowest in the game), beating Star Wolf gets you almost all of the hits you need.
    • Solar. What can you say about a level that is so hot, your energy is constantly decreasing? Even getting your health boost mid-level won't help, as it'll keep going down. You can limit the health loss by flying as high up as the game allows, but that makes it harder to hit enemies for the medal, and even then, your health's still going down anyway. Reaching the boss with a comfortable level of health requires shooting as many rocks that boil up from the lava as possible (as these almost always cough up health) and staying high at the top of the screen - it's a bit of a balancing act.
    • Venom 1. Even with the battle against Star Wolf on Venom 2 being, as mentioned above, the hardest boss in the game, it's still arguably the easier of the two paths, thanks to a combination of enough enemy laser fire to push the game into borderline Bullet Hell range and Malevolent Architecture that often pops up out of nowhere (sometimes just erupting from the ground, but other times using the same technology as the Area 6 boss to teleport in from hyperspace) and ensures that the usual method of dealing with enemy laser fire won't work. Also, in Expert Mode, Venom 1 essentially becomes a Bullet Hell game, with way more ships, and way, way more lasers being fired from those ships, while for Venom 2 Star Wolf's skill level is already maxed out and not changed much for Expert mode.
    • Titania in every way possible. The stage itself isn't too bad, even though for some odd reason several dangerous machines are trying to attack you in the middle of the desert. What makes this stage annoying is that you have to use the Landmaster, which some players hate due to the clunky controls that show up because of the horrendous framerate that's impossible to avoid because you're grounded. The only reason why you even go to this god-forsaken planet is to save Slippy, who some players also hate. And unlike Macbeth, Titania's boss doesn't give you the option to earn fifty hitpoints, so getting the medal is frustrating. Finally, if you care about which road you're taking, going through this stage locks you out of going to Area 6 and, by extension, the backdoor Venom route. Needless to say, General Pepper had a point when he warned Star Fox that Titania was too dangerous.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The redubbed voice acting and remixed music tracks in the 3DS remake received this reaction for being inferior to the original. The backlash intensified with the revelation that the voice actors would carry over into the fourth installment of Super Smash Bros. and later Star Fox Zero.
  • Tough Act to Follow: The rest of the franchise has been in this game's shadow. Attempts at breaking new ground or in revisiting the main beats of this game have both come up short.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Some confuse Slippy to be a girl due to his high-pitched feminine sounding voice.(In the N64 version, he's voiced by the same person who voices Katt) the The 3DS remake makes his gender more apparent, making him sound more like a young boy instead of a girl.