Funny: Star Fox 64

  • Most dialogue in the whole game can be considered this, but people have their favorites.
  • The Mechbeth train operator and his greeting to you.
    Conductor: Here come the little hyenas now!
    Conductor: Here ya go!" (drops a load of boulders in Fox's path. Fox bypasses them/shoots them for free points easily.)
  • Say it with me now:
  • Just the tone Wolf uses when he says "Can't let you do that".
  • The Zoness boss's accent.
  • The Shogun Warlord's Bostonian accent as he shouts "COCKY LITTLE FREAKS!"
  • Andross's pun when he shows his true form is this, either as intended, or for narm.
    Andross: " Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!"
  • Occasionally on Katina, Peppy will accidentally shoot down a friendly fighter.
    Peppy: "Enemy down...wait, that was one of ours!"
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