Heartwarming / Star Fox 64

  • In the true ending, after beating Andross's brain, things are looking bad for Fox. But suddenly, the ghost of James McCloud appears to lead Fox's ship to safety, encouraging him all the way. And even later, the team congratulates Fox. Falco even drops the tough guy act and straight-up compliments you.
    • Five words:
    James McCloud: You've become so strong, Fox.
  • If you succeed in helping Bill on Katina, or helping Katt on Zoness, they'll come in to help you out on Solar and Sector Z respectively. (Although even if you fail, Bill will show up in Sector X and Katt will appear at Macbeth.)
    • Bonus points to Bill on Solar. General Pepper and Falco are already worried that the Arwing might not take the heat, and Bill's ship probably isn't even as strong as that (Plot Armor notwithstanding). He's willing to get fried by the sun just to drop off supplies for Fox. What a pal!
    • Seeing Bill on Sector X is just as touching. Even though one of Corneria's bases has just been spectacularly blown the hell up, he's still in good enough spirits to help a friend out.
    • Similarly, Rob getting the Great Fox to attack some enemies for you in Area 6. Especially so if the previous level you played was Sector Z, where you were the one covering Great Fox. Now it's returning the favor.
    Rob 64: "Great Fox will cover you."
  • Speaking of Bill, he's quite thankful if you destroy the boss of his level, but if you complete the level with all of Bill's allies intact, he says something different:
    Fox: "You owe me one."
  • If you end up with a pixel of life on Expert Mode (which amounts to taking three hits) for a period of time, your teammates sometimes express concern and relief that you're still alive despite being near death for a while. Even Falco.