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Heartwarming: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
  • Star Ocean III has one that alternates between heartwarming and awesome. After rescuing Sophia and his Dad, Fayt (along with Maria and Cliff) have to confront Vendeeni Commander Biwig in order to destroy a transporter jammer so they can escape. Biwig does a 'you cannot win speech', only for either Nel, Albel, or Roger (depending on choices made by the player earlier in the game) to suddenly appear and destroy it, but then get shot by Biwig. Biwig then transports away (he comes back soon) and Fayt, Cliff, and Sophia rush over to the injured character. Fayt asks why they are here....
    • The cutscene is a CMOA for Nel and Albel, but the heartwarming moment comes from Roger. When Fayt asks what he's doing here. He simply says:
    Roger (injured): Glad... I could help... you guys... before the end. ...You guys...helped me... before...

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