Heartwarming / Star Ocean: The Last Hope

  • On Roak, Reimi has contracted stone sickness but the cure is being withheld by a criminal. Using his special skills and technology to defeat this criminal could lead to another Alternate Earth incident and that scares Edge, but losing Reimi scares him even more.
  • The heart-to-heart between Reimi and Edge after the colloseum match. Reimi opens up to Edge bout her trauma dervied from the Seed of Hope inside her. He provides comfort and encouragement.
  • Reimi's final PA before the Final Battle. She says that she could only be so strong and make it this far because he was supporting her. Edge turns around and says the same thing. This leads to their First Kiss.
  • After beating the evil out of him Lymle makes an effort to tell Faize that he looks good in his Roak nomad scarf, after a Running Gag of telling him that he looks horrible in it.
  • The Character Ending scenes
    • In Bacchus's ending, his reunion with his wife. Happily Married Indeed.
    • In Lymle's ending, she has become a teacher and creates a field of flowers on Lemuris. Her students think she is the coolest teacher ever. She's also visibly older, having finally opened her heart to people after accidentally sending herself to Hell ten years before.
    • In Reimi's ending, she and Edge talk about how they'll be together forever, all but confirming they are finally in a formal relationship.
    • In Arumat's ending, he has become The Cowl because human heroics rubbed off on him.
    • In Faize's ending, he sneaks up on Lymle when she's mourning him and places a flower in her hair.
    • In Myuria's ending, the heartwarming is mild because she's at her husband's grave but still counts because she's going to move on and be happy.
    • In Meracle's ending, she has been adopted by Elaina, who still calls her "Alley Cat", but affectionately. And it's revealed that Meracle is the Feline Gourmand.
    • Sarah finally figures out how to fly.
    • Crowe's ending, where we learn that he and Elaina will get married in order to allow the next savior of Roak to be born.