Funny / Star Ocean: The Last Hope

  • Any PA involving Welch is downright hilarious. Particularly where she's introduced to new teammates.
    • Finding out that Bacchus has a fetish for Moe little-sister and Meido types made it epecially funny.
  • Myuria's response to meeting Welch during another one of Welch's Genki Girl moments.
    Myuria: "Is this woman having an episode or something?"
  • When Serah reveals that she somehow snuck her way onto the Calnus without knowing it, which is in space already, right after the heroes just got done waving goodbye to her planet and her by proxy. The look on everyone's face is priceless.
  • There's something funny about seeing Meracle running after a Bunny with a bib and silver-wear in her hand.
    • Bacchus: Switching to capture mode!
  • One PA wherein Edge spots Reimi in the shower but makes a noise and is discovered. He pretends to be a cat as he slips away, but Reimi is Genre Savvy, declares, "We don't have a cat!" and starts firing arrows at Edge, who continues to meow even as he flees.