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Awesome: Star Ocean: The Last Hope
  • Lymle, when she first summons her hellhound. The SRF personel are shocked and she has this smug look.
  • There's a Running Gag that Edge acts as an Accidental Pervert with Reimi. It often leads to him getting his ass handed to him, but there's one special Private Action where it happens, and then he starts calling her out on her behaviour for jumping to conclusions. It is awesome.
  • On Roak, Edge is undergoing a massive Heroic BSOD, rarely talks, and mopes about a non-interference policy to stop him and the group causing any harm to under-developed worlds. That changes, if only for a bit, when Sarah is being kidnapped:
  • Myuria's first appearance.
  • The Phantom Soldiers boss battle. Eight successive rounds of Phantom Soldiers attacking the group, all to this music. Arumat and Crowe making a Big Damn Heroes moment at the end and curb-stomping the rest of the Phantoms.
  • The entire cutscene, or rather cutscenes, for the attack on Nox Obscurus.
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