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YMMV: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

  • Awesome Music: See Paper Mario. Every track is a lovingly written, appropriate, and above all else jazzy track, though fans who don't care for jazz may be alienated.
  • Best Boss Ever: As stated below, Gooper Blooper and Mizzter Blizzard.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Birdo appearing in a swing in World 4 and giving you the Goat after serenading Mario. Seriously.
  • Broken Base: Many fans are not happy at the changes made in Sticker Star, such as the consumable item based battle system and the removal of partners. Some are happy it's not Super Paper Mario.
    • Some fans are having problems with the game putting more emphasis on being Paper Mario, if only because it comes off as the concept being watered down to the Lowest Common Denominator. As such, the game has been compared many times to being more similar to a New Super Mario Bros. game with paper aesthetics, than staying true to its own roots.
    • Characterization issues aside, the decision to make Bowser the Big Bad once again. Some fans are happy to see Mario's classic nemesis take up the position again, while others were hoping for a new villain like fan-favorites like Shadow Queen and Dimentio.
    • Interestingly enough, one of the major motivations for the development team after Miyamoto insisted on no story (or at the very least, minimal story) was to survey Club Nintendo members to see if they liked the story in the previous games. Not even 1% responded that they liked the story, and the response generated led the team to moving in more of the emphasis on paper. As a whole, this seems to suggest the fans of the story who have the above mentioned Broken Base were not properly surveyed at all because Nintendo only limited themselves to Club Nintendo; either that or even a Periphery Demographic.
  • Critical Backlash: When you view this game on its own merits (separate and not comparing it against the previous three games), Sticker Star can be an enjoyable Metroidvania even with some gameplay problems.
  • Critical Dissonance: Sticker Star has gotten So Okay, It's Average scores from most critics, but you wouldn't believe it from the fanbase's response.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Mariachi Shy Guys and Gooper Blooper for the music theming behind them and being plain hilarious, and Mizzter Blizzard for being a Tragic Monster and having more characterization than anyone else in the game.
    • The Goat and Turkey stickers.
  • Fandom Heresy: Whatever you do, don't admit that you actually like this game- you will be swiftly reprimanded by fans of the first three games.
  • Guide Dang It: The most common complaint about this game is that figuring out what Things do what and where to find them isn't easy. (Missed the Lightbulb in Yoshi Sphinx? Or any plot-related Thing for that matter? God help you trying to even figure out what world the Thing is in.) The game discourages trial and error because of how much space Things take in your inventory, the fact that they go away once they're used, and the fact that it costs good money to be able to re-use them.
    • It can be really hard to figure out where the fourth wiggler segment is supposed to be before it's marked on the map, unless you find it from the get-go.
    • How to get to the Comet Piece in Tree Branch Trail is fairly non-obvious.
    • The "hint system" is all over the place, ranging from helpful to practically useless. For example, when you have three Wiggler segments and are looking for the fourth, Kersti will never say anything other than "You should get the fourth Wiggler piece!"
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Before this game was released, people were making jokes about how Mario would be the final boss. In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Mario is a boss - one of the first boss fights in the game.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks:
    • Pre-release, it was infamously told off as being too similar to Thousand-Year Door by Miyamoto himself, and thus revamped with no partners, no new characters (save Kersti), and a heavily simplified battle system. The fandom replied with that trope's foil, stating Miyamoto to be underwhelming the intelligence and expectations of its fanbase and being too narrow-minded to consider the Periphery Demographic, as well as stating he was disrespecting the skill of their Cult Classic printing machine, Intelligent Systems.
    • Plot wise, it also gets this in comparason to the mainstream Mario series. While Paper Mario was well known for its previous two titles adding new storylines and having memorable characters, Sticker Star was, give or take some elements, essentially New Super Mario Bros.: The RPG. And considering how the New series already gets flack for being repetitive...
  • Just Here for Godzilla: If there's any reason to check this game out, it's either to see if the reviews are right or not or to experience the ensemble darkhorses and memes. Surprisingly, the game almost sold 2 million even with backlashes against it.
  • Lowest Common Denominator: The game seems to attempt to appeal to longtime Paper Mario fans by bringing back the turn based battles, but also tries to attract non-fans by making Pre Existing Encounters easily skippable, significantly simplifying combat, and heavily watering down the plot. Results have been...mixed.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "NYARGLEBARGLE!" Explanation 
    • The Goat sticker, as well as the new Mariachi Shy Guy enemies.
    • Kersti referring to and describing Kamek as a hipster.
  • Scapegoat Creator: Many people are pointing to this title, among other incidents, as evidence that it is time for Shigeru Miyamoto to retire from active game development and advisement (which may or may not be a fair statement). What side of this coin fans lie on in terms of supporting this sentiment could fuel the careers of dozens of analytical authors. According to this, he's the reason the battles were changed. Why? It was too similar to The Thousand Year Door.
  • The Scrappy: Kersti has been described by many as "forgettable", a fairly big deal for the only new character in the game. She's also disliked for the opposite reason most exposition fairies are disliked: most of the time, when you ask her for advice, it's vague and unhelpful.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Stickers, due to combining Too Awesome to Use and Inventory Management Puzzle.
    • Oddly enough, basic combat has become this. Due to removing experience points and levels, most battles do not offer a real reward and as a result feel like padding. Battles can offer you money, and occasionally health and stickers, but you find the latter two in the levels themselves usually and you can find the former at the end of every level.
    • The hammer. Getting the proper action command is just about up to luck, and there's little of a cue in order to use it. Of course, they're some of the more common items in the game.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Many elements of the game, including the dumbed-down gameplay, the paper-thin characterization, a grand total of one new character, and the handling of Bowser's characterization (or lack thereof) add up to the general fan response to the game being a resounding "meh", This wouldn't otherwise be notable if it weren't an installment in the highly acclaimed Paper Mario series.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Using a Fan sticker plays a song evocative of Also Sprach Zarathustra as the fan rises slowly from the horizon.
  • That One Boss: Kamek, especially the second fight against him. He transforms all of your stickers into flip-flops, so you better take note about which sticker was what, lest you use up some really valuable ones here. The first fight's not too bad, since he's alone. Come the second time, where he creates two clones of himself, change altitude so no attack will hit, and making a random sticker of yours disappear. Often enough, Kamek and his clones will fly too high for you to do anything, making you waste your turns and stickers.
    • The Giant Cheep-Cheep at Surfshine Harbor could count as well. It starts off easy, but then the Cheep-Cheep dives into the water and recovers ALL its health, and remains in the water. At this point, you MUST use the Fishhook item to reel it out. Then, the Cheep-Cheep will start puffing up until it pops and kills itself. Sounds too easy for a boss, right? Oh, I forgot to mention it also kills you too if you don't have armor.
    • The Final Boss, Bowser, even though it's, well, the final boss, is a ridiculous leap in difficulty from the World 5 boss. 5 phases, each of which require at least 1 Thing Sticker to make them at least manageable, and the boss is spiked. Even after following a guide to the letter to prepare for it, it is still extremely difficult.
  • That One Attack: Any boss attack that can crumple you. As well as being generally quite strong, they leave you unable to act for as many as four turns. That includes blocking, and healing. Prepare to die.
  • That One Level: GAUNTLET POND. Tricky jumps, maze-like structure, poison everywhere and the escort mission can be very infuriating if you manage to make the wiggler segment drop, and having to go through the poisonous swamp and restart that part again.
    • World 3 in general, due to being nearly twice as long as Worlds 1 and 2 combined, being so ridiculously dark it's tough to see, having annoying and creepy music, having poison absolutely everywhere, the Wiggler piece collection quest, and the tough boss at the end.
    • World 5-3, Long Fall Falls. You spend approximately 99% of the level on a raft, which is hard to control as it is. Add the fact that you're chased by a Cheep-Chomp for the first half of the level, who has the ability to instantly kill you when you're not careful! It's not too bad the first time you go through the level, but the Cheep-Chomp gets a lot more aggressive and harder to dodge as you get more comet pieces from that level. So if you missed a secret or just want to farm the Big Shiny and Megaflash-variation of the Infinijump-stickers, prepare to have a very hard time.
    • World 4-3, The Enigmansion. This level is TERRIFYINGLY long and confusing, only because you have to capture 100 Boos. Luckily some appear in groups during battle, but they're still hard. Most Boos have 18 HP total (a few of them have only 1 HP, though). Good luck trying to defeat the five Boos that fight you under a disco ball. Or the sheets of 82 Boos combined together. Once you've captured all 100 Boos, you put it back into the basement and... Kamek appears and turns the Boos into one big giant Boo. You'll either need TONS of Spike Stickers, or any member of the vacuum family.
      • The Secret Blue Door in this level doesn't help either... it will send you to an area blocked by a cardboard thing. If you knock it down, you'll find out you're back in Decalburg.
      • It actually does help. Once you start either World 4 or 5, you have to fight Bowser Jr to get back to the first three areas. If you need Things to help you, you can use that door to get back. If you started World 5 first, however, there's no way back.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Along with Super Paper Mario, it's one of the games in which some fans aren't pleased with the gameplay changes. See Broken Base above.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Surprisingly, Bowser falls under this to some. Despite his role as the Big Bad, he has no dialogue and barely features throughout the game. Considering this is the guy who delivered the infamous "It's Hag Vs Hag! Awesome!" line in TTYD, this is a bizarre omission. He can be a truly menacing and Bad Ass villain Depending on the Writer in games such as Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story proved that his Bad Ass side and Cartoony side aren't mutually exclusive. Considering the personality Bowser displays through the rest of the Paper Mario series, this is really jarring. While Mario & Luigi: Dream Team pulled a similar trick, it's generally agreed that the game handled it much better in comparison to Sticker Star (even by detractors) by letting Bowser keep his hammy personality and by making Bowser's Big Bad status into an actual plot twist.
  • The Woobie: Mizzter Blizzard.

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