Webcomic / The Pocalypse

The Pocalypse is a flash webcomic story where Class 1 Zombie Apocalypse meets Robot Apocalypse meets Plant Apocalypse meets Vampire Apocalypse meets way too many other apocalypses at once. In fact, this apocalypse is so bad, quite a few people have begun to refer to it as The Pocalypse. The comic is an exercise in Tropes Are Not Bad, as it hits every major monster/disaster/post-apocalyptic trope while remaining highly entertaining and original.

Joe wakes up in a hospital several years after the start of the Pocalypse, with no memory of what he's been doing in all that time. When he meets up with other survivors, they notice that something is different about him. Joe has been endowed with super strength, speed, and healing abilities among other things. The story follows Joe and his new companions as they try to survive and Joe slowly taps into his new powers.

Provides examples of: