Web Video: Saint Seiya Abridged

An abridged series of Saint Seiya. But in French, therefore using the french name of the show: Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque : La Série Abrégée (Knights of the Zodiac: The Abridged Series). It is also the first French-made abridged series, and does a pretty good job at that, on top of everything being done by only one guy going by the alias of StateAlchemist. Coincidentally, the author had a few cross-overs with the Joueur du Grenier, who is pretty much a French Angry Video Game Nerd.

The series encompasses the Sanctuary saga, and spends one episode per house. All the jokes are based on Character Exaggeration, French wordplay and jabs towards the Macekre-esque French localization of the show.

Saint Seiya Abridged/Les Chevaliers Du Zodiaque : La Série Abrégée provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Accidental Misnaming: Milo of the Scorpio in his episode's Cold Open. Seiya confuses him with "Tristan (Satomi), of the BEE HIVE".
    Milo: I'm not Tristan of the BEE HIVE, I'm Milo of the Scorpion!
    Seiya: The German band?
    *Milo uses Scarlet Needle*
    *Opening credits*
  • A God Am I: Shaka of the Virgo:
    Seiya: If you're so strong, tell me, who is the strongest between Lemmy and God?
    Shaka: Oh, the answer is simple. *prepares attack* Me.
    • And later against Ikki:
    Ikki: Who are you anyway, some kind of Warrior Monk like in Tomb Raider 2?
    Shaka: No, just Buddha's reincarnation.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Scorpio Milo technically isn't more of a villain than his mainstream counterpart, but he is much more of a sadist and heals Hyoga mainly for the pleasure to see him suffer more at the hands of the other Saints.
  • Anyone Can Die: Invoked:
    Shun: I can't believe Shiryu literally left this earth. Do you realized what it means?
    Seiya: I'm taking his room!
    Hyoga: I'm taking his girlfriend!
    Shun: No, you vultures! It means that anyone of us can be killed even if we're the main characters.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Ikki boasts about having survived the Island of Death, Hell and the french dub's errors.
  • Bait and Switch: Saga does one in the final episode.
    Saga: You will witness the Gemini Saint's most powerful move, an explosive attack of galactic proportions!
    Ikki: Oh no, he means-
    Saga: Another Dimension!
    Ikki: Wha-? But that's not your most powerfu- *gets hit* Aaaah! It's actually not that bad!
  • Big "NO!": Twice in the first episode, with the same shot of Seiya running towards the screen in Slo Mo while crying. He also does the same thing when saying yes between the two no's.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: The characters often comments on the bad localization of the show, the non-canonicity of the OVAs, or the author of the Abridged Series being late.
    Hyoga's gimmick was at first to do it the most often, until the author caught up with his background story.
  • Camp Gay: Shun. It was inevitable given his costuming.
    Hyoga: Come on, we even brought a girl!
    Shun: Oh, it's more complicated than that, you know... Even when I was a kid, when I watched Candy Candy, I...
    Hyoga: Shun, I was talking about Saori.
    Shun: ...I'm blushing right now, no?
  • Camp Straight: Pisces Aphrodite is even more effeminate than Shun, yet unlike him, he isn't gay; just metrosexual.
  • Canada, Eh?: For some reason, Pisces Aphodite speaks with a Québec accent.
  • Catch Phrase: Seiya's "Plaît-il ?"note , which is a shoutout to the french dubbing of the original series, in which Seiya said it a lot.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: The Great Pope just loves to gloat about how evil and awful he is.
  • Character Exaggeration: As with every Abridged Series. Seiya is Good Is Dumb to the point of being The Ditz, Shiryu acts like The Ace but each and every one of his failures is emphasized by a "wha wha" music, Shun is Camp Gay etc.
  • Continuity Nod: Apparently, if someone says that a Gold Saint is not worthy of his armor, the armor will just take itself off. Shiryu did it with Cancer Deathmask and in ends up saving his hide against Capricorn Shura.
    • When it happens again against Saga, Shiryu denies having something to do with it.
  • Crooked Contractor: Mu of the Aries. He is even known in-universe for charging a lot for the repair of damaged cloths.
    Aldebaran: I know your pricings, it's going to cost me the right horn to repair the left one.
    • Even Hyoga lampshades it.
    Hyoga: This must be why he could afford a full cloth made of gold.
  • Didn't See That Coming:
    Ikki: Don't worry, blondie. We're going to save Athena.
    Shaka: Wait, what. Save who ?
    Ikki: Athena, the goddess of warfare we all believe in.
    Shaka: The goddess of ... Holy shit guys, when you see a monk with his eyes closed praying the wrong god, you could at least tell him he's in the wrong place !
    Mu: Sorry.
    Aiolia: It was just too tempting.
    Milo: We all wanted to see how much time you'd take to notice...
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Seiyar and his pals spend at least ten seconds giggling around Saori... Watching the golden arrow firmly planted between her breasts.
    Saori: Stop peeping and move it! I'm dying, damnit!
    Great Pope: Oh, look! An unmasked female Saint!
    Aiolia: Uh ?! Where?
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Mu. Played for laughs since he has a gravelly voice and regularly insists that he is a man. He lampshades it at his first appearance:
    Mu: Hi, I am Mu, the Aries saint. And despite my character design, I am a man.
    Tatsumi: Who is this charming young lady?
    Mu (with a gravely voice): Fuck off.
    Matsumi (seduced): Charming, really charming!
  • Epic Fail: As a Running Gag from Shiryu, and often emphasized with "wha wha" horns.
    *Finds himself on the opposite side of a Bottomless Pit separating him from the rest of the team*
    *wha wha horn*
    • Against Shura of the Capricorn:
    Shiryu: Now that I have broken your left arm, you cannot use your attack anymore!
    *Shura rises his other arm*
    Shiryu: ... Unless you use your right arm. Fuck.
  • Even the Guys Want Him : Pisces Aphrodite.
    Seiya : Boy or girl ?
    Shun : Boy.
    Seiya : Oh well, looks like I switched sides.
    Later in the episode
    Seiya (seduced) : Good Lord, he's so pretty! It's pure Eye Candy ! If you look "magnificent" in a thesaurus, there is no description, just his picture !
    • Funnily enough, Shun is utterly immune to Aphrodite's look because he looks like a girl.
  • Evil Gloating: The Gemini Saint and the Great Pope never zip it, making his gloating both evil and stupid. Great example after he trapped Hyoga and Shun in a parallel dimension :
    Gemini Saint: You'll never escape this parallel dimension created by the team who made TRON! All your hopes are flying away... Oh, and Hyoga too. He'll drift in this dimension forever... Unless he manages to land in another of the twelve Temples, but he's gotta be a lucky son-of-a-gun for that! And you're now going to join him, Shun, like a neon pink Sputnik. Oh, by the way, it takes a little while to start, so it would be great if you don't do anything for the next 20 minutes, thank you.
  • Evil Is Hammy: The Great Pope, big time.
  • Extremely Short Timespan : Hyoga vs. Camus of the Aquarius, second round.
    Hyoga : I'm not the same as I once used to be... earlier this afternoon.
  • Failed a Spot Check : All the gold saints are guilty of this, lampshaded by Aiolia:
    Old master : The pope impersonator is actually the Gemini saint, Saga.
    Aiolia : Saga? the gold saint who disappeared at the same time the Great Pope showed up with a different size, voice and hair color?
    Old master : Yes!
    Aiolia : Who would have believe that?
  • Fridge Logic : In-universe example.
    Shiryu (to Cancer Deathmask) : No, seriously, why did they give you a gold cloth ? Your name is Deathmask, you decorate your house with corpses and your attack is called the Hades Wave ! Are those who give armors stupid or something ?
    Cancer Deathmask : Indeed, that's a pertinent question...
  • Genre Savvy: Shiryu.
    Shiryu: *while Seiya tries to call the Sagittarius cloth, thinking it will allow him to wear it while it's really pointing its arrow at him* No, Seiya, the OVAs are non-canon!
    Hyoga and his speech about hope and friendship, lampshaded by Shiryu and Seiya as "the most terrifying attack of the Shounen Manga Hero"
  • Gilligan Cut : kind of.
    Hyoga: (after being hit by milo's scarlet needle) This sting will be the last one! I carefully observed your technique, and everyone knows a same attack never work twice on a knight.
    Milo: Scarlet Needle!
    Milo: Scarlet Needle!!
    Milo: Scarlet Needle!!!
    (Hyoga is blown accross the room and now lay on the ground)
    Milo: Sorry, what were you saying?
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Shura peppers his sentences with some spanish words here and there, culminating in a magnificent "Pedazo de hijo de la gran puta!" note  when Shiryu uses the Ultimate Dragon, sending himself and Shura in outer space.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?: The heroes -bar Shun- play it often, adding "in complete frienship" at the end of every sentence they find suspicious.
    Hyoganote  : Risking his life, he stuck to me, he craddled me, he petted me, he squeezed me tight on his heart... And all this in complete friendship.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Seiya during his fight with Saga:
    Saga: Come on, Pegasus, you can't possibly be stupid enough to think you can defeat me with this attack!
  • Hurricane of Puns: Most of the humour comes from french word plays that are pretty hard to translate in english. Many of the puns contained in an episode are related to the Golden Saint the episode focuses on.
  • Hypocritical Humor : Seyar during a flashback.
    Kid!Seyar : They keep on saying eastern people can't become knights and wear sacred armors ! I'm sick of those homosexual moussaka eaters and their prejudices !
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Shaka when Ikki is about to use his self-destruct move on him.
    Shaka: Do I at least have something to say about this? No, becau-
    *atomic explosion*
    • It is also the gimmick of Ban of the Lionet, a background character (because of this, his sign and even his name are never told within the abridged series).
    Jabu: Jabu, Saint of the Unicorn!
    Nachi: Nachi, Saint of the Wolf !
    Geki: Geki, Saint of the Bear!
    Ban: And me, I am-
    Jabu: Yeah, and we'll beat you down!
  • Kneel Before Zod: Parodied with Shaka and Ikki.
    Shaka: Now kneel before me!
    Ikki: You think I don't see where you're going, you disgusting pervert?
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: In the final episode, Saga explains to Seiya how he intends to use Athena's shield and staff to overthrow Hades in the Underworld, Poseidon in the Sea, and the Care Bears in the Sky.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Invoked against Shaka of the Virgo. Shiryu and Shun try to just go around him silently while he's meditating, but Seiya just jumps him without a second thought while screaming the trope.
  • Memetic Loser: In-universe example with the Silver Saints.
    Seiya: The last one arrived is a Silver Saint!
  • Mr. Fanservice: Hyoga.
    Shun: *as Hyoga is thrown in a parallel dimension by the Gemini Saint* No! Hyoga, if you're gone, we won't have any female viewers anymore! Not that it bothers me. BUT STILL!
    • Also, Shiryu during his fight against Shura:
    Shura: Let's please the Señoritas, shall we? (cuts Shiryu's cloth apart, leaving him shirtless. Cue a shot of fangirls squeeing histerically).
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Pisces Aphrodite's roses:
    Aphrodite (after turning invisible): Yes, my roses allow me to do that as well... I won't lie to you, I am just as surprised about it as you are.
  • Not Actually The Ultimate Question: In a short video, Shun asks his companions why they are here and Seiyar starts to answer philosophically.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: The Great Pope/Saga spends most of the series doing few things beside sitting on his throne, Chewing the Scenery and gloating about how evil and diabolical he is. When Seiya actually get to him, however, he easily makes both him and Ikki bit the dust.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Shiryû, when a picture of him sleeping next to Kiki pops up at the end of the first episode.
    Shiryû: I Uh... This image is taken out of context!
  • Obviously Evil: Deathmask. Lampshaded, by Shiryu, as seen in the Fridge Logic entry.
    • Also lampshaded with the Great Pope:
    Ikki (To Shaka): Why does someone like you serves someone as malevolent as the Great Pope?
    Shaka: Oh, so just because he terrorizes men and women, wears a creepy mask and ends all his sentences with a sardonic laugh, that makes him evil? (Beat) Well, sure, when you put it that way.... O, forget it!
  • Oh, Crap: From Saga in the last episode.
    Saga: What does it changes ? You're just one of the Knights of the Zodiacs. You'll never defeat an anime Big Bad like me.
    Saori: That's your mistake, Saga. Because the Original version is named ... Saint Seiya !
    Saga : Saint Seiya ? But then that means he's ... The Hero ?
    Ikki: Okay ! Music please *cue Pegasus Fantasy playing in the background*
    Saga: I ain't gonna lie, I'm ''way'' less arrogant now !.
  • Only Sane Man: Hyoga and Shiryû have shades of it. Shades.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: The Pope verges between this and For the Evulz. The reason why he killed Shun's master ? He refused to come to his birthday party.
  • Pun: Ripe with them. They're all in French, so they're pretty hard to translate correctly, but one of the easiest is:
    Shiryu: Knight of the Cancer, you make me sick!
  • Softspoken Sadist: Milo, when he isn't getting hammy with his Scarlet Needle.
    Milo: Yes, I let you live so you can face thousands of horrors, endure a thousand of pains, see your loved ones die in front of you one by one and finally, die a horrible and painful death. Isn't it... Exciting?
    Hyoga: ...Sadist.
    Milo (with an amused voice): *chuckle* Yeah, I know.
  • Shout-Out: To Tomb Raider, Naruto, One Piece, Ai Shite Night, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, and many, many more...
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Ikki delivers a particularly epic one to Shaka after suffering an attack intended to send him in Hell:
    Shaka: So, my friend, in which Hell did you fall?
    Ikki: In the shut the Hell up! (attacks him)
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Seiya is called "Seiyar" like in the French dub of the series. The original dubbers probably felt a name ending in "a" was too girly.
    Shaka : Let's open the Six Realms of the Mepensi... Me... Er, wait- of the Metspems... Oh, screw it ! Let's open the Six Realms !
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Used by the Pope during the flashback about Aioros and Athena escape.
    Pope: Help! Gards! There's a traitor in the Sanctuary and I swear it's not me!
  • Taking You with Me: Ikki does that to Shaka:
    Shun: Don't do that, Ikki, you're gonna blow up!
    Shaka: Yeah, don't do that, Ikki, you're gonna blow up!
    Ikki: That's the purpose!
    Shaka: Oh, okay then. WHAT?!
  • Talk to the Fist : Camus to Hyoga, in his house, closing an Ennio Morricone montage.
  • Tempting Fate: Seiya does this when leaving Saga's good side behind:
    Seiya: And don't you dare turn evil while I have my back turned!
    • Saga himself does it later:
    Saga (having just defeated Ikki): And now, I will just kill Pegasus, who couldn't have possibly seized the occasion to... (notices Seiya is gone) SON OF A BITCH! WHERE DID HE GO?!
  • Transparent Closet: Shun. He tries to act straight, but fools no one.
    Shun's Master: I was referring to your secret about your incredibly powerful cosmos.
    Shun: Oh, sorry! I thought you mean my secret about me being gay!
    Shun's Master: Is that supposed to be a secret?
  • Stranger Behind the Mask: Played for laugh with the Great Pope:
    Seiya (after the Great Pope's Dramatic Unmask): Oh my God! You are someone we never saw before! You bastard, you hide your game well- Ee, Wait! You are someone we never saw before?!
    Great Pope: Yeah, I don't get either why the writers were so obsessed with hiding my face until the finale. I mean, do I have something in my teeth, or what?
  • Unexplained Recovery: Played for laugh with Shaka.
    Mu: Shaka?! Didn't you get atomized?
    Shaka: Yeah, but I got better.
  • Unhand Them, Villain! : Seiya, when facing Aldebaran of the Taurus note 
    *Seiya is lying on the ground, while Aldebaran towers him*
    Seiya: Put the foot down!
    *Aldebaran tries to crush him under his foot*
    Seiya: You didn't have to take it litterally! :note 
  • Villains Out Drowning: During a violent storm, Mu looks at the Pope's temple and wonders "what evil schemes the Pope is planning". Cut to a shot of the Pope slowly submerging himself into his bathtub with the drowning music from Sonic.
    Pope *In a panicked tone*: Help, we're being flooded! I'm drowning, I'm blblblblbl-