Trivia: Batman & Robin

  • All-Star Cast: The film featured some of the biggest stars (or at least rising stars) of the time period. Unfortunately, it's also been credited by some of those same stars for crashing their careers.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Mention this movie in conversation and someone will inevitably intone "Ice to see you!" in a Schwarzenegger voice. Problem is, while Arnold's Mr. Freeze does make many cold-related puns in this film, that particular line was never in Batman and Robin, and was in fact uttered by McBain, the Schwarzenegger parody character on The Simpsons.
  • Billing Displacement: Arnold Schwarzenegger is the top billed actor, not the one playing Batman. This is the second time it happened in the tetralogy, with Jack Nicholson getting top billing in the 1989 film.
  • Creator Backlash
    • George Clooney has made it pretty clear that he hates the film and makes many Take Thats against it; it's been rumored at various times that if you meet Clooney and tell him you saw the film, he will give you your money back. However, Clooney has also said he doesn't regret doing it at all, and in fact credits the film for making him a leading man in Hollywood.
    • Joel Schumacher has been apologetic about it, but hasn't really indicated whether or not he truly hates it rather than just regretting it. He mostly just sounds resentful for being singled out for blame all these years, particularly since he was specifically hired by WB to promote toys.
    • Amusingly, averted by Arnold Schwarzenegger - he felt the character was good (which is undeniable apart from mixing the serious Mr. Freeze from the animated series with the campy one from previous comics), liked the Joel Schumacher non-Batman films, and was already doing Eraser for Warner. He added that "itís always easy to be smug in hindsight" when the movie turns out to be worse than expected.
    • To the credit of the entire cast, none of them seem to regret the process of making the film; they genuinely got along, and if nothing else had fond memories of having fun working together.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: The heroes and Mr. Freeze struggled with the heavy suits. Arnold Schwarzenegger also had to shave his head, paint himself blue, and wear Icy Blue Eyes contact lenses.
  • Executive Meddling: Most of the decisions in the creative process were made by the marketing executives instead of the creative team.
  • Franchise Killer: This film was the final nail in the coffin of the Tim Burton / Joel Schumacher Batman film series; it counts double when George Clooney even said that "I think we might have killed the franchise". A license like Batman, however, never completely dies.
  • Genre-Killer: Eradicated any and all traces of camp from future Hollywood Super Hero movies.
  • Guilty Pleasure: The Plan 9 from Outer Space of the 1990s.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!
  • Old Shame: Joel Schumacher apologized for this film in the DVD Commentary. George Clooney quickly distanced himself soon after it tanked. However, in more recent interviews, he's been kinder to the film, now calling it "the biggest break I ever had" since the role got him into Hollywood and paved the way for his more successful roles later in his career. He still hates the movie though. There was once a persistent, if unconfirmed, rumor that Clooney would pay back the ticket price if you told him you saw the film in theaters.
    Bill Corbett: I'm George Clooney and I'm... sorry."
    • Silverstone is silent on the matter of the franchise, only chiming in to voice support for Ben Affleck's casting as Batman. She only made a couple more major film appearance after this (Excess Baggage and the better-received Blast from the Past), and it can't be a coincidence: Trouble began almost immediately when reports leaked of the actress' costume being resized multiple times due to her putting on weight during the shoot, earning the tabloid nickname "Buttgirl." Fans became nervous, and the backlash grew to the point where Schumacher himself came to Silverstone's defense in interviews, at first genially ("What is this girl's big sin - that she ate some pizza?"), but soon stopped playing Mr. Nice Guy and accused the media of promoting eating disorders in young girls. It seems everybody involved in this snafu misplayed their hand. In any event, critics were even more merciless to Silverstone when the film was released. Since then she's acted on Broadway and in a few film roles, but reportedly refuses to invite that big a spotlight ever again.
  • The Other Darrin: Clooney is the third Batman in this continuity, replacing Val Kilmer in Forever, who in turn had replaced Michael Keaton from the Tim Burton films.
  • Parody Retcon: George Clooney has often claimed that he "played Batman as gay", when he clearly did nothing of the kind, presumably as a face-saving gesture for the biggest stinker of his post-ER career.
  • Recycled Script: The movie structure is near identical to Batman Forever. Movie opens up with the hero(es) suiting up and Alfred making a quip about food. Next the hero(es) fight an already created super villain and then afterwards through video footage we learn that said villain was once a respected member of society before an unfortunate accident turned him into a maniac. Then a crazy red haired Mad Scientist who works for Wayne Enterprises becomes a green themed super villain and kills his/her former supervisor. Meanwhile a new spunky young adult moves into Wayne Manor with a chip on their shoulder. Then the first villain crashes a charity event that the green-themed villain witnesses and becomes enamored with the other first villain, then the green-themed villain proposes a partnership and the two team-up. Meanwhile, the the spunky young adult goes joyriding and almost gets himself/herself killed by thugs with an affinity for neon before being saved by a more experienced resident in Wayne Manor. Later, that spunky young adult discovers the secrets of the hero(es) and suits up to help out. Then the hero(es) defeat the green-themed villain first and then defeat the first villain in the climax. Finally, the heroes run off with the bat signal behind them. In between all this, the main hero has some introspective moments where he questions the way he manages his life.
  • Star-Derailing Role: The combination of this film's failure along with Excess Baggage served to toss Alicia Silverstone out of the A-list at the height of her fame. It's also been said to have done this to Chris O'Donnell, but he says it it's not true: he had steady work offers through the 2000's but wanted to take time off to raise his kids. It did happen to the other lead actress, Uma Thurman, with help from The Avengers the next year, and she would need Quentin Tarantino to help her career again with the Kill Bill movies. Clooney and Schwarzenegger were the only two leads to escape, with this becoming a...
    • Star-Making Role: Ironically was this to George Clooney. While he still has hard feelings about Batman & Robin and hasn't made an appearance in another comic book movie since, it did propel him from television to the A-List of actors.
  • What Could Have Been: Before the film was even released, plans were in motion for a fifth film (working titles included Batman Triumphant and Batman: Dark Knight). Schumacher wanted to return to the style of the Burton films, and his screenplay was supposedly Darker and Edgier than the first two films combined! The Scarecrow would've been the main villain, with Harley Quinn (here, the Joker's daughter seeking revenge) and Man-Bat (his mutation caused by Crane) in supporting roles. Jack Nicholson was in negotiations to return as the Joker (albeit as a hallucination Batman suffers caused by the fear gas). Also, there were rumors that Howard Stern would be the voice of Scarecrow and Batman was going to be played by Bret Hart. Yes, THAT Bret Hart.
    • It goes on. If they had continued after that, they could have used the Bane sequel hook near the beginning to lead up to a movie based on the Knightfall arc. And that would have meant Jean-Paul Valley... Azrael... WHY?!
    • Patrick Stewart was a candidate to play Mr. Freeze. So was Hulk Hogan.
    • In earlier drafts, Barbara wasn't actually Alfred's niece but the daughter of an old friend of his that came to see him as her "uncle". This was kept for the comic adaptation.
    • Barbara's Batgirl costume was to also have a full-head cowl, but Schumacher didn't like the look of it after a costume test and wanted Alicia Silverstone's hair to flow freely. Thus, the domino mask was used, though Silverstone does use a cowl as Batgirl in one scene.
  • Word of Gay/Word of Saint Paul: George Clooney told Barbara Walters in an interview that he played Batman as gay in the film (but see also Parody Retcon, above).
    Bruce Wayne isn't gay. But I played him as if he was.