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Funny: Batman & Robin
  • Most examples are due to Narm, but one or two lines are intentionally amusing.
    Scantily-clad Henchwoman: (flirting with Freeze) Freezie, I'm hot.
  • Most of Freeze's puns.
    • "MERRRRRRCCYYYYY?!?! I'm afraid my condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy!"
    • "You are not sending me to the cooler!"
    • "Stay cool, bird-boy!"
    • "Can you be cold, Batman?!"
    • "FROSTY!"
    • "All right, everyone! CHILL!"
    • "Cool party!"
    • "It's a cold town."
    • "Allow me to break the ice..."
    • "If revenge is a dish best served cold, then it is time to FEAST!"
    • "Let's kick some ICE!!!"
    • "Tonight's forecast—a freeze is coming!"
  • Shortly after Freeze attacks the charity auction and makes a getaway, Batman heads off in pursuit of Freeze, but Robin lingers behind, entranced by Poison Ivy, forcing Bats to come back, grab Robin's arm and pull him away.
  • CRASH! "Hi, Freeze. I'm Batman."
  • Freeze shouting "KILL THE HEROES! YES! KILL THEM! KILL THEM! YES!" as his Mooks leap out and advance on the Dynamic Duo.
  • Freeze wearing a blue robe and polar bear slippers, and urging his Mooks to sing along with a Christmas special before finally giving up.
  • This bit with Dr. Woodrue after Pamela calls him out for his experiments:
    (to Pamela, calmly) Well, I can respect your opinion. Sadly, I'm not good at rejection. I'm afraid you'll have to die. (lets out a high-pitched shriek as he pushes Pamela into a table of chemicals)
    Woodrue: (after attacking Pamela) Yes. Yes, let the toxins and chemicals burn a grave for you deep in the earth you love so much! Bye-bye, dear! FELLOW MANIACS! BIDDING...BEGINS!
    • "Time to scream!"
  • Batman's credit card. That lasts forever.
    Batman: Never leave the cave without it.
  • "A laundry service that delivers! Wow!"
  • "You LIE!"
  • The look on Freeze's face after Batman apprehends him.
    • Before that, Freeze hits the coming Batmobile with an ice blast and believes the Bat is dead. He laughs evilly until he looks and sees that Batman not only survived, but is swooping down toward him. His reaction right before Batman crashes through the window of his vehicle is priceless.
    Hahahaha! (spots Batman swooping in) UH-OH!
  • This little gem after Freeze and Bane crash into the observatory and come upon two technicians working on the telescope Freeze needs to use his freezing engine.
    Freeze: Hi! Oh, I'm sorry about the door! Is the party over?
  • The Mood Whiplash that ensues when one of Freeze's henchmen interrupts him watching home videos of him and his wife, and Freeze shoots him a deadly glare before freezing the henchman with his ice gun, followed by this line:
    Freeze: I hate when people talk during the movie!
  • More exchanges between Ivy and Freeze:
    Ivy: What are you, about a fifty big-and-tall?
    Freeze: No. I always go a size smaller; makes me look slimmer!

    Freeze: I'm running on empty. I need to get more diamonds from my hideout!
    Ivy: I'll help you grab your rocks!
  • This exchange between the Dynamic Duo:
    Robin: I can't believe we were fighting over a bad guy.
    Batman: Bad, yes. Guy, no.
    • Also:
    Batman: Nice stems, though.
    Robin: Buds, too.
    Batman: Yeah, those were nice.
  • Freeze and Ivy's first interaction at the auction:
    Freeze: Well, look at you. Let me guess...Plant Girl? Vine Lady, huh? Hand over the diamond, Garden Gal, or I'll turn you to mulch!
    (Ivy tries using her pheromones on Freeze)
    Freeze: (appears to have been affected by the pheromones) Pheromone dust, designed to heat a man's blood. (beat; then glares at Ivy) But that doesn't work on the cold-hearted. Now if you'll please...
    • When someone falls to the floor nearby a second afterward, Freeze goes "Oh! That's my exit cue!"
  • After Freeze freezes Robin and makes his escape, he seals the hole he escapes through behind him with an ice blast, then leans back into view, wipes away some condensation and waves at Batman before leaving.
  • During Freeze's attack at the auction, Batman fights one of Freeze's goons and knocks him out by driving his fist through an object the goon had been wielding as a weapon. As the goon stands dazed, we get this:
    Batman: (very deadpan) Good night.

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