Heartwarming / Batman & Robin

  • Whatever you may think about the movie, the scene where Alfred gives Barbara the disk containing all the knowledge about Bruce and Dick's superhero identities is sweet, because it shows that the aging butler truly loved them as his own children.
    It's the sacred trust of two good men whom I have the honor of calling "son."
  • Freeze gives Batman the cure to MacGregor's Syndrome so that he can save Alfred, whilst Batman promises Freeze a special cell in Arkham where he might be able to continue his work on her.
    Take two of these...and call me in the morning.
    • Speaking of Freeze and his wife, there's the scene where he dismisses the advances of a completely devoted henchwoman out of loyalty to Mrs. Fries.
  • At the end, a completely-cured Alfred coming downstairs and sharing a happy reunion with Bruce, Dick, and Barbara.
    • Also Bruce repeating Dick's words about trusting your partner, and the two men accepting Barbara into their fold.


  • When the media gave Alicia Silverstone hell for having gained a little weight, Joel Schumacher basically responded, "Yeah, she put on a few pounds, so what?"
  • Despite the backlash the film gets and the shame some of his co-stars and crew have publicly expressed over the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated he still has no regrets making it and doesn't deny what a fun time he seemed to have had.