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Mesa widely hated film character!

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    Star Wars 
  • Jar-Jar Binks from the Star Wars prequel trilogy, so much so that the German version of this wiki named the trope Der Jar Jar. This one is so (in)famous that people who have never seen any of the Star Wars films hate him anyway (including people who have seen the original films but not the more recent ones). Many would argue he's an Ethnic Scrappy as well. None of them found this supposed Plucky Comic Relief character either plucky or comical—and frankly somebody they needed relief from! (Discuss!) It seems George Lucas got the message, giving Jar Jar Binks a smaller role in Episode II and removing him almost entirely from Episode III, and that's not even getting to the Expanded Universe - one reviewer in particular noted that seeing Jar Jar suspended in carbonite was the highlight of The Force Unleashed.
    • Especially irritating in that BRIAN BLESSED's Boss Nass could have fulfilled the same role, and was genuinely amusing in his few appearances.
  • C3PO didn't have a bad response in the original Star Wars, but after The Empire Strikes Back... well, in an interview, George Lucas said some people considered the android "the worst character ever". It's kind of hard to fault them for thinking so, due to him gaining characterization in Empire by being a shrill worrywart that never shuts up and constantly rattles off unfavorable statistics about their current situation.
  • Jacen Solo from the Expanded Universe isn't thought of very highly, either, especially since his character crossed the line into unforgivable bastardry.
  • Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars seems to already be hated within two days her first appearance, for having too many annoying teenager traits, and for feeling like too much of an attempt to appeal to teenagers (she's allowed to lead soldiers, even). She was later Rescued from the Scrappy Heap by the later seasons of the TV series.
    • Besides Ahsoka, in the fifth season's D-Squad Arc, there's WAC-47 and Col Gascon, with some people finding the duo so annoying that they even made comparisons to Jar Jar Binks.
  • Ewoks have a reputation of having plenty of people who regard them as a race of scrappys for the following two reasons:
    • Flanderization turning the Stormtroopers into the Butt Monkey of Star Wars VS debates barring Expanded Universe.
    • Preventing what would have been an awesome rebellion by Chewie's people. So much for watching them tear the arms off Stormtroopers (originally, the plan was to liberate Kashyyyk but they chose Endor and the Ewoks instead, because Lucas wanted the Empire defeated by primitives and the Wookies weren't primitive enough). So yeah, Lucas himself is responsible for most fan grievances in the Star Wars universe.
  • Padmé Amidala, mostly for the Romantic Plot Tumor but also for how in Episode III, she became a lot weaker than she was in Episodes I and II. On, there's even a "Defenders of the A/P Love Story" thread.
  • Anakin Skywalker in the prequels. Pretty disliked in the fandom either for being a whiny, poorly-acted kid in the first prequel, and for being a Wangsty, poorly-acted adult in the second two prequels who just happened to contribute to said Romantic Plot Tumor. Most of his hate, however, comes from allegations of ruining the characterization of his future self Darth Vader, who otherwise seemed like (and might still be) an awesomely stoic and incredibly sinister megalomaniacal Badass.
  • There are two types of Star Wars Expanded Universe fans, those who love Mara Jade and those who absolutely can't stand to read another mention of red-gold hair.
  • There's also the midi-chlorians, the sentient microbes that allow beings to channel The Force, which are widely seen as a pointless "explanation" for how the Force works, a subject that would probably have been better left mysterious. It should probably be noted here that they were part of the universe concept from the beginning, and simply weren't mentioned until Episode I.
  • Then there's the superweapons. In the films, the Death Star invented it, DS 2 codified it, and that was it, and that was okay. The EU, meanwhile, pumped out superweapons like they were going out of style. A few earned their fanbases for either having clear limitations (World Devastators are really slow, the Nightcloak is fragile) or serving more of a support role (most of Thrawn's toys). Most, however, earned scorn for being nonsensical, attempting to top the Death Star, or the fact that "Imperial finds lost superweapon, Hilarity Ensues" was such a stock plot. A few earned particular hatred.
    • Galaxy Gun: Take the overpowered shields from the World Devastator, slap them on missiles that work through Applied Phlebotinum and can pass through planetary shields because reasons, and make it an Interstellar Weapon, too, why not? Keep in mind that the Empire built this thing after the war, which begs the question of why they didn't save the money on the Death Star and buy fifty of these things. Also, it looked like a penis.
    • Sun Crusher: Better known as the HMS Mary Sue. This ship was the size of a starfighter, the name was not hyperbole, it was made of technobabble armor that let it take glancing shots from a prototype Death Star, and it was piloted by Kyp Durron. If you want to know why people hate Kevin J. Anderson, this thing is a good start.
    • Darksaber: Death Star stripped down to its main gun. The book it came from somehow managed to be even worse than its name. Yeah, the weapon that could have held the entire galaxy under Imperial rule by itself can now be built by Hutts (though it was noted that the entire thing was so poorly built because it was built by Hutts and probably wouldn't even work if used). This feared and powerful device was taken down by regular asteroids. Some laud it for being the Genre-Killer for Imperial super weapons.


The Transformers films by Michael Bay offer quite a few Scrappies:

  • Sam Witwicky himself is this to a fair number of people, largely for being as whiny as Daniel Witwicky at many points, and for taking time away from the Transformers, the whole point of the franchise. Being played by Shia Labeouf doesn't help.
  • Sam's roomate Leo, who is incredibly obnoxious and irritating and serves absolutely NO purpose to the plot whatsoever. Several audiences cheered when Simmons tased him. Thankfully, he didn't appear in Dark of the Moon.
  • Jerry Wang (hoo hoo). Hey, an Asian-American, so there's some diversity-oh wait, he's an Ethnic Scrappy that acts unappealing and helps set up a gay joke.
  • Almost certainly Invoked with Galloway. There is no way the writers could have made a less likable character... And yet we're forced to see him a) needlessly complicate the plot by attempting to comply with the Fallen's demands, b) pad the running time further with his whole "accompany the soldiers to Egypt" subplot, which c) becomes incredibly pointless when they trick him into parachuting off the plane, only for him to d) reappear later in a tired Brick Joke which has no bearing on the plot and only serves to divert attention away from the climax.
  • Sam's parents, Judy especially, are loathed by just about everyone for drawing even more attention away from the Transformers with their pointless escapades and serving to shoehorn in some of the most inane, lowbrow, and unfunny comedy in the series. Its says a lot when you trail behind Skids and Mudflap in heroic acts and overall likability.
  • Wheelie earned the hatred of many in Revenge of the Fallen for being what many perceived as a badly failed attempt at juggling Kid Appeal and shock humor. Fortunately, he got better in Dark of the Moon.
  • The Fallen falls under this, partly for demoting Megatron to The Dragon but also for his evil plan that over-the-top 60's villains often used, having a strange grab bag of unexplained powers, and having less personality than a flapjack. It doesn't help that the Fallen was taken down in a matter of seconds by Optimus. Oh, and he's never shown to have an altmode.
  • ROTF Megatron himself is exceedingly unpopular for his marked Badass Decay, ridiculous altmode (a spacefaring... tank-thing), and his demotion to a simple yes-man for the Fallen.
  • The antagonists of the third film are a... divisive bunch.
    • Megatron again, for his absolutely brutal Villain Decay and thus becoming a sheer embarrassment to his appearances in previous films, namely the first one, where he was both the Big Bad and a supreme Badass, and other, more badass Megatrons. Of note is that said Villain Decay appears to have been Invoked to make him more a more sympathetic and complex character, given his bitter awareness of the fact that he's a joke... but fandom consensus is up in the air as to whether or not this is a good decision.
      • It doesn't help that the movie's ending was originally going to capitalize on this characterization, and have him join forces with Optimus in order to defeat Sentinel, getting some of his old Badassery back. Instead, he goes down against Optimus in the Anti-Climax to end all Anticlimaxes, rendering all that buildup completely pointless.
    • Sentinel Prime's massive Badassery, characterization and voice actor have secured him many fans... But his numerous Moral Event Horizon moments, particularly his cold-blooded execution of Ensemble Darkhorse Ironhide, as well as widely being considered a Spotlight-Stealing Squad for Megatron, have earned him just as many detractors.
    • Soundwave is almost universally considered a step backward from the previous film, where he at least managed to be a serious and threatening presence as the Decepticons' ace in the hole. Here, his personality inexplicably does a 180 from a stoic Badass into a gleeful sadist, and his actual fighting ability is shown to be terrible. In the end, Bumblebee takes him and several of his Mooks down in maybe 30 seconds.
    • Starscream, for his utterly pathetic death. When Sam Witwicky can take the second-in-command of the Decepticons out, something might, just might be wrong. It didn't help that Starscream's reaction throughout the ordeal is the epitome of Narm.
    • Shockwave was heavily hyped up as a force to be reckoned with before the film was released... and then he turns out the living embodiment of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character/They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot. He does hardly anything. In most Transformers media, Shockwave is a cold, logical Mad Scientist who wouldn't hesitate to take control of the Decepticons if he thought it was the logical thing to do. The idea was that fans would draw their attention to him instead of Sentinel Prime, the real Big Bad. The final result is a Shockwave that lacks the intelligence that made him popular, and whose only major contribution to the film is the Driller, a creature that affects the story and has more screen presence than its owner.
  • Hell, many people are starting to see Optimus and Bumblebee as this:
    • As the series progresses, Optimus further and further diverges from his traditional characterization as an Ideal Hero into a brutal, bloodthirsty warrior whose actions get progressively harder to write off as Pay Evil unto Evil. Standout examples include his execution of the then-defenseless Demolisher and brutal disposals of Grindor and the Fallen (the latter two capped off with contemptuous one-liners). The worst example comes from the ending of the third film, where he refutes Megatron's attempt for a truce and proceeds to rip his head out. This after Megatron saved his hide from Sentinel, who Optimus then turns his attentions toward, double-tapping him as he begs helplessly for his life. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen.
    • Though a Badass Adorable extraordinaire and far from one of the worst offenders listed here, a lot of people seem to be agree that Bumblebee's radio talk gimmick is becoming tired, especially as the disability that require him to talk through the radio was rectified in the first film, meaning he does it... just because. He also gets flack for being a bit of a Spotlight-Stealing Squad and the staggering amount of merchandise he's engendered.
  • The biggest examples, though, are the twins, Skids and Mudflap. In addition to being accused of being ethnic stereotypes, they have absolutely hideous designs. To make matters worse, they had more screentime in ROTF than Optimus Prime, and were rather poor attempts at being the Kid-Appeal Character when the former Trope Namer, Bumblebee, was still around, making them completely redundant. Dark of the Moon was originally going to contain a scene where they were killed off by Sentinel Prime, but was cut for pacing (the scene appears in some of the licensed goods such as IDW's comic book adaptation, based on an earlier cut of the movie). Ironically, said scene was viewed by many as something that might have Rescued Them From the Scrappy Heap by virtue of being a massive Tear Jerker.

  • Another Cinderella Story gives us Dominique. She's an Abusive Parent toward poor Mary and is a complete Jerk Ass. Believe it or not, no one actually calls her out for her terrible treatment, and she never gets any redeeming qualities at all. Sure, she breaks her legs at the end of the movie and Mary gets to escape her horrible treatment, but she still leaves quite a terrible impression.
  • Attack of the The Eye Creatures. Culver, the the Covert Pervert, was labeled by Tom Servo as one of the the most instantly unlikeable characters in film history.
  • The Na'vi from Avatar can get this, mostly because they're never allowed to be wrong. It's a shame that the scene that explained both the humans and Na'vi were responsible for starting the war ended up being cut for time.
  • Abigail Whistler from Blade: Trinity. Even if she's easy on the eyes.
  • Malak from Conan the Destroyer, whiny, cowardly and, except for one scene, The Load.
  • Snails, the thief from the first Dungeons & Dragons movie was hated for being an incredibly aggravating Ethnic Scrappy, so much so that Ridley's Big "NO!" following his death at the hands of evil head minion Damodar was considered the height of Narm.
  • An adaptation of The Dunwich Horror from The Seventies gives Wilbur Whateley a love interest. Most Lovecraft fans consider her everything wrong with Hollywood.
  • Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element. He's supposed to be the comic relief, but the only thing he does is scream like a little girl and complain about everything in a grating, high-pitched voice. Not only that, he is completely useless and does nothing to help the plot or the other characters. This seems to be the point of the character, as protagonist Korben Dallas is frequently grimacing around Ruby and clearly dislikes him.
  • We all know Fred. The high-pitched, obnoxious, screaming, man-child who was on Youtube and somehow got a TV show AND three movies. He, understandably, is well-hated.
    • With the millions of fans Fred actually HAD, Fred was loved up until his web series gained a higher budget, a background theme, and actual on-screen characters, all of which occured in one mid 2010 released video entitled "Fred gets a Hotel". Since then, Fred has lost most of his fanbase and what was once the second most subscribed YouTube channel that got at least 20 millions of views per video is now barely in the top 100 and can barely meet a single million views. The fact that his videos now mainly consist of animated shorts doesn't help either.
    • Many fans hate Judy for being a cruel Manipulative Bitch and continuously bullying Fred, who blindly does anything for her due to a childhood crush.
    • Many fans hate Kevin even more due to his sick enjoyment in seeing Fred humiliated and the fact that Judy is his girlfriend. The two are also shown as huge Karma Houdini, there have only been three videos in which Fred ever gets either revenge on one of them, or humiliates them unintentionally.
    • But as much as both characters are hated for their abuse to the chipmunk-sounding one, they are barely as hated as their television adaptations, as Judy, instead of being arrogant and two-faced, is now a popular Girl Next Door, a role which originally belonged to Bertha.
      • The fact that Bertha was viewed in such a tough, yet loving manner in the first film doesn't help with the Judy hate group either.
  • The Hobbit:
    • The otherwise Adorkable Ori is shaping up to be this. He is probably supposed to be comic relief, but his lines come off as narm and are generally awful. The film could do completely without him and be no worse off for it.
    • The same could be said for his older brothers Dori and Nori, although Dori doesn't have utterly dreadful lines and Nori barely speaks at all.
  • Indiana Jones:
  • Many charactors from James Bond including a few Bonds themselves:
    • Roger Moore's Bond is hated by a good portion of the fans for being the Bond that saw the series get campier and more comedic, as well as starring in some of the worst Bond films of the series. I'm looking at you Moonraker...
    • Sheriff J.W. Pepper, the obnoxious redneck sheriff comic relief from Live and Let Die. They also managed to shoehorn him in to The Man with the Golden Gun by having him touring Bangkok AND he's around for the infamous scene where the awesome car jump is ruined by a slide-whistle sound effect and him rolling around in the back of the car yelling. How irritating is Sheriff Pepper? On Topless Robot's countdown of obnoxious comedic sidekicks he beat out Jar-Jar.
    • Timothy Dalton's Bond meanwhile has a bit of a Broken Base between fans who see his Darker and Edgier Bond as a breath of fresh air from Moore's camp antics and those who see his Bond as being way too serious and brutal.
    • Dr. Christmas Jones from The World Is Not Enough, is hated for generally existing only so that Bond has a backup girl when the infinitely-more-interesting primary love interest, Elektra King, turns out to be evil. Not to mention the casting of Denise Richards as a brilliant nuclear physicist.
    • If Christmas Jones is the most scrappy woman: Mr. Bullion is for henchmen. He is hated for being an obnoxious "gangsta" stereotype and a Dirty Coward; thankfully, he gets gunned down by Valentin Zukovsky.
  • Jurassic Park:
    • The kids, specifically Lex in the original film. The Spinosaurus in the third film has status as the Replacement Scrappy and to some extent a Villain Sue.
    • Then there's Amanda Kirby from the third film, who easily earns the title of the most hated character in the series. Starting when they land on the island, she spends way too much of her screen time either screaming histerically whenever she has even the slightest reason to, or simply being Too Dumb to Live. Because of her boneheaded nature, she continuously makes Dr. Grant's attempts to keep everyone safe harder than ever, and it really doesn't help that on top of all that, she has other less-than-admirable traits such as occasional moments of stubborness and selfishness. To be fair though, she does get a little better and smarter by the end, but at that point, it really isn't enough to make much difference or make up for all of her incredible moments of stupidity that nearly got herself and the others killed.
  • The Legend Of Zorro dumped the young Joaquin into the mix, adding a needless (and quite annoying) child element when all people were wanting was to see Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones kick any asses they might have missed from the first movie.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Denethor, the Jerkass Steward of Gondor, from The Return of the King, gets a lot of hate as well, thanks to Flanderization, is viewed only in the film as a dislikable, crazy jerk, instead of a sympathetic, complex, Shakespearean Anti-Villain.
  • Man of Steel: Pa Kent is this to some. He spends most of his screen time telling Clark he doesn't feel he's ready to become a great hero... unfortunately to some, it sounds more like he was telling him not to save people AT ALL.
  • Zeppo Marx quickly became audiences' least favorite member of The Marx Brothers, due to his failure to adopt a strongly identifiable screen personality like Groucho, Harpo, and Chico. This eventually caused him to go behind the scenes and manage the other three, though they continued having straight romantic hero parts in their films that Zeppo clearly would have played if they'd still been together. Ironically, several of their contemporaries stated that in real life Zeppo was the funniest of the brothers.
    • This includes the Marx Brothers themselves, as not only was he a capable straight man, he could subtly suggest further improvisations without breaking character or drawing undue attention. In contrast, most of the non-sibling cast had difficulty dealing with the brothers without laughing or storming off angrily.
    • Played with by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when they named Xander "The Zeppo".
  • From The Night of the Hunter, we have Icey Spoon, an old woman who is, without a doubt, the personification of The Nag. She's constantly belittling her husband to the point that he's completely ineffectual in helping anyone (she even admits to a crowd that she thinks about canning when she's having sex), she pushes Willa Harper into getting remarried to Harry Powell, and is utterly won over by his charms. Half the problems in the movie John and Pearl have to deal with are because of Icey's "helping hand". When Powell is finally arrested, Icey appears at his trial, drunk out of her mind and leading a lynch mob to hang Powell.
  • Philip the clergyman from the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides. Many people thought he was an out-of-place character (missionary on a pirate ship) and that his subplot was pointless; that whole interspecies romance thing doesn't fit at all with the main plot except for the three seconds or so that Blackbeard exploits it.
  • Costa from Project X. He's an arrogant, promiscuous, sociopathic bastard who bullies his friends, is casually misogynistic, racist, and homophobic, and is responsible for most of the problems that occur in the film, including stealing from a drug dealer he knows. He also brings a pair of psychopathic kids as "security" who assault a man whose only crime is being upset about the titular party.
    • It certainly doesn't help that while many of the other characters, such as the slightly sympathetic Thomas, receive prison time for the reckless party that Costa started, Not only does Costa get off scott free, but he's treated like a saint! The writers really tried to make him like Cartman, but forgot that even he had some sympathy.
  • Many fans of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire strongly dislike Harriet Hoctor in Shall We Dance.
  • Minya, a.k.a. the Son of Godzilla is often panned by Godzilla fans of all ages due to his goofy nature, odd resemblance to a young Gary Coleman, and the fact that he starred in All Monsters Attack which is considered the worst of the Japanese Godzilla films.
  • Lola Bunny from Space Jam is this for a certain number Looney Tunes fans. Positive Discrimination is a big factor. Since she was female, she could never participate in slapstick or display any flaws, making her seem like an unfunny Mary Sue. The whole "furry" thing certainly doesn't help, either. There's also the fact that they then shoehorned her into every series since. The only possible love she gets is from the Furry Fandom, and even they aren't too thrilled. The Looney Tunes Show lampshades this fact by making her immensely hated by the main cast, and in a hilarious bit of irony, Bugs seems to be the most annoyed by her. Although, oddly enough, her new characterization in said show has actually made her far more liked amongst quite a few fans.
    • Ironically, her new version from The Looney Tunes Show is seen as a scrappy by many fans of the original Space Jam incarnation, which are quite likely to be tween girls who initially idolized the original incarnation that have now grown up to around college age. The most common criticism said fans use is accusing Warner Bros. of turning a "strong female character" into The Ditz. Seems poor Lola just can't catch a break from being called a scrappy.
  • Anna Valerious of Van Helsing. She even has a fanlisting for people that hate her character.
  • The War of the Worlds (2005):
    • Rachel is hated for being The Load who does absolutely nothing but scream and, even though she's 10, get carried around for the entire movie.
    • Her brother Robbie gets a bit of it too for his Hair-Trigger Temper and his surviving a gigantic explosion with no explanation.
  • Heathcliff, the dismally unfunny comic relief in The Wild World of Batwoman. He's a major reason why the movie is painful to watch, even with Mike, Tom and Crow.
  • Viper from The Wolverine, with any semblance of being a Magnificent Bitch taken by Yashida himself, leaving her an enormously bitchy Smug Snake with Fetish Retardant. Didn't help her case when Viper's characterization here gives her snake powers note  and her actress was terrible in the part. As a final punch to the gut, she has absolutely nothing to do with her comic book counterpart.
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