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    Live Action TV 
  • In the Red Dwarf episode "The Last Day", Kryten, when querying about the human value of friendship is put down by a hungover Lister by saying "Don't give me that Star Trek crap, it's too early in the morning".
  • The Big Bang Theory: The guys are great fans of most nerdy sci-fi shows, and Star Trek franchise gets especially warm treatment. They love particularly Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: The Original Series. Those got referenced multiple times.
    • Wesley Crusher was Sheldon Cooper's favourite character because he identified with him. However, Whil Wheaton failed to appear at one convention, and Sheldon then swore to make him his mortal enemy. Wheaton plays a recurring antagonistic version of himself, Adam Westing it nicely, and he and Sheldon even managed to patch things up.
    • Sheldon wrote a Self-Insert Fic of TOS when he was a kid. Mr Spock travels in time and request his presence aboard the Enterprise.
    • The guys attended a Renaissance fair, and Sheldon was very dissatisfied with its historical inaccuracy. He refused to attend other fairs, but the guys convinced him that he can go as a character from Star Trek who visited alternate-history Earth. He's dressed up as a Vulcan character.
    • Penny is no great fan of sci-fi, but she managed to pick it up from guys. When she and Leonard are in an off phase of their on/off relationship and she needs to sleep in his bed in a hotel, she explains to him that "her shields are up" and that nothing is going to happen. She later reconsiders her decision and invites him to her "neutral zone", referring to the ship's security system and a term from a Federation war.
    • When Sheldon wants to start a new social group of friends, he invites Mr Le Var Burton who played Geordi La Forge on the Next Gen through Twitter. He indeed does appear, but they don't notice him and because the party has turned a bit wild, he quickly leaves.
    • Sheldon ordered a cardboard cutout of Mr Spock, but was dissappointed because he got Zachary Quinto frm the reboot movies insted of Leonard Nemoy.
    • Leonard and Sheldon both have Spock as a collectible action figure, and Penny gave guys vintage time machine toy that fits it perfectly. Sheldon dreamed about Spock, which was voiced by Leonard Nimmoy.
    • Sheldon seems to have recurring Bad Dreams about reptilian humanoid monsters from TOS.
    • When Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard go to a comic con, they dress up as characters from TNG. Leonard is Captain Picard, Sheldon Mr Data, Raj a Klingon warrior and Howard is a Borg. They looked absolutely awesome. Pity that on the road, their car got stolen and they never made it to the comic con and their fun was utterly spoilt.
    • Sheldon's girlfriend Amy once casually said to Penny that the guys were watching Star Wars. Penny corrected her that no-no-no, they were watching Star Trek and that they all get uneasy if those two are mixed up. Amy asks what the difference is. Penny gets uneasy herself and exclaims: "There is absolutely no difference."
    • Amy tried to trick Sheldon into becoming more intimate with her by invoking his favourite memories. Even though she has no fondness for the franchise herself, she dressed up as a Vulcan doctor and was examining Sheldon who played a Federation officer. He couldn't resist...
    • When Amy and Sheldon had an argument, he brought her TNG DVDs. He started describing her the plots of the first episodes through a door and when she was silent, he was content and gladly remarked: "She's hooked." She wasn't. She was still angry with him.
  • Gilmore Girls:
    • Lorelai wanted to keep her relationship with one of boyfriend secret from her parents. He disagreed and compared it to cloaking device and said that it has always been controversial and never worked well for the Federation. Lorelai found it amusing and commented that it's cool to be dating a Trekkie. She was however rather snarky, her taste in TV shows and movies being a bit different.
    • One of the Cloud Cuckoolander inhabitants of Stars Hollow is called Kirk. He once compared himself with Captain Kirk.


    Web Video 
  • Yogscast
    • Lewis' Minecraft avatar was initially Commander Riker, with his character in Shadow of Israphel often referred to as a "spaceman". His face, though not his outfit still has the likeness of Riker as of July 2013, though around 2012, the Starfleet uniform was removed.
    • Lewis and Simon's review of Star Trek Online:
      • "Is your character actually called Shatner?" "Yup. Yes..." "And you made him look like William Shatner?" "That was the idea, yeah..."
      • Simon note  claims to have watched it "since it was out in the 1950s [sic]."
      • Simon does, in Lewis' words, "a mean Janeway impression". Simon chips in before starting that "it's pretty bad". It consists of a lot of "Chakotays", (after the USS Voyager's first officer under Janeway).
      • Simon, still doing his Janeway voice: "Ensign Kim! Redirect all shield power to main thrusters!"
      • Simon says that Lewis thought the Native American first officer Chakotay was an alien because he had "weird shit on his face", when it was actually a tribal tattoo. Lewis elaborates, saying, "I thought that was a general thing that they've always done in Star Trek. Y'know, odd stuff on your face means you're an alien." and had his mind blown when Chakotay was "just an ordinary bloke".
      • "You've passed all of your exams, your captain, starship captain exams. You've done all that, all your training. And now, you're ready to go; you've been given a ship, and you're off looking for adventure; looking for green-skinned women to teach 'what this thing called kissing' is." (shortly after) "It's a lady! note  Teach her what kissing is! Is that the quest? 'Accept'."
      • After learning Lewis is fighting the Gorn, Simon, mixing Kirk's Rock in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Arena" with the BBC Quarry, says "Are you gonna have to beam down to the planet, and fight a Gorn one-on-one, in a quarry?"
      • Simon mentions the "power fist" as "when Kirk links his fingers of his hands together, and he uses them as a vicious, blunt object to bash people with. Usually he just hits them in the shoulder, or the back, or sometimes the kidneys. He never hits them in the face with it. I mean, that would make too much sense." He calls the power fist "such a bad move, that it's an unmove". He refers to the power fist again in the Minecraft Star Trek custom map playthrough.
      • Simon mentions Spock's nerve grip and McCoy's hypospray that could easily knock Spock out "when Spock goes nuts" and that because of those two, "Kirk needed his own knockout move", which he calls "fight[ing] like someone's granddad, basically".
      • Lewis suspects that diverting power to shields manually in the game is accurate to the show.
      • Simon calls Captain Shatner having an all-female crew a sexual harassment lawsuit "waiting to happen".
      • When Lewis begins his away mission, Simon almost immediately asks if anyone's wearing a Red Shirt.
      • "See, what the Gorn have done, they've made a mistake: they didn't set their phasers to kill, so they're not killing any of you."
      • Simon notes that instead of a grenade like in Online, in the TV shows, "if they wanted to have the effect of throwing a grenade, what they would to is set their phasers to, like, overcharge or something? And then they would throw the phasers and it would blow up."
      • "Would you like to have an Orion slave girl?" "Who wouldn't, man? Who wouldn't?"
      • Simon mentions how in The Original Series, whenever a pretty girl appears, "stupid music" would play, accompanied with "Soft Focus" on her, and it would often turn out in these kinds of plots she's "an alien, she's actually, like, hideous, or really evil or something", or, as Lewis says, "she's actually, like, a really old woman who they've, like, transformed into, like a young one to, like, trick [Kirk]." "And Kirk's been doing all sorts of stuff with this woman, without realising it was someone's nan."
      • "Meanwhile, at the same time [as the above], Spock, for some reason, he's troubled, and his emotions are coming out, 'cause this used to happen all the time. And Spock's going a bit apeshit."
      • Simon mentions one episode where "for some reason, all of the water on the ship had turned into, like, alcohol" and that none of the crew understood the concept of being drunk and "sobbing on people's shoulders" and how McCoy, one of the only people who drinks real alcohol, is the only one able to figure out what's happening.
      • Simon attempts a Kirk impression with William Shatner's well-known, dramatic, pauses, then goes onto Janeway again ("Chakotay, I need a shag."), then Picard. ("Engage. Make it so. Number One, I need a shag.")
      • "It's not looking good for, er, what's the name of your ship?" "USS Enterprise." "Fuck off! Seriously?"
      • Lewis points out there's always something "new" in every Star Trek episode, none of which was present in Star Trek Online, which was just linear shooting. "Some weird virus that takes over people's brains, something that swaps their bodies over, or y'know, something that turns them blue and they start dying and they have to go to some place to get some weird crystal from some fucking cave..."
    • Lewis and Simon recorded a custom Minecraft map, with their skins altered to make Simon movie era-Kirk and Lewis movie-era Spock (complete with "amazing hairpiece"), based on the Enterprise-A. Among the references from the custom map itself, there's also,
      • The episode begins "Yogscast log: Stardate 2011" in Kirk-ish.
      • Simon delivers an inflection of "Spock!" recognisable as Kirk's several times.
      • Lewis says "Fascinating".
      • While wondering how to make a route to the Enterprise recreation, Simon suspects that he "CAAAAAN!", similar to Kirk's Big Word Shout of "KHAAAN!" in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
      • Simon points out the first Enterprise doesn't have an "A" in it, while the one in the map does.
      • Simon acknowledges that him and Lewis being stuck inside one another is essentially Star Trek slash fiction.
      • "I think there's a breach in the warp core." "Oh, god, a warp core breach!" And later on, "That's a serious breach of warp core stability."
      • Lewis notes there's "always" a warp core breach in Star Trek.
      • Simon imitates the red alert noise.
      • Lewis makes a crude version of the USS Enterpise in Star Made.
      • "Lots of stuff went on in the cargo bay. Stuff always got stolen from it..."
      • While hearing a strange zombie noise without a clear source, Lewis notes it's like an actual episode of Star Trek. Simon wonders if it's Chekov.
      • Simon name-checks the rear nacelles.
      • Simon, upon discovering Kirk's quarters has a triple bed, imitates one of Kirk's alien love interests on the show: "What is this Earth thing you call...kissing?" Simon later says he'll teach an "alien" spider the ways of kissing.
      • Simon makes the common joke that the Enterprise has only one toilet, wherever it is.
      • Lewis notes that the chief surgeon's office would be McCoy's "hangout".
      • Lewis notes the seating locations of "Zulu" [sic] and Uhura on the bridge.
      • While fighting a spider on the top of the Enterprise, Simon points out that the half-Vulcan Spock's supposed to be much stronger than a human.
      • Lewis asks Simon to come up with a "Star Trek way" to defeat the spider. Simon responds, "We need a giant glass and a piece of cardboard!"
      • In the transporter room, Simon says "Two to beam down," and imitates the teleportation noise.
      • While Lewis fails to give Simon a high-five in Minecraft and instead hitting Simon, Lewis ends up fighting Simon. Lewis responds, "This is like a Spock-Kirk battle. They'd always have 'em in every episode." Simon says, "You've [Spock] gone mad for some reason, 'cause that just always seems to happen..."
      • "'Transporter buffer maintenance'. Oh, god, this is in case someone's pattern got trapped in [...] the buffer. The pattern buffer. [...] Scotty has to come round here and fiddle about with stuff, until it, sort of, the pattern comes back..."
      • Simon asks Lewis if he was cryogenically frozen, awoken, and the Star Trek future was real, "do you think you would go into Starfleet, you'd join the academy, you'd be like Wesley Crusher, wearing a little grey uniform with a rainbow on, what if you were in the same class as a young Janeway?" followed by his Janeway impression once again.

    Western Animation 
  • Futurama
    • Zapp Brannigan is something of a hybrid of Kirk and his actor William Shatner.
    • "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" is a reunion of all the Star Trek: The Original Series cast members apart from James Doohan and DeForest Kelley (though Kelly appears in the episode unvoiced).
  • Doctor Who
    • In "The Empty Child", Rose asks the Doctor to "give it some Spock" when she tires of the Doctor not scanning for alien tech. After still not telling her his name, Rose refers to the Doctor as "Mr. Spock".
    • In "Closing Time", Craig compares being teleported to being all Star Trek and "beam me up".

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