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  • The Expanded Universe novel Before Dishonor as a whole, but anything to do with Pluto in general.
    Well, that solves that dilemma.
  • Ibid. for the TNG novel Q-in-Law, in which Q and Lwaxana Troi meet. Just the tagline should give you some idea: "Two of the most powerful forces in the galaxy are about to collide..."
    • Q learns that he made a big mistake"
      Riker: She's really beating the stuffing out of him. What should we do?
    • Not to mention the B-plot of Wesley's adventures with a Dojikko "servant" he received as a gift. If Amusing Injuries can happen in a non-cartoon setting, this qualified.
  • Peter David's New Frontier novels typically have Crowning Moments Of Funny alternating with Crowning Moments Of Awesome. Among them:
    (Character whose consciousness is now in a computer: A Level 3 diagnostic is like a gynecological exam from head to toe.
    Soleta: (raising hand) Captain, requesting permission to forget what I just heard.
    Calhoun: Granted, and I'll be following you.
  • "Legends of the Ferengi" is basically the Guide Book as rewritten by Honest John's Dealership. It never dips below "very funny", but the CMOF has to be the deadpan description of what happens when Time Travel for Fun and Profit meets Gambit Pileup:
    17822 was a very interesting year on Ferenginar. In that year alone, over twenty thousand Grand Nagi held office; the Ferengi Financial Exchange crashed 3152 times, while setting 12322 record highs; there were 41098 civil wars; an unknown number of Ferengi-incited interstellar wars (estimates are in the millions); and the Ferengi sun went nova at least once a week.
    In other words, 17822 was the year Ferenginar discovered time travel.
  • Not precisely Star Trek, but this has to be included for posterity's sake: In Free Enterprise William Shatner Adam Westing his way through a hip-hop version of Julius Caesar has to be seen to be believed.
  • Zachary Quinto (Young Spock) challenges Leonard Nimoy (Old Spock) to a race, with the loser buying lunch. Nimoy wins by a nerve pinch.
    • See also their tweets regarding the spot:
    Leonard: Always enjoy my friend @zacharyquinto. But trying to beat me out of a free lunch is not logical. LLAP
    Zachary: i thought my friend @TheRealNimoy would win our bet on the up and up... guess i was wrong.
    Leonard: @ZacharyQuinto A win is a win is a win is a win....etc. LLAP
  • William Shatner tweets at Chris Hemsworth, gets a very dad-like reply in return.
    Shatner: Looks like my dad, @chrishemsworth really isn't a tweeter. I know what a teenager feels like now. #generationgap 😱😜
    Hemsworth: .@WilliamShatner Son, in time you'll come to learn far better ways to communicate, like telepathy or in person as they did back in my day.
  • Also not from the series proper; when Sci-Fi Channel aired Star Trek Uncut, Walter Koenig mentioned that Chekov "has this alter ego that wears a black suit and leather gloves."
  • Eddie Izzard's take on Star Trek is hysterical. The phasers towards the end is definitely the highlight.
  • The fact there are Haynes Auto Manuals for the Constitution-class and the Klingon Bird of Prey.
    • Even funnier: the BoP one mentions there's an airlock in the photon torpedo tube at the front of the ship for a good reason and then doesn't mention the reason. Its implied to be that they fire incompetent officers out of it.
  • This Tumblr thread speculates that the reason many of Kirk's adventures were later repeated is that everybody thought he was making them up:
    I especially like this idea because of the implication that all the other captains in Starfleet are reporting perfectly ordinary experiences like visiting a space station, dropping off supplies at a colony, bit of a stand-off with some Klingons in disputed space but got out of it unscathed - and then there’s Kirk all, “sorry guys we’ve been off course this week because my first officer seriously needed to get laid (LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA MY NECK STILL HURTS)” and “let me tell you about the Chicago Gangster planet” and “WHIPPED AND THROWN IN JAIL BY SPACE NAZIS.”