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Funny: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • In the Director's Cut, Kirk decides to have a little fun at Midshipman Preston's remark that the Admiral will find everything "ship-shape".
    Kirk: Oh, do you? Do you have any idea, Midshipman Preston, how many times I have had to listen to Mr. Scott on the comm, telling me his trouble? Do you have any idea of the ribbing I've had to endure in the officers' mess... to the effect that the Enterprise is a flying death trap?
    Preston: Oh, no sir! Wha... this is the finest engine room in the whole Starfleet! If the Admiral can't see the facts for himself, then, with all due respect, he's as blind as a Tiberian bat!
    Scotty: Ahem.
    Preston: Sir!
    Kirk: Midshipman, you're a tiger!
  • The scene where Spock has Saavik pilot the Enterprise out of spacedock. Kirk is trying his level-best not to be scared out of his wits by the fact Spock is making her do it without any prior experience.
    McCoy: Would you like a tranquilizer?
    [Kirk quickly shakes his head]
    • The funniest part is Mr. Unemotional is clearly being a Troll. The most external reaction is Spock raising one eyebrow, but you can tell he's giggling in his head.
  • When they share a turbolift, Saavik is utterly oblivious to Kirk's attempts at flirting. Followed by McCoy (who's been waiting for the lift) snapping, "Who's been holding up the damn elevator?"
  • Using the command code to drop Reliant's shields. The expression on Khan's face as he realizes what that means is utterly priceless.
  • "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN"! But in a Narm Charm sort of way...
    • It becomes funnier after seeing the whole movie since it's now known that Kirk already outsmarted Khan in that instance and is just hamming it up.
    • From the same scene, often overlooked:
    Khan: Kirk! Kirk, you are still old friend.
    Khan: Still. Old. Friend. You've managed to kill just about everyone else, but like a poor marksman you keep. Missing. The target!
  • Kirk, McCoy and Saavik are about to beam to Spacelab:
    Spock: Jim... be careful.
    McCoy: We will!
  • Kirk and company are about to follow Carol and David's last transporter coordinates, which are inside the desolate rocky planet:
    McCoy: Where are we going?
    Kirk: Where they went.
    McCoy: Suppose they went nowhere?
  • This exchange:
    Kirk: I would not presume to debate you.
    Spock: That is wise.
  • When Kirk is climbing down the levels with Spock on the way to the bridge, Kirk tells him, "That young man there. That's my son!" Spock replies in the most bored tone of voice, "Fascinating." For an unemotional being, Spock is certainly expressing his non-interest in a very emotional way!
    • One could also read plenty of sarcasm into Spock's reply, too. As if to say, "You sleep around so much, of course you'd eventually come upon a son."
  • Saavik swears in frustration during the Kobiyashi Maru test. Stoic, deadpan, emotionless frustration.
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