Quotes / We Didn't Start the Billy Joel Parodies

Ralph Baer, Brown Box, Odyssey and Magnavox
MIT, OXO, Space War and Pong
Coleco and Intellivision, Atari then Activision,
Miyamoto and Nintendo, Plumbers, Donkey Kong

Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Samus and her stellar cans,
Dig Dug, Turbo, Frogger, Q*bert, Mario,
Game Crash '83, adios Atari,
E.T. buried still, Alberquerque landfill

The Wii didn't start the fire,
How we've done some growin' since our cartridge blowin'
The Wii didn't start the fire,
With our fingers bleedin', we were quarter feedin'

NES, Luigi, Bowser, Tetris, Yoshi
Master System, Castlevania, Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest, Mega Man (Classic), Wolfenstein and Bomberman
Zelda rap, look it up, "Your parents help you hook it up."

\\Neo Geo, Genesis, Game Boy, SNES,
Sonic series, Earthworm Jim, Chrono Trigger, "FINISH HIM!"
Carmen Sandiego chase, Kirby likes to stuff his face,
Virtual Boy, what's in store, "And a Nintendo 64!!!"


Star Fox, Rumble Pak, Ocarina, Plumber's back,
GoldenEye, perfect game, Perfect Dark, not the same
Sega Saturn, CD-Rom, PlayStation, Pokémon,
Solid Snake, Lara Croft, Square Enix and Ubisoft

Aeris eats it, Quake, Doom, Monkey Island, Bandicoot,
Gran Turismo, nice car, Gordon Freeman, crowbar,
Thief, Homeworld, Silent Hill, Starcraft, Resident Evil,
Bowser racing Mario, Myst and Grim Fandango


Dreamcast, online play, PS2 and GTA
Smash Bros, Halo, Hand/Controller ratio
Way too many Pokemon, Sims come over while you're gone,
DDR, KotOR, Warcraft 3 and God of War Series
Prince of Persia, Kingdom Hearts, Havoc flailing body parts
WoW arrives, lonely wives, orcs and dwarves and ruined lives!


Santa brought a 360, Blu-ray on the PS3,
Gameboy, second screen, watch your grandma play the Wii,
Space Marines and red rings, let me skip the Cutscenes
Tweens mash classic rock, flimsy plastic head stock

Live thrives, pricks abound, PSN a ghost town
Gabe and Tycho, Mountain Dew, G4, Yahtzee, Chiptune
Motion sensors all the same, Blizzard gives us one campaign
DLC, "Screw the fee!", 3DS and Half-Life 3!

The Wii didn't start the fire,
How we've done some growin' since our cartridge blowin'
The Wii didn't start the fire,
Yeah, gaming's on a role, just look at Uwe Boll

(chorus, fade out)
Pope Friction, The Wii Didn't Start The Fire

Nancy Reagan, preschool Chris,
Nosy valet, young Lois,
German guy, lots of dogs,
Arthur Valentine

We didn't write an ending,
So we're all together tryin' to make things better
They didn't write an ending,
But what the heck, I'll still take the check, the check, the check

—— Family Guy, "Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)