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    Anime & Manga 

This fight... it is far from over. We are the generals. Protect her while I attack. I am the raiding party, I will destroy the enemy camp.
Guts, Berserk

For sure, one Mazinger-Z may be hiding no less than 5% of the total combat strength of the world's major military powers!
Kouji Kabuto, Mazinger Z

Marine soldier: Hey, Straw Hat! Where's your army? Enies Lobby's forces number in ten thousands!
Luffy: Yeah... and I'm alone. GET OUT OF MY WAY!

I'm going to hit all the battle fronts at the same time and turn the tide!
Naruto, Naruto

    Comic Books 
Centurion Caius Bonus: What happened to you? Were you attacked and outnumbered?
Legionary 1: Well... not exactly "out-numbered"...
Legionary 2: They were one...
Legionary 3: ... and not very tall, with that.

    Films — Live-Action 
Loki: I have an army.
Tony Stark: We have a Hulk.

Teasle: Are you telling me that 200 of our men against your boy is a no-win situation for us?
Trautman: You send that many, don't forget one thing.
Teasle: What?
Trautman: A good supply of body bags.

My god. Do we really suck or is this guy really that good?
Karl Hertz, Shoot 'em Up

"We called him 'Baba Yaga.' (...) John was not the boogie-man. He was the guy you sent to kill the fucking boogie-man. John is a man of intense focus. Conviction. Sheer will. I once saw him kill three men in a bar fight with a pencil. A. Fucking. Pencil. One day, he tells me he wants out. It was over a woman, of course. So I gave him an impossible task; a job no one could have pulled off.... The bodies he buried that day laid the foundation of where were now. And, my son, a few days after his wife dies, you steal his car... and kill his fucking dog."
Viggo, John Wick

As battles go, it was one of the most one sided, because that side belonged to Wee Mad Arthur. There were only a dozen or so guards on the plantation, because starving creatures in chains do not, as a rule, fight back. And they never knew who they were fighting. It was some kind of force that sped backward and forward across the ground and then up your trouser leg, leaving you in no heart whatsoever for fighting or, for that matter, anything else.
Punches came out of nowhere. Those who ran were tripped. Those who didn't were left unconscious, It was, of course, an unfair fight. It generally is if you are fighting even one Nac mac Feegle, even if you are a platoon.

I don't call [Michael] the Fist of God as a pet name, folks.
Harry Dresden, The Dresden Files

I'm the leader of the Shamba Freedom Forces. In fact, I'm the entire army.
Emile Antoon Khadaji, The Man Who Never Missed

The Lord Ruler held her face close to his own, looking into her eyes. In that moment, she knew the truth. She could see a piece of him; she could sense his power. His... godlike power. He wasn't worried about the skaa rebellion. Why would he have to worry? If he wished, he could slaughter every person in the city by himself. Vin knew it to be the truth. It might take him time, but he could kill forever, tirelessly. He need fear no rebellion.

Sadeas: We need to get you some Shards, my friend.
Dalinar: To protect me?
Sadeas: Protect you? Storms, Dalinar, at this point I'm not certain a rockslide could kill you. No, it just makes the rest of us look bad when you accomplish what you do while practically unarmed!
Oathbringer (third book of The Stormlight Archive)

David Fairfax: So, what have you destroyed today?
Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield: I've flooded a Typhoon-class submarine, leveled a building, and launched a ballistic missile to destroy a maintenance facility.
David Fairfax: Slow day, huh?

Two elves, headed for Liesse. The damage even two of those could do... A dozen elven foot soldiers could wipe out a company of soldiers without losing a single man, if they felt the inclination. A single Emerald Sword could do the same without even paying attention.

    Live-Action TV 
Daredevil: Tell me. Tell me who they are...
Criminal: No "they". Him. It's one man.

Cyber Leader: We have five million Cybermen. How many are you?
Dalek Sec: Four.
Cyber Leader: You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?
Dalek Sec: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek!
Doctor Who: Doomsday

Octavian: You promised me an army, Doctor Song.
River Song: No, I promised you the equivalent of an army. This is the Doctor.
Doctor Who, "The Time of Angels"

Lucius: There are painted barbarians up there. They outnumber us. There is a beast of darkness that laid waste to an entire legion in less than an hour. No one man can make a difference to that.
Bill: Maybe that's what you don't learn when you think it takes five thousand highly trained soldiers to slaughter a bunch of Scottish farmers. Yes, one man can. And he's here.
Doctor Who, "The Eaters of Light"

"No power in the 'Verse can stop me."

Dr. Beckett: (looking at a life-signs detector) These dots don't tell us much about who's who. How do we know which one's the Major?
Lt. Ford: He'll be the dot getting rid of the other dots.

Cottonmouth: You wanna go to war? I'll take you to war.
Luke Cage: You don't have enough people. This mob's not deep enough.

Will: Shit! Four guards!
Sun: Is that all?

I'm gonna fight 'em off
A seven-nation army couldn't hold me back
The White Stripes, "Seven Nation Army"

    Tabletop Games 
853.M41. During the decisive moments of the Battle of Steel Cross, Captain Cortez single-handedly slew the Ork Warlord and his entire bodyguard. Cortez had managed to disarm the Ork leader with a twist of his torso after the Ork's sword had become embedded in his ribs.

867.M41. Despite suffering seventeen wounds, including a stabbing wound puncturing one of his hearts, and two serious wounds from enemy heavy weapons, Captain Cortez managed to break through Eldar lines and complete his mission successfully.

892.M41. Captain Cortez defended the breach in Fortress Maladon's wall for twenty-one hours of constant fighting despite overwhelming odds and the loss of his whole squad to several enemy attacks.

903.M41. Captain Cortez fought through the entire Kardian six week campaign without supplies after they had been lost to enemy fire during deployment. He attributed his survival to the Emperor's benevolence which nourished his body better than any food or drink would have.
— Extract from the record of Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists, page 447 of 512, Warhammer 40,000

    Video Games 
GOD! How hard is it to kill one Vault Hunter and a walking slab of meat?!
Handsome Jack, Borderlands 2

Soldier: You're going up against a whole ship by yourself?
Havoc: Yeah, doesn't seem fair, does it? Maybe I'll shoot left-handed.

He's/She's unstoppable! No mortal could slaughter our brethren with such ease!
Coven Member about the Nephalem, Diablo III

Are you expecting me to believe that one elf did all of that?

Warden-Commander: They sent a dozen Wardens to fight an army?
Seneschal Varel: Oh, it took only three Wardens to end a Civil War and kill an Archdemon. A dozen is extravagant.

Doesn't the enemy value their officers? If so, they shouldn't be sending them to fight me!

The Dragonborn: What's the plan?
Hadvar: First we're going to take out their sentry, then we'll situate ourselves overlooking the camp. Next, you'll infiltrate their position and get their attention while we hit them with a barrage of arrows. With a bit of luck, we'll catch them completely off-guard and even the odds a little.
The Dragonborn: I have a better plan. You wait here, and I'll take care of it.

I once defeated a hundred knights single-handedly. To me, you two are nothing more than insects.
Beatrix, Final Fantasy IX.

Basilio: They're swatting our troops like flies!
Flavia: Is it some kind of elite cavalry? No, wait... Gods! It's just one man!

Jim Rhodes: You're not a soldier.
Tony Stark: Damn right I'm not. I'm an army.
Iron Man: The Video Game

Prazza: Likely story; no organization would commit so many ressources to bring back one soldier.
Tali: You haven't seen Shepard in action, Prazza. Trust me; it was money well-spent.

Maya Brooks: You just killed a hundred guys with a pistol!
Shepard: Well... yes that did happen.
Mass Effect 3, Citadel DLC

What do you mean, "He's unstoppable?" You are superior to him in every way that counts. You are better trained, better equipped, you outnumber him at least 20 to 1. Do... your... job!
Nicole Horne, Max Payne

Reinforcements? I am the reinforcements.
Ashley Riot, Vagrant Story

Gods... Is he even human? He fights with the strength of a brigade...
Hardin reacts to the above, Vagrant Story

"You have to do something, or he's gonna kill us all!"
Villager, in reaction to Leon S. Kennedy arriving in the village, Resident Evil 4

"I commend you for holding the line alone. But you realize this means you'll die alone..."
Megatron, when there's only one enemy left in escalation, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Stone: Blackstone! Where's our reinforcements?
The Warden: I'm it!

Ghost: Zavala, there's an entire battalion of Cabal troops protecting the drill!
Zavala: What is a battalion to you, one who has slain gods in the heart of the Black Garden?
Destiny 2, note 

    Web Animation 
Kary-08: You really think of this as a real fight, don't you? I'm just having fun before I take both of you out.
Xero: Take out both of us? You and what army?
Kary-08: Army...? Silly boys... I need no army!
Xionic Madness, Episode 4-1

You know how in most FPSs you're some sort of hybrid of man and refrigerator who can take an entire munitions dump to the face, while the enemies all have armor made of whip cream and skulls made of cake?

Back me up and I'll cut a path through these guys. Wait, did I say "path?" I mean a five-lane blacktop highway with a two-lane service road - and I'm packing a fistful of tokens and a radar detector.

    Web Original 
Throughout this campaign, Häyhä basically just ran around doling out head-shots like the ice cream man gives out Dove bars on a hot sunny day in the Sahara desert. His personal best was fucking twenty-five kills in a single day. That's like an entire baseball team!

[Samson's] whole story involves a feud with the Philistines, people who lived in part of what is now Israel and embraced the long tradition of going to war with the Jews. Or, specifically, the Philistines went to war against just Samson. And they pretty much lost.

Hmm. I just thought of a paradox. Maybe the more people I kill, the less likely I am to be the fall guy. Because sure, they could say I killed five or ten people, but can they really pin dozens, and dozens, of armed military personnel on me?

Do I have to kill everyone around here myself?! Gah, lead by example... can't delegate anything... Y'know, being a one man army isn't actually something you aspire to. You say that because it sounds badass, not because you literally want to function as an entire army. But, what are my options? Do everything myself, or just die.

Ryan: You came at me with an army!
Geoff: You are an army!

"But after the world's most oppressive crime, he [John Wick] will turn the entire world into a game of Call of Duty... on the easiest difficulty."

    Western Animation 
Zuko: Where is my uncle!?
Guard: He busted himself out... I've never seen anything like it, he was like a One-Man Army!

Escape? I didn't escape! Everyone else escaped!

Alan Albright: I guess you too are a monster.
Ben Tennyson: Well, technically, I am a whole bunch of monsters.

    Real Life 
One Riot, One Ranger.
Captain Bill MacDonald of the Texas Rangers