Quotes / Obviously Evil

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    Anime & Manga 
Oh my god, has anyone ever told you this whole nasty demon bullshit gets really old really fucking fast? I mean seriously, you're evil, we get it, can you please just shut the fuck up?

    Fan Works 
Shunryu: You Monster!! I can't believe someone like you could actually get a Cloth!
Deathmask: Please, no morality lesson.
Shunryu: No, seriously, why did they give you a Gold Cloth ? Your name is Deathmask, you decorate your house with corpses, and your attack is called Hades Wave. Are those who give these armors stupid or something?

Ikki: Why does someone like you serves someone as malevolent as the Great Pope?
Shaka: Oh, so just because he terrorizes men and women, wears a creepy mask and ends all his sentences with a sardonic laugh, that makes him evil? (Beat) Well, sure, when you put it that way.... O, forget it!

    Films — Animation 
"Tonight, the part of 'Al' will be played by a tall dark and sinister, ugly man."
The Genie, Aladdin

    Films — Live-Action 
"By now I thought you would've realized I'm the bad guy."

Bob: Are you actually accusing me of murder?
Warren: The way I see it, Señor Bob, is whoever is working with her ain't who they say they is, and if it's you, then Minnie and her man ain't at her mama's. They laying out back there dead somewhere. Or if it's you, little British man, the real Oswaldo Mobray's laying in a ditch somewhere and you're just an English fella passin' off his papers.
Mannix: Or we go by my theory, which is the ugliest guy did it... which makes it you, Joe Gage!

"You figure that out all by yourself? The god of evil is evil?"

    Live-Action TV 
"Hi! I'm Bob EVIL!"
Mike Nelson, introducing the (not-yet-revealed) villain of Time Chasers

Woah, that's a bad guy, that's a really bad guy! Did you see his face? His head looks like one of the Easter Island heads!
Max, Get Smart

My face is an index to my mind
Full of venom, spleen, and gall
Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, Ruddigore

    Video Games 
Walking stick, spiky hair, twirly mustache — he's a villain alright.
— Hreidmar's examine text in Runescape

This guy is giving off a murderous vibe! Even getting close to him makes my skin crawl...

Reapers may look evil and crazy, but there's a good reason for that. They ARE evil and crazy.
Palutena Kid Icarus: Uprising

"This guy has the word VILLAIN written all over him!"
Etna (about Vulcanus), Makai Senki Disgaea

Look at the spikes he's wearing! He's gotta be evil!
— One very smart little boy, Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Sure, why not, he's not RIDICULOUSLY OBVIOUSLY EVIL or anything.
Ken Masters, Project X Zone in regards to KOS-MOS being Seth's tour guide.

Patrick: How can you be so sure that the Evil Syndicate are evil?
SpongeBob: I say the "evil" part of their name is a dead giveaway.

    Web Comics 
Colonel Haken has a hook for a hand, a scar on his face, an evilly waxed moustache, and wears a monocle. Oh, and he's a Nazi. Really, what more needs to be said? (Hint: He's a bad guy.)
Irregular Webcomic!, the Cliffhangers cast page

You know... She said evil didn't look like anything, or that it looked like a lot of things... But I think it looks like you.
Shadowchild, Digger

"...Okay, no, he's totally a bad guy. Is that a spoiler? I don't think it's a spoiler. Look at that thing. It probably ate a puppy for breakfast right before it burned down an orphanage and talked loudly on a cell phone at a restaurant."

    Web Original 

I'm not so sure why everyone thinks allying with this newcomer is such a great idea, though. Calling your faction "The Shadow Runners" and having a big skull for an emblem isn't exactly reassuring. I mean, come on... were any of the Autobots honestly surprised when the Decepticons betrayed them?

Lets see; mad scientist, mustache... nope, I'm definitely the badguy.
Dorkly, Robotnik Finally Wins

"Am lonely. Saruman maybe not so unattractive after all. If only were not for giantly flaring nostrils and huge clawlike fingernails... Okay you'd think I might have figured out he was evil before."

''Boy, you're talking like someone who's about to have a bat with spikes up the side of the head."
Leigh Daniel Avidan, Game Grumps, "Dead Rising 2: Chuck v. Hippie - PART 17"

    Web Video 

This guy's name is Judge Doom? Do you think he's related to Doctor Doom? When the people of this movie find out he's the bad guy, do you think they might wonder how they missed all the signs-the black outfit, the spectacles, the cane, the name, and the inherent evil?
Jeremy Scott of CinemaSins on Who Framed Roger Rabbit

"This guy looks like the devil and his name is based on the word sinister. This dude was destined to be evil."
Jeremy Scott of CinemaSins on Sinestro, Everything Wrong With Green Lantern

"Darth (Maul) wears black boots, a black cloak, a black shirt, has a red lightsaber, wears red and black face paint, and has horns. He is EVIL."

Now, I don't want to give anything away here, but one of these guys is going to be the villain. Can you guess who?

She's like: "The Decepticons lied?! T-they seemed so trustworthy!" They call themselves DECEPTICONS!

    Western Animation 

Did anyone else notice the lightning?
Timmy Turner when he first met Vicky, The Fairly Oddparents: Abra-Catastrophe!

Amazing how such an evil-looking alien turned out to be evil all along.