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Quotes: Dhana Ragnarok
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Others trying to give Dhana Ragnarok some Amour Propre

  • Aiko Heiwa
    • Nice ass.
  • Ailedhoo
    • Your a figure of the most awesome, as darkness be your will... the will of the cool.
    • You are the dark king of chaos.
  • Alma
  • Bacon Maniac 5000
  • baelfyre
    • You're one of the nicest people I don't know.
  • Belfagor
    • "I'm the godDhaned Ragnarok." (Memetic Tropers)
    • Ah, the sweet smell of crazy awesomeness! (Compliment the Above Troper)
    • Dhana Ragnarok. That's not a surname. That's a program. (Give the Above Poster a Boss Banner)
    • Huge. Uncanny. Completely crazy. Now, about your page...
  • Bisected 8
    • Dhana is actually the headcrab controlling a Frenchman and wearing a chicken as a disguise. (Make a WMG About the Above Troper)
    • Disturbingness, Frenchness and Awesomeness.
  • Boxen
    • You are one sick fuck. May not sound like a compliment, but I like that in a person.
    • Upon seeing your avatar, this is the only time I have laughed at a picture of Hitler.
    • The living definition of "that guy".
  • Cider
    • You are silly and indecisive. Eat more pork and all will be well.
  • Commander Obvious
  • Completely Normal Guy
    • You keep on disappearing. This place isn't the right kind of disturbing when you aren't around.
  • Darkclaw
    • Eh, I think Dhana Ragnarok is a pretty cool guy, watches Flander's Company and doesn't afraid of being kind to others.
  • eagleoftheninth
    • Anyway! You have all the bearings and style of an innovative writer and talented artist, judging by your backstory and deviantART. Most of all, though, you seem to be the dedicated kind of community member, the sort of person who'd pull all the stops for the people next to them - and I honestly think that that's the best sort of quality that anyone could aspire to.
  • Egregious One
    • You have the guts to admit that you read Furry Hentai crossovers; that isn't terribly common!
    • "Dhana's basically Nerd Bird born as a man, and vice versa."
    • You're hilarious; lots of people try playing the insanity card, and up until I ran into you I was convinced it simply couldn't be done well and without boiling down to ridiculous self-aggrandizement, but're extremely entertaining.
    • Your avatar and tagline combos...I don't think you've ever once failed to get a chuckle out of me. I get the feeling that if the two of us were ever to sit down for tea and a chat, I'd end up hyperventilating.
  • Eternal Noob alias Mr Sunshine Sprinkles
    • You are random and awesome. When we think you'll do one awesome thing, you do another. Just when we think you have gone over the top, you overstep 5 more boundaries. (Compliment the Above Troper)
    • French Kenshiro, riding a large, parade baloon of Tia Harribel onto battle. (What's your Mental Image of the Above Troper?)
    • Dhana Ragnarok: The Harbinger of...Well, no one is sure.
    • Dhana Ragnarok. Shrinking Violet. Doesnotcompute.
    • You can talk about any topic openly and comfortably, while managing to control yourself if the topic is very sensitive.
    • Crazy Awesome: An uncontrolable, yet completely methodical version of it. You seem random, but your thought process is anything and everything but circuitous; you probably jot down numbers and letters to find optimal bat-shittiness. Either that, or you're hitting the right notes without even trying.
    • You're at sanity's edge; lucid enough to make snarky remarks, but crazy enough to come up with jokes that are so off-beat, they're on different drums, playing on a different song.
  • Inceptiond
    • Hannibal Lecter, wearing an uncooked, ungutted turkey on his head.
  • inhopelessguy
    • You're more first-class than the front passenger seats of the Eurostar.
    • I don't know how, but you just look French. Like, I just looked at you and I was like "hey, that guy's from across la Manche!"
  • Karl Kadaver
  • Khantalas
    • 12 / 10. The mustache is gone, the nightmares have arisen, the world can rejoice. (On Shaved Moetler)
    • Sir, you are delightfully demented, disturbed and dangerous.
    • You are ingeniously immanently intrinsically intriguingly immaculately insane.
    • Kindness you display, to offshoots of autumn trees, that deserve it not.
    • Beyond your seemingly random craziness lies a devious intellect and a witty sense of humor.
  • kylodius
    • Dhana once went through ragnarok, it only gave him a belly ache. (Memetic Tropers)
  • Liberated Liberater
    • You are one awesome French dude.
  • Milos Stefanovic
  • Mokona Zero
    • Dhana, my man, you're one of the nicest guys I've met here. You're very memorable! I even decided to start calling you by just "Dhana" if that's okay with you.
    • You're the guy that pops out of my fridge every now and then!
  • Mr Mallard
  • Muramasan 13
    • "GENOCIDE! GENOCIDE! GENO- Oh, thanks. I really needed that coffee." (Imagining me at early hours in the morning)
  • Nerd Bird
    • That's adorabubble, Dhana. c:
  • Omega Shadowcry
  • paradisedj32
    • ME? I am disturbingly badass. YOU? in a few moments, disturbingly mauled. (Give the Above Poster a Boss Banter)
  • Philosopher
    • Would do me a favor. Do you love me? Hmmm, do a favor. Kill me. Strangle me, shoot me, run over me. Whatever it takes, I don't want to deal with the results of last night!
  • Prometheus136
    • Accusing someone as lucid as Dhana with being a "nutcase". He's clearly a beancanister.
  • Pyrite
    • Thanks. Now I can never post about him again, because YOU KNOW WHO ELSE LIKED DIOMEDES? HITLER!
    • ...That's it, I'm staying away from Yack Fest until Dhana changes his avatar. Moe Hitler, that I could handle. Spikyface Mc Sanguine? Hell no.
  • R. Bluefish
    • You consistently crack me up. Your avatar is going to have me laughing all through the winter.
  • raigakuren
    • You are awesome in some sort of cosmically disturbing way that amuses me to no end
  • Rather Random Rachel
    • I'm amazed what you get away with.
  • Sean Murray I
    • Keep on Ragnaroking 'n' Rolling in the free world! (Compliment the Above Troper)
    • Also, included in the collection, for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Sharing Avatars with Other Tropers Upon Request, I award to you the prestigious honor— The Charlie Sheen Seal of Win
    • If TV Tropes were school, I'd give you a D grade... for 'Delightfully Demented'.
    • Your current avatar is as oddly uncomfortable as all your other avatars. The fact that you're not calling it "disturbing" (like others before it) is a clear sign that you've taken this extreme pursuit of weird shit way too far and can no longer properly recognize weird shit.
    • Man, you gotta be CRAZY to be as open and honest about being completely crazy as you are. That takes serious balls.
    • I can't keep saying it enough. While you were gone, a lot of these great game threads started to suck, but now that you are back, these games still suck, but it's great to see you back in them.
    • You're "too weird for the Internet". You either just coincidentally coined the Catch Phrase for a cyberspace superhero (or villain) for a story that is guaranteed to make a ton of money for whoever is crazy enough to write such a thing—which is unexpectedly awesome—or you just did an equally brave thing by publicly admitting to having a terrible problem, which is great; that's the first step. So you know, I'm way behind you and will support you 110% during any rehab stint for an excessive weirdness addiction.
      • Except I don't plan to get rid of that one anytime soon. It's not my problem, it's everybody else's ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • You're crazier than Gary Spivey's collection of white afro wigs, and I can respect that.
    • You remind me of a cow... but in a good way.
    • I don't know how you're always THIS FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME, but some "green" scientist or whatever seriously needs to research the possibilities of you as an abundant source of renewable energy.
    • Of all the batshit personalities bouncing off the walls around here, your brand of insanity has the most depth and substance.
  • terlwyth
    • You make some of the most entertaining posts out there, a brilliant aversion to the French Jerk, and a chicken hat, ...dear leardy that chicken hat.
    • Chill, yet crazy. Silly, yet sophisticated. Not sure you manage all this, but keep it up.
    • The current relationship we have is too disturbing, doesn't need more levels of disturbing, ...and he thinks I'm dead. (Would you Date the Above Troper?)
    • You're disturbingly Crazy Awesome, ...what would this place be without some of that off-the-wall zaniness you bring? And good-heavens that chicken hat
    • He's too disturbing to let into heaven or hell or purgatory or any afterlife, including the lack thereof.
    • Dhana has no one to be Together in Death, his loss would be 100% tragic. And even if he did, not sure the afterlife is ready for his kind yet.
  • That One Guy Named X
  • The Hobo Tortle
    • I bow down to your unparalleled nerdiness and the pure awesomeness you bring to this forum.
  • theindefiniteone
    • You're a cool fellow. I find you also very classy, for some strange reason.
    • You're cool and friendly. I thought that you would find it strange that a trope you posted made me feel happy, but you didn't. And apparently you even felt happy that it made someone happy, as well? That's very nice.
    • Underrated nice guy, deserves more love. You're sweet and kind, always willing to be friendly. It's difficult for me to believe that you will never pick yourself up and be happy again (if it does happen), and that's a good thing. (Compliment the Above Troper)
    • You're a great person, from what I've seen of you. Very nice, very cool, very interesting. And I find your kind of humor likeable. Even though it's probably not humor. :))
  • The Mike
    • You make licking frogs look awesome!
  • Topographic Ocean
    • Your first avatar was a Tetris Rule 34? Oh Dhana, don't ever change~
    • I'm saying it again anyway. Dhana, your avatars kick all kinds of ASS.
    • -pure, undistilled insanity pouring forth from the maw of awesome's pinnacle- (Act like the Previous Troper)
  • Tye Dye Wildebeest
    • Quite possibly the best contributor's page I've ever seen.
  • Willy Four Eyes
    • Dhana Ragnarok doesn't get struck by lightning. Dhana Ragnarok pushes the lightning bolts to the clouds and tells them to go the hell away. (Memetic Tropers)
  • zam

Stuff that crazy lunatic said at one point or another. "Point or Another" is a cool bar, BTW.

  • Great things in life either are illegal, immoral...or make you fat.
    • Someone agrees with me, and made an even more accurate version:
"Everything I like is either illegal, immoral, fattening, expensive or impossible"
  • "Selfish: A person of bad taste, more interested in himself than in the great me."
  • "Once, a Completly Normal Guy walked in a bar. He was so normal, everybody died. The End."
  • When life gives you lemons, make pomanders. Then kick it in the balls.
  • "I ate a toast on a slice of internet. IN SPACE."
  • "A member of the close circle of sentient beings that consider text as a picture. There's the whole insanity thing, too. Well, I guess. You'ld think experience would help to know, but nope. That's strange, isn't it ? Whoa! That comment is long, for no reason at all!" (Comment on...Someone's page.)
  • The Friendship of the Ring (I'm so proud of being this corrupted)
  • "Your avatar literally killed me of laughter. Then I regenerated."
  • That's the reason why I like these two so much. They can both be hilarious, awesome, cute (even the PORN is cute Oo) and heart-wrenching. And THIS is a sad one. Very sad TT_TT
  • "I'm not all Hitler you know. I'm more than that. First, I have functional showers... And I don't waste meat."
  • "Ok. Back to killing baby pandas."
  • "That's not torture. That's the kind of stuff I do every Thursday!"
  • "Now with 20% more Archive Binge-induced batshitness !"
  • "Because Pokemons are cool. And Tentacles cooler. Maybe."
  • "Pinkie Pie. I was gonna say "a smiling pony :D", so basically Pinkie Pie."
  • "<Uses a Pokeball> (Yes, I have pokeballs at home. Made them myself. Just in case)"
  • "Because kitsune are awesome. And kinda sexy."
  • "What can I say I haven't yet ? Answer: Ahkt'ha'r Rha!! "
  • Nothing is impossible. There is no such thing as a zero percent probability in this world. Anything can happen.
Keep believing.
  • "Amusing. Usually when they hear "Die" the last thing that past through their mind is my arm."
  • Amusingly, France won a whooping 71% of its battles, making it the most successful country in Europe. You surrender. Now.
    • (Actually, France is only second at wars won. And lost almost all the recent ones. But I have a Kill Sat, so fuck that.)
  • "I'm going to kill you, follow your soul to your new body, and kill you again until you revert back to the damn insect you are."
  • Are you still there? You’re a tough one. Or already insane. Anyway, I like that!
  • "You are Twilight Sombra, the MANLY magician destined to eat the Princess." Yup, that's me.
  • Partay - partay - PAR-TAY ! Partay - partay - PAR-TAY !! ...Oh boy I'm insane.
  • [...] I imagine you throwing kitties at a giant bacon-man screaming "BEGONE, THY ABOMINATION!"
  • He makes a good point. People rage-quit all the time. Sometimes even in the middle of
  • When you meet with scary people, you must always protect your wallet and asshole. Especially if the former is kept in the latter.
  • Dhana x The One Ring.
    • OURS!
  • "Creepy. Like, creepy as all Hell."
  • You're Australian. That is kind of a compliment in itself. Nothing says "Badass" quite as well as growing up in a country full of aggressive mutated giant rabbits, literal devils, giant spiders with their own lifebars and Australians. (About Nerd Bird)
  • Have you accepted Princess Celestia as your holy lord and savior?
  • Screw this. I'm playing kazookulele on a techno-trance remix of the French Cancan.
  • Hopey. From now own, you're only allowed to smoke carpet. Everything else would actually make you sober.
  • Yea, though I charge through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for I carry a metric-fuckton of manic metallic murder.
  • I'm like a candle. Forget about me and I'll burn your house down. With the lemons.
  • ...Trying to explain my brain through a large cast of lesbians? ...That might be the greatest thing ever. And without a doubt the highest Holy Shit Quotient in existence.
  • I mean, common, it's Christopher Lee. His voice alone would make an axolotl climax.
  • Reuniting the Foodfight! animators, 4kids voice actors, FATAL writers, Uwe Boll at the direction and whoever designed the chairs for Ryan Air planes, to have them make a 3-hours long movie out of your favorite childhood show, shackle you down in a chair and force you to seat through the whole thing. Repeatedly. For 5 days. With nothing but Indian tap water and Haribo sugarless gummy bears forced down your throat to subsist on. (Cross The Moral Event Horizon)
  • I'm the Wackoverlord.

Memorable quotes from other people that doesn't have anything to do with us (Tropers or not).

  • Let me tell ya somethin' Mean Gene, brother! When I see somebody squashing my yellow lemon friends, brother, I take that person by the head, put it right in between these 24 INCH PYTHONS and SQUEEZE that head, JUST like one of those poor lemons. Whatcha gonna dooooo, brother, when Hulkamania runs wild on yooooooou? -Sean Murray I
  • Yes, there's no bra. No, you can't look at them anymore. Yes, I will shoot you if you don't stop. -Enkufka
  • That way everybody wins. Except me, who now has to convincingly write lesbian horse sex. -Equus Pallidus
  • One Bird to rule them all, One Bird to find them, One Bird to bring them all and in the darkness bind them in the Land of Australia where the kangaroos lie. -Quag15 (About Danniiee aka Nerd Bird)
  • "I'd hit that." -The Freeman (Friendship Is Magic Thread)
  • I'LL KILL YOU FOR KILLING MY MISERY~!! But not before I spoon-feed you chicken soup, sweetie! :D -Boxen
  • "The only thing standing between my fist and your face is the law." -Landorkus
  • I like fishing, anime, nosebleeds, and murders.-danna45
  • Shane has a question. Why don't people vandalize backwards?
  • "Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Asuna." Best. Lovestory. EVER. -Completely Normal Guy
  • "I wish I hadn't lost my faith in humanity years ago. If I hadn't, I could lose it right now instead, and it would be for a better reason." -Ike And Mike
  • "Sorry if my grammar is terrible, I'm a native English speaker." -Noaqiyeum

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