Tropers / Khantalas

Khantalas is certainly not a figment of your imagination, but that belief empowers him, so do conveniently continue thinking that. He lives in a gods-forsaken land that holds very little beauty or civilization (AKA the Republic of Turkey) and has found the internet and pretty people to be his only releases from the banality of his tormented existence (i.e living in Turkey).

He also holds the title of The Rose Dragon in certain places, much to his chagrin. His eternal vigilance against other holders of the name Khantalas will last roughly ten or twenty more years, at which point he will discover the joys of retirement.

Things Khantalas Contributed to The Wiki

  • He wrote the YKTTW for The Coats Are Off, and edited some of the examples. He still believes "All Coats Are Off" are a better title for the page.

This is the Part Where You Tell Him How He is Not Real