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"Once your confidence is scattered to the winds,one must rebuild and move foward"-SS

An average guy whose first taste of this website came from looking up Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure, a DS game. An English male who wishes to be a video game developer remembered by all. At the most,my ideas are merely drawings and ideas but will eventually grow into video games remembered by many. Being a troper, playing video games and drawing are this Troper's favourite pastimes. If I have written something,my pen name will be SS. my initials But in this day and age all of that is irrelevant,compared to some of the self centred brats(who have ruined the credibility of gaming) with large egos.

That is also irrelevant because this page was never about them. Or the fame seeking losers of the internet. Or the degenerate trolls who ruin Youtube for the lulz. This page is about me on TV Tropes(as a villain no less) who works through the forums and trope pages like no tomorrow.Expect videogame references on this page. Yeah,this page is about me,the Empire Of Yggdrasil and other things.And my motif is the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Which is what God called himself. Even if were a god,I would be counted as a false deity so don't get any ideas. Now onto the show,the greatest show you will ever see!

In light and in darkness,know me as I am;Alpha and Omega and I shall be with you!

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    Empire of Yggdrasil 

Welcome to the glorious empire of Yggdrasil.

Welcome to the dictatorship.

  • Empire of Yggdrasil's National Anthem.
And so the world is new again,not even a man,a machine or a laser can move us,
Millennium of machine,moon or zeal is a futile attack,
But why must one oppose us,when an alliance can be forged?
Are you the darkness or are you the light,can you harken us forward or blight us backward,
The Empire of Yggdrasil lives eternal,but are you the same?
Kinda lame but why oppose the inevitable?

Are you a member of the Empire of Yggdrasil? If not you will be executed.

Xiphos Orochi 666

Emperor of Magatsu.
Emperor of the Ashes.
King of Yggdrasil α+Ω
Yggdrasil Paladin α+Ω
The αΩ Emperor
Gyelglim,Soul of CD
The Chrono Devourer
Dark Dreamer,Lord of the Subconscious
The Emperor of Infinity,Black Blazer
The Darkness of the Heart.
King Of Yggdrasil Paradise

  • Mottos of the Ages:
The Empire of Yggdrasil has fallen... I,Emperor of Magatsu am the Alpha and Omega,the god of the Universe! Let's see how long you survive!

We,New Yggdrasil have risen from Magatsu and are at the peak of Rebirth! For Chaos and Destruction,for I am the Alpha and Omega!

As Alpha and Omega,I shall spread the glory of Yggdrasil Omega. King Yggdrasil's tyranny is over! Rejoice for the new era!

I am your new overlord,Darkness Obliviunt. Hail your Alpha and Omega! For we are the revolution.

As Alpha and Omega,we are the One truly fit to rule Yggdrasilia! Not even you,King Yggdrasil can stop us!

Slice X Cell CD has to be stopped at all costs. It will save millions from future destruction.

My master,Slice X Cell CD is now allowing me to become one with him,now you shall die.

Do you think you've really defeated me,Vindar? Now you shall see the power of the Chrono Crystal! Mhua ha ha ha ha!

I am the seed within your mind,and your mental state has summoned me to fight. Just because I am what you see doesn't mean I'll go easy.

I am the emperor of darkness,after all I can't say I'm God but I can always say I'm the devil.

Fly me to the moon,let me play among the stars,what is spring like on Jupiter and Mars...

Humanity desires perfection,yet it tries to find it in their significant other. If this is the way to progress then so be it.

    Favourites:Wielder of the Deck 
Favourite Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Favourite Literature: Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies

Favourite Video Game: Chrono Trigger

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Card Symbol: Spade/Ace of Spades

    Dr Vindar:ZONE of Darkness + News 
02/12/12 The novel is dead,a remake is on the way.

08/12/12 Introduction is being written up.

11/12/12 Introduction is complete,Chapter 1 is being started.

26/12/12 Chapter 1 complete,Chapter 2 is being written up.

07/01/13 Chapter 2 is complete,Chapter 3 is being written up.

14/01/13 A new comic series called Dr Vindar Chronicles is being designed. It is an alternate timeline that takes place after Vindar kills Triggerdown (Neo Future Oracle,third game in the series). It has 4 story arcs(2 more that split off the final one). The story arcs (in order) are Nightmare Phoenix,Malavolent Metal Vindar,Heroes of Tyranny and Darkness.Which splits into the Red Beast(Bad Ending) and the Triggerdown's Revival(Good Ending) arcs.

23/01/13 Chapter 3 complete,Chapter 4 is being written up. Schedule Slip happened due to lack of motivation. As far as New Yggdrasil goes think 1984,Christian Weston Chandler,New Yggdrasil on TV Tropes and my own mindset.

02/02/13 Chapter 4 is mostly done,the boss battle just needs to be written up. It looks like a good chapter to me.

18/02/13 Chapter 3 is complete. Whew. Now Chapter 5 needs to written up. 4 Chapters done,3 more to go.

31/03/13 Chapter 5 is complete. Chapter 6 is being written up. 5 chapters done,2 more to go.

  • Trivia:In Chapters 3 and 4 the bosses were Biodragon,Spademiester,Seraphic Seven,Morridew and Morriphic Sigma. They were replaced by Slice F Nightmare,King Yggdrasil Yggdrasil Amorsis and Yggdrasil Supermech

  • Trivia:King Yggdrasil was inspired by hatred and became his own character.

  • Trivia:Triggerdown is the first villian and that Slice X Cell CD is the last villian in the series.

  • Trivia: Shadow Vindar/Darkness was originally going to combine with Vindar to become Sophix Vindar before the design was reused as Rapheal's final form. Triggerdown and Darkness/Shadow Vindar have merged at least twice(Darkness + Triggerdown= Beevexle. Triggerdown + Darkness= Shadow Triggerdown.

  • Trivia: While King Yggdrasil has 1 more form than Slice X Cell CD,in the Chrono Devourer Duology (Dr Vindar:Distortion of Spacetime(or it's novel adaption Dr Vindar:ZONE of Darkness)and Dr Vindar:7 Gospels Of Doomsday) Slice X Cell CD has at least 11 forms not counting the forms prior to Slice X Cell's transformation from MK:6 to CD.)

  • Trivia: In canon,Vindar is the most powerful character,Slice X Cell CD is the most powerful antagonist,and SS is the most powerful boss in the series.

    Glitched inside TV Tropes. 

TV Tropes exclusive tropes that apply to your new age leader:

Oh how foolish of you! (True Final Boss fight begins) Mhua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

TV Tropes exclusive tropes that apply to King Infinity/Dark Demon Kaiserae

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Does anybody wanna add trope to this page?

  • Pro tip:My response will have SS instead of my troper name. It helps to know this.

  • A God Am I: A major part of what I hope is your persona. ~ eternal Noob
  • Affably Evil: If you are, in fact, actually planning on becoming a god-emperor, I find it kind of amusing that you happen to be a pleasant if somewhat eccentric gamer who frequents the TV Tropes fora. -Mobile Leprechaun
  • Art Evolution: This page got pimped out. I love the new look. -Mokona Zero
    • My own artwork will eventually appear on this page.-SS
  • Ascended Fanboy: As all us gamers who want to be developers are one day destined to be.
  • Unless you plan to start a company of your own which I do.-SS
  • Author Appeal: Your series seems to have a lot of this. -Mokona Zero
    • Some of my stuff does take heavy inspiration at times.-SS
  • Awesome Ego: Yeah, you are a huge ham, but you aren't annoying at all. ATC
    • It's nice to know that my ego isn't misplaced in the forums.-SS
  • Card-Carrying Villain: You seem like the kind of person who would do this. - Mort08
    • As we know the dictator thing is a mindset.-SS
  • Complete Monster: No offense meant, of course, but is this what you want us to think of you as? — Boxen
    • It scares me to think that I am descending into this.-SS
  • Crazy Awesome: It takes either a very creative, or very deranged mind to come up with such a large and creative amount of story and lore. - Eldritchseer
  • Deadpan Snarker. I get a feeling you're this IRL. ~Rockonman
    • True,this seems to happen when talking to idiots,if they get a response at all.-SS
  • The Bus Came Back: Well you returned after a hiatus anyway. -Bisected8
    • It was meant to mean the start of a new year but got misread as that.-SS
  • The Caligula: What you might end up becoming if you succeed on your quest for godhood. -Mobile Leprechaun
  • I figured that millions would die and the world would go to hell if I took to power.-SS
  • The Eeyore: Much like the above cynic trope. -Mokona Zero
    • I haven't reached depression yet.-SS
  • Evil Is Hammy: Subverted strangely...most of the time. Mokona Zero
    • But you will know when my grandeur is in effect.-SS
  • Failed a Spot Check: I still chuckle to myself when I remember you claiming you never made a name with an X in it. xD -Mokona Zero
    • Yea,funny how I forgot my username has an X in it.-SS
  • Large Ham: I don't know why this isn't already here. I fixed that for you. ~skyflower
    • It doesn't happen often.-SS
  • Lighter and Softer than before. Not by much, though. ~Rockonman
  • Long Runner: How many times we've done this. ~Rockonman
    • Amillion,over 9000,devils dice?-SS
  • Ooh, Me Character's Slipping: I was wrong before. This is the end of the world as we know it.
  • Worry not the sides have merged.-SS

    Reality,an Eternal Mirror. 

Now for some tropes that apply in real life!

When you are surrounded by degenerates you tend to take to take a cruel but cynical outlook on life.

"A man cannot say he is god,but he can always say he is the devil."-SS

I am the darkness,it pierces light. I gotta fight though mah barriers been breached,
No amount of preachin' gonna stop me,I control the world
Worship me now
Nothing can oppose me now
Embrace my divine light
Worship me now
I am first and last
To rise and fall
As the one true king

    Designs I created 

Pictures that I created:

My Deviantart Account

All art goes into my account. So go there if you want to see it.
  • I am known as Ouroboros-Armageddon on DeviantArt. Take a look. Comment on my art. Do something useful while you're there.


Pages I contributed to:

    Sound Test 

Music that I like:

Gentleman,Sound Test is open to the public!

Megaman Battle Network 6 Final Boss theme

Streetpass Quest 2 Dark Lord's Theme

Kirby's Dreamland 3 Zero's Battle theme

Pokemon Black/White Final boss theme

Pokemon Ranger Boss Theme

Pokemon Ranger Legendary Boss Theme

Pokemon Ranger Go-Rock Quad Battle Theme 2

Pokemon Ranger Final Boss Theme 1

Pokemon Ranger Final Boss Theme 2

Iku City (Welcome to the Darkness Stage)Chaos Legion

Scrap Brain Zone-Sonic 1(Sonic Generations Remix)

Sonic Boom-Sonic CD

Megaman 6 Final Boss Theme

Sonic Unleashed Final Boss Theme

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Organ Jaws

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Divine Madness

Final Fantasy 9 Grand Cross

Neon Genesis Evangelion Intro Theme

Megaman Zero 4 Falling Down

Zero Stage 2

Megaman Zero 3 Omega Battle

Persona 4 Golden Time to Make History

Kirby's Dreamland 2 Dark Castle Remix

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers The Movie Final Boss Theme

The Denpa Men:Great Demon King

Combat Night Zone

Discord Egg Dragoon Remix

Rosenkreuzstilette Final Battle

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Gates to Infinity Final Boss Theme 2

The Almighty and the Ignorant

I'll face Seta Souji (in self defence)

Maverick Rising:Intruder Alert

Weird Air:Heian Alien Arrangement

Castlevania:Circle Of The Moon Proof of Blood.

Super Smash Bros Melee:Final Destination

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Invisible Depths

Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team DS:Boss Theme

Megaman Battle Network:Network Transmission Hero Theme

Keroro RPG:Boss Theme 6

Keroro RPG:Boss Theme 4

Keroro RPG:Final Boss Theme

Persona 3 FES:Heartful Cry (Dual Mix)

Ultimate Extension: Battle for Everyone's Souls Triple Remix (Persona 3)

Persona 4 Arena: Yu Narukami Theme

Genesis of Aquarion Opening 2 'Go Tight'

Chronotorious Black Dream

Kirby Mass Attack:Terrible Fiend

Rayman Origins:Steampunk Suspence

Ultimate DDR Song:B4U

Ultimate DDR Song:Candy

Megaman and Bass Ending Theme

Final Fantasy V Prelude to Empty Skies

Klonoa:Door to Phantomile-The Tower Of Balue

Saga Frontier:Todesengel

Dr Andonut's Rage/Megalovanina

Pokey Means Business!

S3RL Neon Genesis

Rey Iyanami Cruel Angel's Thesis

Masked Dedede(79% Failed Remix)

Sonic Rush Adventure Big Swell

Mother 3 Master Porky's Theme

(Pokemon B/W Soundfont) Mario and Luigi:Bowser's Inside Story Final Boss Theme

Sonic R Can You Feel The Sunshine?

Sonic R Work It Out

Sonic R Diamond In The Sky

What I'm Made Of:Challenger's Remix

End Of The World/Time Eater-Awakening Remix

Nega Wisp Armour/Solaris/Perfect Dark Gaia-Remastered Remix

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