Tropers / Explosivo 25

Hi. I'm Explosivo 25. Some basic information about me:

  • Age: 20 (Birthday is June 25)
  • Race: White as powdered sugar.
  • Sex/gender: Cis female. She/her/hers or they/them/their pronouns, I don't give a fuck which you use.
  • Orientation: Asexual, unknown romantic orientation (leaning towards demi or polyromantic)
  • Location: Wisconsin, aka the land of cheese, Packers, and beer. Originally from Canada.
  • Other stuff: I'm autistic.

I love cartoons and anime to death, though I basically only watch entry-level anime.I also like Nintendo games, visual novels, and some JRPG's. I like to read, but I find myself not doing it as often as I used to. I'm currently a business/marketing student (despite being liberal as fuck) at a small liberal arts school, and I also study European history.

I'm currently the Herald for the Western Animation subforum, so if you've posted there after...March 2014 or so, you've probably gotten an automated PM from me before. Feel free to send your questions about the forum to me, and I will try to answer them as best I can. Please read the forum rules before asking me questions, though, as a lot of what you may want to know is probably already there. I'll answer as quickly as I can, but please remember that I am a very busy person and may not be able to right away.

Other places to find me:

Tumblr: explosivoo (Main blog, feel free to message me or send asks), shsl-forrealmemes (A Danganronpa sideblog that I help maintain. If you see any posts from Mod Sakura, those are mine. I currently am not able to access the ask box from there, so please don't direct any asks to me).

Deviantart: Explosivo 25 (I don't post art much, but you can still talk to me there)

Twitter: @Irritated And Ace (very infrequent posting, but you can still DM me with reasonable things. You'll know that the account is mine if the profile picture is a frustrated Miles Edgeworth).

No folders right now, as I'm currently doing major revamps to my troper page.