Quotes / Diablo III

The servers are busy at this time. Please try again later. (Error 37)
— What most players saw during the first two hours after the servers opened on May 15, 2012.

Sometimes you won’t know if there is a problem with your computer or a problem with Blizzard or a problem with The Internet, that happens, but you can often click on things and then things will come out of the things, which is something all sentients deeply crave.
Tycho sums up the game.

You thought you were so clever. That you'd outwitted us all. One by one, our brethren fell into your trap. But not me. I defy you! I know the Black Soulstone is the key, and it shall be mine. Soon my armies shall pour forth from the Shattered Mountain, ravaging this world and all hope of resistance. My minions will find the stone, wherever you choose to hide it. Then at long last, Azmodan shall reign as the Prime Evil.
— Azmodan pulls a Break the Cutie on Leah.

They say the devil is in the details, but Blizzard says that dude needs an ass whipping.
— TOM, Toonami.

Our long war ends today, Imperius!
Diablo, revealing himself as the Prime Evil

You cannot judge me! I am Justice itself! We were meant for more than this—to protect the innocent! But if our precious laws bind you all to inaction... then I will no longer stand as your brother.
— Tyrael's Heroic Sacrifice