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Shout Out / Diablo III

Diablo III just wouldn't be a Blizzard game without loads of shout-outs to various media.
  • The "Forlorn Farm" random event is a clear Shout-Out to Red Dead Redemption.
  • An early quest is called "The Legacy of Cain". There is also a unique Wraith enemy called Raziel, and one type of curvy-bladed sword is called Reaver.
  • Another one is called Sword of the Stranger, where you help a nameless swordsman.
  • Act 2 has a powerful gold monster named Nine Toads - Terror of the Borderlands. He even drops The Clipper!
  • Abd al-Hazir sounds suspiciously like Abdul Alhazred, doesn't it? In particular, they have Shown Their Work, "Abdul Alhazred" is bad Arabic and a common "correct" form of the name is Abd Al-Azrad.
  • A legendary bow's name is "Etrayu". Now, exchange the letters "a" and "e": you get "Atreyu", one of the heroes of the The Neverending Story, whose weapon of choice was a bow. If you had any doubts about it, the item's description leaves no ambiguity:
    The warrior surveyed the dead and dying arrayed about him. There would be more—many more. He felt as if he were trapped in a tale that would never end.
  • The Legendary hammer Odyn Son, which almost needs no explanation.
  • The Flavor Text for the Barbarian passive Berserker Rage reads:
  • As usual, the achievement list yields a whole bunch of references. A crowning example of which is for purchasing all the stash upgrades: "Space, I love space!"
  • The Treasure Goblins - Pesky diminutive midgets with sacks of loot which you literally beat said loot out of — are doubtlessly inspired by a famous hack-and-slash fantasy brawler.
  • There's a walking tree called The Old Man.
  • A legendary one-handed sword is named Monster Hunter.
  • The Witch Doctor has a skill called FireBats.
  • There's a unique Ghastly Gravedigger with the name Digger O'Dell and subtitle "must be shoveling off." This is a reference to a 1940s radio sitcom called The Life of Riley. Apparently nothing is too obscure for Blizzard!
  • The Monk has a skill called Exploding Palm. The key feature of this attack is that the victim explodes if the DOT kills them (later edited to apply to any damage while the debuff still applies). Four words only: You are already dead.
  • There is a three-bladed legendary fist weapon called Logan's Claw that regenerates the user's health.
  • There is a legendary spear called The 300th Spear.
    • There was a shield to go with it called the Phalanx Lock, but it seems to have been removed.
  • A Legendary mace is called The Overfiend. Oh dear...
  • The ring Justice Lantern. In brightest day, in blackest night...
  • Exploring Whimsyshire might have you meet Annie's teddy bear.
  • Also in Whimsyshire you'll find the likes of Midnight Sparkle, Nightmare is Magic and Nightmarity, Generosity in Death. Upon closer inspection, the color schemes of the Lovely Presents are similar to the color schemes of the other ponies in the show.
  • The Three Brothers at the Drowned Temple and the "Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!" achievement.
  • One of the random monsters you can fight is a Rodent of Unusual Size.
  • The female Demon Hunter bears a strong resemblance to Selene from the Underworld films, and a number of achievements and runes (such as "Death Dealer" and "Equilibrium") reference those and other movies with an emphasis on Badass Longcoats and Guns Akimbo. There's even a legendary demon hunter cloak called Beckon Sail.
  • The dye remover. It's got what plants crave!
  • Covetous Shen strongly resembles David Lo Pan in mannerism. Unsurprising, considering he is voiced by James Hong himself.
    • You initially find Covetous Shen trapped inside a barrel. If you wait long enough before rescuing him to hear all his dialogue, you get an achievement called "Big Trouble in Little Barrel" which just underlines the reference.
  • In the deserts of Caldeum, there's a shipwreck called the Black Rock.
    • You can also get Black Rock Ledger Pages — but only pages 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.
  • There is an event in Act 1 that is titled The Last Stand of the Ancients.
  • There's a giant sandworm in the Desolate Sands in Act II called Shaitan The Broodmother - Great Maker. Yeah, most sandworms are Dune references in some way, shape or form now, but Shaitan and Maker are very specific names for the Shai Hulud. You even can find a corpse called Stilgar which spawns a lovely bunch of sandworms when searched.
  • One set is called Chantodo's Legacy. One piece of this set, the orb, is called Chantodo's Elemental Seal. Elemental Seal is a black mage ability in Final Fantasy XI, and Shantotto is one of the most fearsome black mages of this universe. However, the orb was renamed with the 1.0.4 patch, becoming Chantodo's Force...
  • Azmodan's hellish domain is reminiscent of a realm of Oblivion from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, from the creepy bloodgrass to the towers lined with demon skin. The only new things are the giant demons that hold up the towers, but even they are reminiscent of Mehrunes Dagon.
  • Possibly a coincidence or an obvious play on words, but there's an achievement called Imp Slapped.
    • Also a reference to the game Dungeon Keeper, where you could slap your Imp workers.
  • One of the possible weapons you can find is the Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis. Sadly, it's unknown if the Remonster of the Plutonians appears to use it on.
  • There's a legendary weapon named The Burning Axe Of Sankis.
  • Random boss Fuad the Cannibal might be a reference to Blood Feast.
  • In one conversation, the barbarian mentions that he was born on a battlefield. Another famous barbarian was also born on a battlefield.
  • The Barbarian skill Ancient Spear pulls the targeted enemy towards you and slows them for a bit. Someone has to have yelled 'Get over here!' the first time they used this skill.
  • One of the legendary Demon Hunter chest armors is the Cape of the Dark Night.
    "Those who seek to do evil are a cowardly and superstitious lot." —Demon Hunter Bayne
  • The potentially PS3 exclusive item The Hero's Journey are two scarfs from the characters from the game Journey.
    Khejistan is renowned for its strange mirages. Of these, perhaps the most mysterious are the silent travelers sometimes seen near the crumbling ruins that jut from the desert's shifting sands.
  • One of the rune abilities for the RoS Witch Doctor skill "Piranhas" is called Piranhado.
  • There are a number of references to The Lord of the Rings:
    • One conversation with Covetous Shen concerns getting lost in the wilderness without food and water:
      Covetous Shen: "I was lost in the Dry Steppes. They don't come by their name lightly! No water, and the sun! An unbearable, unblinking eye!"
    • Boggits are described to be normally peaceful, but can become violent under the influence of magical rings.
    • A unique giant spider boss is called Zhelobb the Venomous.
    • The Horadrim are likely a reference to the Haradrim, Men loyal to Sauron during the War of the Ring.
  • One of the whining NPCs in Westmarch is named "Lord Vermillion".
  • One mini boss in the Reaper of Souls expansion is named Clawgane the Mountain.
  • The flavor text for the sword Exarian is a clear allusion for a well known king and his sword.
  • The end boss of the Vermin Alley event is a giant rat named Sprynter, enemy of the Foote clan.
  • The unique pants called the "Hammer Jammers" bear the flavor text, "These large pants cannot be touched."
  • A type of Barbarian-only Mighty Weapon added in Reaper of Souls is called the Hassan Chopper.
  • Adria was bound to attract more than her share of "witch" jokes in the boss achievements, but "Really Most Sincerely Dead", which you get for killing her in Hardcore Torment mode without crowd-controlling enemies, takes the cake.
  • One fairly common name for an Elite monster is "Zuul".
  • The Witch Doctor has a Legendary voodoo mask named Carnevil, with a flavor text making mention of poison taken from the palm tree leaves from around Lake Ymirson.
  • In the Reaper of Souls expansion, you can find a legendary potion called "Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid", whose flavor text says "Oh, yeah!". Besides the usual healing effect, it allows you to burst through the walls created by elites with the Waller affix.
  • One of the unique monsters you can encounter in the Blood Marsh is Lu'ca, the Blight Monster.
  • The Shenlong's Spirit set is a reference to the Sheng Long myth from the Street Fighter games, complete with the following: both weapons resemble Ryu's gloves, one glove's flavor text mentions the existence of the myth itself, and the other glove references the quote that spawned the myth in the first place.
  • The Barrage rune for the Monk skill "Dashing Strike" causes the last enemy to be hit to crumple from a lightning quick flurry of blows, in a similar vein to Gen's Zan'ei super move.
  • The flavor text of the Eight-Demon Boots is a quote from a certain Yolk Chen.
  • One of the legendary maces is called "Jace's Hammer of Vigilance". The Jace Adama in question was the leader of Kingsport's Wield Warriors.
  • A unique Stygian Crawler enemy is "Crabbs, You Can't Have Me Golds".
  • The barbarian's Wrath of the Berserker ability clearly turns him/her into Augus for a little while.
  • There's a ring called "The Tall Man's Finger" whose lore talks about a man known as the "Tall Man" who crossed once a portal to another dimension and came back changed, possessing afterwards power to reanimate the dead. Does all of this seem familiar?
  • The amulet "The Flavor of Time" is a reference to the rapper Flavor Flav, known for wearing a necklace decorated with a wall clock.
    "This garish amulet, once worn by an over large imp, makes time an insignificant thing."
  • One of the rift bosses looks like a giant, bloated rat and attacks by summoning hordes of smaller rats. Its name? Hamelin the Rat King.
  • A legendary belt for Crusaders is called the Omnislash, described in its flavor text to be originally from the Patriarch Seph.
  • Phyneus the Growler and Fearby the Prowler, Ferocious Mongrel Brothers.
  • The "Boyarsky’s Chip" item is a clear reference to Fallout—the name refers to Leonard Boyarsky, who did indeed work on Diablo III, but also was also the art director of the first Fallout and designed the overall gameplay elements of Fallout 2. The item is also a reference to Fallout's main story of the Water Chip. The description also directly mentions an "underground vault".
  • Magdha looks an awful lot like Maleficent.