Quotes / Bring It

There are some who, uh, feel like that, you know, the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is: bring 'em on.

Religion of Crime Acolyte: I will give the High Madame your still-beating heart!
Batwoman: Bring it.
They fight, with the Acolyte beaten and knocked out.
Batwoman: Yeah. That's what I thought.
Detective Comics #867

Pacha: Uh-oh.
Kuzco: (facing the other way) Don't tell me: we're about to go over a huge waterfall.
Pacha: Yep.
Kuzco: Sharp rocks at the bottom?
Pacha: Most likely.
Kuzco: (beat) Bring it on.

Mutant Leader: Batman! Face me, fool! I kill you! I eat your heart! I show you who rules Gotham City!
Batman: Show me.

Darkseid: You really are a glutton for punishment. Time and again I've beaten you, humiliated you. What makes you think today's outcome will be any different?
Superman: Because this time, I won't stop until you're just a greasy smear on my fist. Let's go.
Justice League — "Twilight (part 2)"

Asura (Against a finger from a planet sized demigod about to crush him), Asura's Wrath

"BRIIIIINNNNG IIIIIIIIT OOOOOOOON! Uh huh! Yeah, that's right! Bring it on, you bastard phantoms!"
Ragna the Bloodedge, BlazBlue

"...You plan on running me down? Show me your worst! There is nothing my blade cannot cut!"
Grolla Seyfarth, RosenkreuzStilette

"Bring it on! I'll smash it to bits!!"
Jessica Ushiromiya, Umineko: When They Cry

Hero: I finished the Rock Roc by myself, Vath, and I won't need anyone's help finishing you off. Bring it on!
Vath: Prepare yourself!

Ledgermayne: Fascinating. It becomes clear that you cannot be dissuaded from this self-destructive course. You must be dealt with.
Hero: Bring it on, Bulb-head!

Megatron: It appears you and I are destined to battle aboard this ship once more, Autobot.
Optimus: Bring it on, Decepticon.

"Come on, you bastard, show me what you've got!"
Shirou Emiya to Archer, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

For the world, for the people, Daitarn 3 will smash the ambitions of the Meganoids. If you don't fear the shine of the Sun, then bring it on!
Banjou Haran, Daitarn 3

Now come, you filth! You've hurt my master, you brute, and you'll pay for it. We're going on; but we'll settle with you first. Come on, and taste it again!

Show me what passes for fury among your misbegotten kind!
Blood Ravens Space Marine, Dawn of War 2

Bodyguard: So, Agrippa has it out for you. How exactly is this news?
Solus Kalar: I think that Resistance of his will ensure he's kept on a leash.
Bodyguard: You and I both know that's not going to stop him.
Solus: Then let him come.

...so until the animators confirm they left them out to make the scene easier to animate, it is totally reasonable speculation that Pyrrha Nikos ripped the decorative earring chains off her medal circlet, slapped them into Jaune’s palm without responding to his pleas to “not injure them for life”, and stepped up to Team CRDL and growled "Come at me, motherfucker."
— Blogger m-azing

"Come on, if you think you're hard enough."
Mr. Nutt, Unseen Academicals

"So the Rainbooms want to turn this into a real Battle of the Bands? Then let's battle!"

"Bring it on, Crab. You ain't too bright if you want to dance with me."
Batou, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

"Come on, you pansy!"

"It is our intent to leave. If it is your intent to stop us then I suggest we get down to business."
Madame Vastra, Doctor Who, "Deep Breath"

"What, you want this pot? Go ahead. Take it from me."

"Take this man to your goddess, as I have said, and tell her too, that as I have done to Xodar and Thurid, so also can I do to the mightiest of her Dators. With naked hands, with long-sword or with short-sword, I challenge the flower of her fighting-men to combat."
John Carter, The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

"We've invaded China!" said the Mongols, "Please respect us or else we might invade you as well."
"Okay," said Japan.

"John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it!"
Andrew Jackson, in response to Worcester v. Georgia (apocryhpally)

Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
Delsin: Yeah, this is Delsin. Rowe. Do your worst.
Operator: Hold, please.

The Doctor: It could have chosen anywhere on this planet. It chose to sit on the strategic intersection of the three most powerful armies on Earth. So what it's doing, Colonel, is sending us a message.
Col. Brabbit: What message?
The Doctor: Bring it.
Doctor Who, "The Pyramid at the End of the World"