Narm / Dragon Ball

  • Dragon Ball Z's "It's over NINE THOUSAND!!!", thanks to Memetic Mutation, has become one of the most (in)famous Narms of all time. While the Ocean Group version of the line is better known, the Funimation version (which is the version Team Four Star chose to parody) is pretty silly itself, although that might have been done on purpose to lightly parody the original version.
  • The sheer amount of ridiculous edits and dialogues done in the Ocean dub just to cover up the deaths regardless of logic caused it to turn the dub into a full on So Bad, It's Good comedy because of how ridiculous it is.
    • Every time a character threatened to send someone "to another dimension!" It's used so often you can't take anyone seriously. Heck even the kids that are watching thinks that "another dimension" is a slang for death considering that it's so blatantly obvious what happened to them, regardless of how much Ocean dub claims that they aren't killed.
    • When Nappa decides to blow up an entire city full of people, he claims that the entire inhabitants have somehow evacuated despite the fact that previously there were a load of baffled crowds watching them. In two seconds? Talk about Outrunning the Fireball.
  • Freeza tries to intimidate Krillin:
    Freeza: You cut off my tail, you imbecile, and now I'm going to eat you!!!
  • The dub of the Dead Zone movie (one of the infamous European dubs which refers to Piccolo as "Big Green") has this line uttered by Big Bad Garlic Jr. when Kami appears to confront him:
    Garlic Jr.: Good lord, it's God!
  • From the same version, the Quirky Miniboss Squad are impossible to take seriously. While there's an element of parody with most evil minions in the Dragon Ball franchise, giving one of them a voice that sounds like an evil version of Fozzie Bear doesn't help much.
  • Goku's five minute transformation into Super Saiyan 3 is also rather infamous.
  • The way Freeza is beaten by Goku on Namek. As Goku is flying off and leaving Frieza cut in half and bleeding to death, Frieza starts screaming "I will make you pay for opposing the MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVEEEEEEEEEEERSE!" and shooting a beam of energy at Goku. Goku turns around, screams "YOU FOOOOOL!", and blasts it back. Then Freeza's face and the way he's screaming makes it look like he's having an Immodest Orgasm. Also, Freeza says that he's "the most powerful being in the universe" about five times throughout that scene — the scene in which he is dying...
  • Before that, there was the scene in which Freeza sent one of his Chasing Destructo Disks at Goku. The camera spins around and around Freeza while he's laughing.
  • "You think I'm stupid enough to fall for such a childish TRICK?!!!!" The way Freeza screams "trick" and the way his eyes bug out are hilarious.
  • This line by Captain Ginyu in the original dub as Goku is powering up to what was then considered insane levels.
    Ginyu: "One hundred thousand?! Ay-yi-yi! I wasn't counting on this!"
  • Also during the Freeza Saga: Vegeta awakens from a much-needed nap and then finds the Dragon Balls missing and the dragon summoned. His reaction to the sight of the monstrous Porunga in the initial dub? To proclaim "Holy Cosmos!" and "That's one whopper of a lizard!"
    • Really, Vegeta in the early days of Funimation's dub was full of narm. Granted, Sabat was just starting off as Vegeta, but his Brian Drummond impression practically reeked with narm. Thank goodness he eventually found a more unique and better voice for Vegeta.
  • Later episodes would give us such gems as "Great galaxies!" and "Son of a Namek!"