Narm / Dragon Ball

  • Dragon Ball Z's "It's over NINE THOUSAND!!!", thanks to Memetic Mutation, has become one of the most (in)famous pieces of Narms of all time. While the Ocean Group version of the line is better known, the Funimation version (which is the version Team Four Star chose to parody) is pretty silly itself, although that might have been done on purpose to lightly parody the original version.
  • This odd conversation in the Ocean dub. Nappa's face doesn't help.
    Vegeta: Nappa, remind me to look into having you dewormed again.
    Nappa: (smiling) I don't have worms!
  • Cell's reaction to Goku giving him a Senzu bean before fighting Gohan during the Cell Games: "Thank you Goku, I will take this bean without hesitation!" It's the Motor Mouth delivery that sells it.
  • The sheer amount of ridiculous edits and dialogues done in the Ocean dub just to cover up the deaths, regardless of logic, caused it to become a full-on So Bad, It's Good comedy because of how ridiculous it is.
    • Every time a character threatens to send someone "to another dimension!"
      Vegeta: Maybe you won't be such a disappointment... in the next dimension!
      • Ironically, the redubbed line fits this trope despite the aversion of Never Say "Die".
      Vegeta: Maybe you won't be such a disappointment... when you're dead!
    • When Nappa decides to blow up an entire city full of people, he claims that the entire inhabitants have somehow evacuated despite the fact that previously there were a load of baffled crowds watching them. In two seconds? Talk about Outrunning the Fireball.
    • When Nappa destroys a plane that is full of people which we explicitly see, Nappa decides to blow up the plane in it and unfortunately they couldn't do the "Cargo Robot" excuse so they covered it up with Tien claiming that he saw parachutes so they're okay, except that there is nothing resembling a parachute at all let alone seeing them managing to retreat safely away. Perhaps Tien require a fourth eye just to see things more clearly.
    • Nappa saying "Bus stop to the next dimension!" during his fight with the Z Warriors. Perhaps Goku should have traveled by bus on his way to meet King Kai.
    • There's also Goku's "realization" upon seeing Vegeta's Great Ape form. Why the quotation? It's because in this version, Goku apparently believes that Vegeta is the one who destroyed the World Tournament arena and killed his grandfather. Putting aside the huge amount of Fridge Logic that comes out of this, this Bowdlerisation turns the critical moment from Goku realizing that he was the one responsible for Grandpa Gohan's death into a Never My Fault moment.
  • This line from Trunks from the English dub of Z:
    "If they set that android free, it will be the end of all of us!! NOOOOOOOO!!!"
  • Many English speaking fans consider Adult!Goku's Japanese voice Narmful, finding it dissonant to hear a full-grown martial artist (a grandfather in the end) speaking with almost the exact same voice he had as a twelve-year old. This is intentional, however.
    • Masako Nozawa voicing adult Son Goku with almost the exact same voice he had as a twelve-year old is uniquely charming. Masako Nozawa voicing his father Bardock is just egregious. A hardened, ruthless Saiyan warrior sounding like... this? That's so unfitting, it's hilarious!
    • In the end, she's the Seiyuu for every male member of the Son family except for Goku's brother Raditz, who has a deep baritone voice. Maybe Raditz isn't related to Goku after all!
  • Frieza tries to intimidate Krillin:
    Frieza: You cut off my tail, you imbecile, and now I'm going to eat you!
  • The AB Groupe dub, better known for as the "Big Green" dub, is infamous for its awfulness and its "Blind Idiot" Translation. It is also hilarious for the wrong reasons.
  • Goku's five minute transformation into Super Saiyan 3 is also rather infamous. Awesome, yes, but infamous.
  • Super Saiyan Goku's "I am" speech in the Funimation dub of Z is hilariously bad. Not only because of the cheesy writing, but because it took the original point of the speech (Goku finally embracing his Saiyan heritage and making it clear that he's not fighting for fun, but to kill Frieza), chucked it out of the window and replaced it with a generic, gaudy "I'm better than you because I'm the good guy" speech lifted straight out of an old Superman comic.
    Goku: I am the Hope of the Universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!
  • The way Frieza is beaten by Goku on Namek. As Goku is flying off and leaving the bisected Frieza behind, Frieza starts screaming "I will make you pay for opposing the MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVEEEEEEEEEEERSE!" and shooting a beam of energy at Goku. Goku turns around, screams "YOU FOOOOOL!", and blasts it back. Then Frieza's face and the way he's screaming makes it look like he's having an Immodest Orgasm. Also, Frieza says that he's "the most powerful being in the universe" about five times throughout that scene despite the fact that he's dying.
  • Before that, there was the scene in which Frieza sent one of his Death Saucers at Goku. The camera spins around and around him while he's laughing.
  • "You think I'm stupid enough to fall for such a childish TRICK?!!!!" The way Frieza screams "trick" and the way his eyes bug out are hilarious.
  • This line by Captain Ginyu in the original dub as Goku is powering up to what was then considered insane levels.
    Ginyu: "One hundred thousand?! Ay-yi-yi! I wasn't counting on this!"
  • Also during the Frieza Saga: Vegeta awakens from a much-needed nap and then finds the Dragon Balls missing and the dragon summoned. His reaction to the sight of the monstrous Porunga in the initial dub? To proclaim "Holy Cosmos!" and "That's one whopper of a lizard!"
    • Really, Vegeta in the early days of Funimation's dub was full of narm. Granted, Sabat was just starting off as Vegeta, but his Brian Drummond impression practically reeked with narm. Thank goodness he eventually found a more unique and better voice for the Saiyan prince.
    • Later episodes would give us such gems as "Great galaxies!" and "Son of a Namek!"
  • Vegeta's best comeback ever:
    Android 18: How sad, to work so hard for... so little.
    Vegeta: SAD FOR YOUUUUUU!!!
  • And this is Vegeta's second best comeback ever, from GT.
    Super 17: I have to admire your ability to get up after a hit like that.
    Vegeta: And I admire your ability to DIE!
  • A notable gem in the English dub is when Piccolo finishes his fusion with Nail. Piccolo's dialogue during this scene resembles an overexcited sports player pumping himself up.
  • When Gohan is practicing with the Z-Sword, his practice basically includes swinging it wildly over a lake. But then occasionally, he'll stop what he's doing, hold the sword over his head, point to it, and scream, "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • Kyle Hebert's deep narrator voice can sometimes lead to Narm, like in the episode Gohan Goes To Highschool where he says in his standard, Don Lafontaine-esque tone, "Hurry, Gohan! You'd hate to be late to class..." This is immediately followed by the title card with the standard "guitar riff episode title" theme. Basically, a rockin' guitar riff set to white text saying "Gohan Goes To High School". Doubly funny because Kyle Hebert is talking about Kyle Hebert.
    • The opening narration for one of the Cell saga episodes, picking up after Cell absorbed almost the entire population of a city. It went something like this:
    "Just another ordinary, peaceful morning in a quiet little town, right? WRONG.
  • The English dub of Kai has Raditz shrieking "NOW DIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!" before trying to kill Gohan. With a scream and hair like that, he could've been the lead singer for an 80's hair metal band!
  • In GT, Vegeta's sad, sad attempt at growing a mustache. Even his daughter made fun of it.
  • And how could anybody forget this gem from the Funimation dub:
    Krillin: "Wow! Mondo cool!"
    Vegeta: *thinking* "That's right, boys: mondo cool."
  • An early Funimation dub example when Goku is in Ginyu's body:
  • Practically every other one-liner to come out of Frieza's mouth in the Funimation dub can come off as unintentionally hilarious (especially during scenes when he's supposed to be intimidating).
  • This... moment from the Cell Saga when Cell tries to surprise 17 with a body slam to absorb him. It doesn't work... Because he tries it right above the sun where 17 would notice the shadow, and Cell lets out probably the most unusual, yet hilarious roar you can think of. The Japanese music in the background only makes the entire moment sillier than it needs to be.
  • The scene used in Gogeta's introduction toward the end of Fusion Reborn is different in-between versions, "thanks" to the English dub's Lull Destruction:
    English!Gogeta: I am not Goku nor Vegeta! I am Gogeta! It's over, Janemba! I've come for you!
    Japanese!Gogeta: *Dead-serious silence*
  • The "Speedy" dub (aka "Malaysian DBZ") in its entirety. To wit, Turles encounters Gohan and tries to turn him to his side:
    Gohan: Daddy?
    Turles: Huuuh? Whaaat? I see. So you are the son of Kakarot. You inherited the blood of Saiya-People!
    Gohan: Wh-wh-wh-who are you?!
    Turles: Huuuh? I am da Saiya-People!
    Gohan: Whaaa? The Saiya-People?!
    Turles: Yaaaaas! My name is Turass! We can wander selfishly in universe destroy whatever we like... Eat delicious food... And drink delicious likka! There is nothing like this enjoyable life!
    • This dub even has its own Engrish version of the infamous "Let that child alone!" line from the "Big Green" dub:
    Piccolo: Take you hands off from Gohan!
    • Arguably, Piccolo's next line is even worse, ending with a roar that sounds like he tried to record it while gargling water.
  • More tidbits from the Speedy Dub:
    Meta-Cooler: "You are da trash of the Namek people. You are also still alive. This is a good time. I was thinking that after I BEAT 'DIS MONKEY, I'm going to the Earth, but it cost me a trouble."

    Piccolo: "Goku... now we fight each udda!"

  • Anything Yakon does. Basically, one of the most dangerous species in the galaxy is called dumb by Goku.
    • It's just, he gives off a rapey kind of feel...
    • At the end of the fight, Yakon tries to kill Goku by eating his energy and turning into a balloon. It fails spectacularly.
  • Hey! That's my father's GALLIT Gun!
    • "Don't forget, so of your cells compose ME!"
    • Especially how Cell fails to keep his footing.
  • This... thing from the Greek dub.
  • Karaoke Time With Vegeta! Yay!
  • Surprise buttsex!
  • The ever-famous MAYBE NOOOOOT!
  • A lot of the foreign dubs are really, really bad.
  • Ocean Dub Pui Pui's voice.
    • "It's duh gravetee! Ten times stronger than Urth."
  • Ocean Supreme Kai's reaction to Dabura: "DABORAAAAAAAH!"
  • You may find it difficult to take Ocean Dub Cell seriously once you assume from watching this that he might've absorbed an opera singer in his quest for power.
    • He may, in fact, possess the cells of the Portuguese dub Dodoria, who one might assume probably is voiced by an opera singer upon hearing him.
  • Vegeta shouting "THEN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS GOING TO DIE!" (Video is a Youtube Poop, but it's the only video containing the scene and you can still feel the Narm pretty well).
  • It was during the 'next time' segment, but the narrator just wants you to know that KRILLIN'S IN DA HOUSE!
  • Goku mocking Piccolo for his fatal energy blast missing Goku's vital organs. Piccolo's thusly-memed response: ALL OF THEM?!
  • The History of Trunks has an opening narration that tells of how Earth's greatest warriors were all killed by the Androids: "Piccolo was the first to try......and the first to die." Real appropriate. Next is this little gem: "Vegeta was next to fall. Then Yamcha and Tien. EVEN KRILLIN WAS DESTROYED BY THE RUTHLESS DUO!" Because Krillin has such a sparkling record of cheating death.
  • And of course, let us not forget Raditz's immortal one-liner towards a freshly dismembered Piccolo.
    Ah, excuse me, has anyone seen my arm? Bwahahahahahahahaha! You can't miss it, it's green!
  • The scene in which Frieza beats up Vegeta while speaking calmly would've been more dramatic if it didn't have him randomly grabbing a crab and eating it. Watch it here.
  • Occasionally, the seiyuu's acting will fall flat during some especially dramatic moments:
    • In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, this is most noticable. The player can set the game to be in either Japanese or English. The English voice actors give it their A-game, while the Japanese seiyuus just read their lines out loud. In a fighting game.
    • In Dragon Ball Super, when King Kai yells or exhibits emotion, his seiyuu delivers his lines in a flat monotone voice.. Granted, the actor was pushing 86 at the time and was darrin'ed pretty soon afterwards.
  • Vegeta's Internal Monologue about how much he treated Trunks like crap is interrupted by Trunks throwing up his own blood onto the screen. Talk about Idiosyncratic Wipes!
  • On Episode 130, Vegeta takes a senzu bean from Krillin so he can power up and pursue Dr. Gero. The Brazilian dub features this exchange:
    Vegeta: *munch* *munch* ...Those idiots really enjoy wasting time.
    Vegeta: *turns super* Very well. You all can go back home and drink coffee milk. And don't interfere with the fight!
    Krillin: Ah, you miserable!... Nobody tells us to drink coffee milk!
  • Bojack making Ineffectual Death Threats to SSJ 2 Gohan despite being vastly outmatched.
  • The later Funimation dubs of the franchise often (but not always) dub the opening and ending themes into English. These can range from awesome ("Dragon Soul"), to cringeworthy ("Hello Hello Hello"), to hilariously narmful and full of incomprehensible Engrish ("Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic!").