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Music: FT Island
A South Korean rock band from FNC Music, F.T. Island comprises Lee Hongki, the main vocalist; Choi Jonghun, the lead guitarist; Lee Jaejin, the bassist; Choi Minhwan, the drummer, and Song Seunghyun, the rapper and second guitar. Seunghyun replaced former member Oh Wonbin, who left F.T. Island to become a solo artist in FNC Music instead.
This band provides examples of:
  • Boy Band: They don't like this label, but it's true.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Not so much that he can't handle it, but Hongki is prone to crying a lot when drunk.
  • Chick Magnet: All of them. But Jonghun in particular.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Seunghyun. His nickname is "16-Dimensions", meaning he operates on a completely different plane of existance. Watching his Good Morning Bob series is enough evidence.
  • Daddy's Girl: Hongki calls his pet, Husky Elysia, his daughter.
  • Darker and Edgier: In their MV for "Hello Hello".
  • Fanboy: Minhwan is a big fan of Nicole from Kara.
    • Minhwan has since moved on to A Pink's Bomi. Jaejin also had his Suzy (from Miss A) phase.
  • The Fashionista: Hongki, who enjoys showing off his newest nail polish/decorations on Twitter.
  • Fun with Foreign Languages: While their songs do contain snippets of English, Seunghyun's "Good Morning Bob" videos are infamous for abusing English.
    Seunghyun: My name Angry Bird. My face angry.
  • Idol Singer: They fight against this image, however, wanting to be known not as idols but as real musicians.
  • Not a Morning Person: Minhwan, Jaejin and Seunghyun can be woken up pretty easily. Jonghun takes a bit more effort. To get Hongki up, it takes three members playing the xylophone, clapping and yelling.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Friendly rivalry with their labelmate CN Blue. Hongki has stated that their company uses F.T. Island as guinea pigs for CN Blue, but most fans agree that both bands are equally talented and shouldn't be compared.
  • Spell My Name with an S: Just two.
    • Hongki, Honggi?
    • Jonghun, Jonghoon?
  • What Could Have Been: Seunghyun was meant to debut with CN Blue, but after Oh Wonbin left FT Island, he was put in as the replacement guitarist.

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