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Funny: FT Island
If they're not saying something stupid then they are probably doing something stupid themselves. They were hilarious back at debut, and are even moreso now that they're abandoning their idol image. They are notorious for having a no-filter mouth and doing embarrassing things to no end.
  • Any time they dance. Fans are very thankful they are a band.
    • On one music show they promised to do girl group dances in their encore if they won. They did... and they proceeded to dance to Secret's Madonna. Made funnier that the song they won with isn't cheerful in the least.
      • Also funny that Jaejin did his own thing and danced to Lucifer instead.
    • Jaejin and Seunghyun dancing to 2PM's Heartbeat. Bad out-of-sync dancing galore sprinkled with Jaejin hitting Seunghyun whenever he did the wrong move.
      • They also mimed labelmate CN Blue's I'm a Loner. Cue the two of them constantly switching instruments/members and exaggerating Yonghwa's hand movements.
    • Jonghun and Seunghyun dancing to Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra on a show.
    • Any time Seunghyun dances to Ring Ding Dong. Especially on Maknae Rebellion... in front of Shinee members.
      • Any time he danced on Maknae Rebellion period.
    • May we present to you FT Island's hoobaes, SF Heroes!
    • Seunghyun's punishment once was to dance to Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar. The kicker is the "jumping jumping" part.
  • Hongki and Jaejin fighting, even back in 2008 when they were randomly slapping each other in a Japanese introduction video. The icing on the cake is Minhwan happily nodding, Wonbin looking down in embarrassment and Jonghun remaining stoic which basically all screams, "Yeah they do this all the time, no biggie."
  • This skit they did, starring Princess Minhwan, bad guy Hongki and Prince Jonghun.
    • Minhwan has been wanting to see her Prince and he finally comes to save her, resulting in a happy ending. Until:
    Minhwan: About the 100 million won debt—
    Jonghun: Sorry. ''*walks off*''
    Minhwan: PRINCE!
  • On Idol Maknae Rebellion Key called Jaejin and asked what he was doing. Jaejin's reply? "Just being a lazy ass~".
    Key: Jaejin, this is being filmed right now!
    Jaejin: W-what did you saying you're doing? What did you say?
    Key: We're filming. We're filming Idol Maknae Rebellion.
    • He then asked if he prefers him or Seunghyun. Jaejin chose... Jonghyun!
    Jonghyun: smug look and peace sign
    Jonghyun: That's right Jaejin. I like you too.
  • Actress Seungsoon, aka Seunghyun dressed in drag for a Makbanshi crossdressing competition. She gets called the next Lady Gaga/Lee Hyori, showcases her dancing skills despite being an actress and flaunting her assets to the point of making everyone uncomfortable.
    Seungsoon seductively posing for Photo Time
    Yunhwa: (also crossdressed as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing) I think I'm going to throw up!
  • The Good Morning Bob videos just have to be seen to be believed - they include (but not limited to) Seunghyun playing with his cutlery to the tune of Jason Mraz's I'm Yours, him telling the phone to calm down, and him acting out a melodrama with an Angry Bird and teddy bear - all in Engrish.
  • This Campaign song is full of these. Highlights include Seunghyun getting beaten up for trying to evade and everyone wiping the sweat off of Minhwan (and the drums) while he's still drumming.
  • In one episode of "Oh My School" (which Hongki and Jonghun was on) Heechul came as "someone's" friend and everyone was eager to know which friend. Heechul then described his friend to be "a little bit ugly", "not very nice and very different in real life from tv" and "having his personal life all over the internet". He soon approached Hongki (who was desperately avoiding eye-contact) saying, "Hello friend." Cue Hongki's exasperated expression and groan.
  • Minhwan making the Super Mario jumping sound... with his nose.
    • He demonstrated this again on a Starking episode, and a member of Australian acappella group Suade, who guested on the show, jokingly jumped Mario-style every time Minhwan made the sound.
  • All the times they've appeared on Weekly Idol.
    • When "performing" Severely for the MCs(they just mimed playing instruments with the show editing in CGI instruments for airing), Jaejin accidentally hit his forehead with his necklace.
      • In that "performance", A Pink's Bomi's face was on Minhwan's "drumset" because he previously admitted to being her Fan Boy.
    • To test Jonghun's narcissist side the MCs lined the other members up against Jonghun and told him to reject any member he found to be less attractive than himself. He rejected them all - and, except for Minhwan, it only took him milliseconds and one word (or no words in Jaejin's case) to do it.
    • Jaejin, Jonghun and Seunghyun (and their fans too) finally had a taste of the newer segment "Random Play Dance" in the special episode. Their take on it? Going absolutely crazy - jumping around, smashing their CGI instruments and strumming their guitars really fast while doing the splits (all to the tunes of their ballads "Love Love Love" and "Madly").
  • The members' beautiful harmonization of the "Severely" chorus.
  • FT Island learning English phrases on a Japanese show. It goes as well as expected.
    Jonghun attempting to flirt with Beni.
    Seunghyun: Excuse me, my father... *grabs Jonghun and takes him away* He's sick.
  • Seunghyun teaming up with labelmate and comedian Song Eunyi to form Song Two Place and release single Age-Height. The MV parodies a lot of recent popular kpop songs and does so fantastically.
    • Highlight is Seunghyun parodying B2ST's Hyunseung parodying The Joker.
    • Seunghyun's dancing also takes the cake.
  • This fanedit of Hongki's face on Kim Yuna's body while ice-skating, which he tweeted.
  • Hongki getting the whole crew to wear his Skullhong shirts at a Dracula musical rehearsal.
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