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YMMV: FT Island
  • Broken Base: Nothing intense, but there are fans who prefer their older rock ballads and don't like their new direction, while there are also fans who dig their new rockier sound and couldn't care less for their older music.
    • Minor: Fans either adore Jonghun's new toned body or hate it.
    • CEO Han is either a good or horrible CEO to the members.
  • Counterpart Comparison: What they, CN Blue and both fandoms have to grudgingly deal with.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Everyone that isn't Hongki within the fandom. FNC may have trouble promoting the others and the general public may not be so interested in them, but fans love and appreciate all members just about equally.
    • Jaejin's voice; he doesn't sing as much as Hongki but more and more fans, while acknowledging Hongki as the better singer, are preferring his voice to the latter.
    • Seunghyun; his musical work has been putting him in a whole new light for fans. As for fans and non-fans alike, they have lately found him to be extremely good-looking and aging well.
    • A number of their well-liked songs that they've never performed live, only performed once-few times at best or no longer perform, such as "Don't Love", most songs on the "Cross and Change" album, and many of their Japanese indie songs and B-sides.
  • Face of the Band: Hongki. While justified since most people only pay attention to the vocalists of bands, it's sad considering they've been in the industry for a long time yet the general public still only knows Hongki and can't even name everyone (or anyone) else.
  • Fandom Rivalry: While FT Island and CN Blue get along well and support each other, their fandoms... not so much. Avid fans of both have a hard time and give up trying to reason with anyone.
  • Growing the Beard: Their recent songs, especially now that they're writing many of them themselves and have better creative control hence have a clearer sound/music direction.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When still a member Wonbin mentioned he had his name changed to Seonghyun because he was teased a lot for sharing the same name as famous actor Wonbin, but he chose to use his original name after joining FNC. The person who would take his place after leaving would be Song Seunghyun.
  • Ho Yay / Shipping: Much more in the first few years. Now downplayed but they still shiptease when they want to.
    • Jonghun kissed Seunghyun twice in their You're Beatiful parody, with the 2nd one in slow-motion. Points for Seunghyun trying to move his face away only for Jonghun to grab it closer for a kiss.
    • They used to endorse Baviphat and one of the photos taken... well.
    • In their Boys Before Flowers parody Jaejin was Jandi, Hongki was Junpyo and Jonghun was Ji Hoo. It ends with Jaejin choosing Hongki and they nearly share a kiss... until the other members promptly interrupt them.
    • Jaejin and Minhwan kissed as a request/challenge at a Japan fanmeeting. Jonghun recorded it on his phone and Seunghyun did the honour of pushing Minhwan's face into Jaejin's.
    • At a solo fanmeeting Hongki was made to choose between members. He was unable to pick between Jonghun and Jaejin (two of the most popular ships), to fans' amusement.
    • Hongki and some other friends too. A show once had him choose between all of his mentioned ideal types and one of them was Heechul; and he and Taka of ONEOKROCK have even posted "couple" kiss-on-cheek photos in their instagrams.
    • Fan-Preferred Couple:
      • Within the group: Jonghun/Hongki, Hongki/Jaejin, Jaejin/Seunghyun, Seunghyun/Minhwan.
      • Seunghyun has quite a few popular hetero ships: Seunghyun/Lizzy, Seunghyun/Suzy, Seunghyun/Juniel...
  • Idiot Plot:
    • The climax of the "Severely" MV where Hongki dies saving Seolhyun from getting hit by a car. Except many people noticed the car wasn't anywhere near her when he got hit. More of a problem with the editing than anything else but it's still this. Seolhyun's character is also a bit too careless crossing the road, walking on a red-light twice
    • "I Wish" MV, where Hyejeong seems to be in a relationship with all the members at once. Without any of them noticing. The story/plot-writing for this MV is quite uninspiring and lazy - it's clear FNC just really wanted to show Hyejeong off by making her the pretty girl all the boys wanted.
  • Japan Loves FT Island: They fare better there than Korea. Justified as Japan is more band-friendly and they went indie there before their major debut. It helps their singles are never remakes of their Korean songs, they're more fluent in the language than other Korean idols promoting there and that majority of their self-composed songs are for their Japanese promotions.
  • Jerk Ass: No one is fully this and they are all pretty polite and humble to everyone; but Hongki and Jonghun can come across as this to some due to the nature of their personalities (Hot-Blooded and overly-forward/Brutal Honesty respectively).
    • The only real Jerk Ass moment Hongki's had is revealing Jonghyun's ear plastic surgerynote  and being a bit too casual about it, even laughing, "Because he had ugly ears!" Even as a joke (which probably was, considering Hongki's friendship with CN Blue, him being a Troll and the likelihood of still saying it even if it was a fellow member or himself), revealing a rather personal fact about a labelmate without permission (especially since plastic surgery is a Base Breaker itself in Korea) was still pretty rude. He later apologised and tried to calm down annoyed Boices, reminding them he and Jonghyun are still friends.
      • Unfortunately while Primadonnas understandably tried to shield him from unnecessary hate/comments, some were rather too lenient on Hongki and even chose that opportunity to just bash Jonghyun/CN Blue, even though they didn't participate or even respond to that incident at all.
    • Jonghun's one moment of this was a comment he made about Park Gyuri a long time ago, when they were compared for their well-known beauty and he said he found her too "frivolous" unlike him who is "straightforward and honest". Kamillas weren't happy, so he apologised but said apology wasn't particularly found to be sincere so he took it off.
  • Love It or Hate It: I Wish. For some it's an Ear Worm, contains cool acoustic guitar-playing from Seunghyun and fun to watch live mainly for Hongki dancing all over the place. For others it's too generic for their standard, especially the chorus, and Hongki's singing isn't showcased well; not to mention for the album the members wrote 7/10 of the songs - and it so happened one of the 3 songs they didn't write was chosen as the title track, to everyone's dismay.
  • Narm: Their drama MVs can be this. The older ones typically follow the same formula: "boys meet a girl and both fall in love, girl falls for one of them much to the sadness of the other guy, and somehow the girl gets kidnapped or otherwise endangered and the boys get beaten up." Or stabbed.
    • Their self-titled song FT Island, due to the corniness of the lyrics and how cutesy it is. It's endearing for fans though and it was a must-have for concert set-lists for the first few years.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Hongki's bad singing moments, notably the Gayo Daejun performance in 2008 and his offkey moment in the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" cover.
    • Jaejin was once caught farting in the car, so now all car-farts are blamed on him.
    • Hongki would mention Jaejin's break-up non-stop during I Wish promotions.
    • The members to Jonghun and him crying at one of their Japan tours.
    • Non-humorous example: ever since Hongki said they were CN Blue's labrats, everyone seems to want to take a jab at either bands and compare them or ask them about their rivalry, which both parties (and fandoms) are clearly sick of.
    • When talking about their success people will never fail to comment, "If only they didn't go to Japan at the peak of their popularity." Though many will argue Japan is also the best thing it's ever happened to them.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Seunghyun was looking to be this as he had over 2000 antis when joining and replacing Wonbin. Now however he has won the hearts and respect of the fandom.
  • Squick:
    • Seunghyun chose not to join SM Entertainment because part of the contract was to sell rights to his body.
    • Some were disturbed upon finding out Hongki's love interest Seolhyun from the "Severely" MV was born in 1995, hence nearly 5 years younger than him. Thankfully the most intimate they got were two brief hugs and holding hands.
    • Some FNC fans feel about this with Hongki and AOA's Mina likely being an Official Couple in their upcoming drama "Modern Farmer", mostly because they see them nothing more as brother and sister.
  • Signature Song: Lovesick, moreso for older kpop fans. For newer ones, I Hope.
  • Take That: When Hongki posted a photo of him and his new scooter, many Korean netizens bashed him for apparently violating road rules and not having a licence plate. Hongki responded saying he was in the clear since he just bought it and parked it in front of the shop, hence out of harm. Most idols would stop at that, however Hongki also called out certain netizens for always blindly bashing idols and actually said, "Hey you keyboard warriors, if you're going to hate on me, at least know the facts."
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Self-titled song "FT Island" (see their Narm entry), and many other of their Lighter and Softer B-sides, mostly their older ones.
  • The Unfavourite: Fan exaggerations and business perspective aside, it is clear FNC isn't doing their best with them compared to everyone else especially in regards to their musical freedom and promotions.
    • The CEO is taking some hints and trying to improve things, like letting the boys participate in musicals, allowing Hongki to create his fashion brand etc. It's really just giving them some well-deserved creative control in their music he's not very considerate with, yet is what members and fans care about the most.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Seunghyun's reason for not joining SM Entertainment (see the Squick entry).
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Primadonnas are mostly polite but they sometimes get this when being a little too rude to CN Blue and/or their fandom - some seem to ignore that CEO's bad treatment of FTI has nothing to do with CNB, that their members also work hard and fight with their tooth and nail to be successful and are now getting less than stellar treatment by being overworked. Of course some Primadonnas are sensible and will call these bad eggs out when necessary.
    • Some Primadonnas had this reaction when evidence of Hongki and Minhwan smoking showed up. Most agree (reluctantly in some cases) it's their choice though; and a recent photo of Hongki with an electronic cigarette implies he's trying to quit.
    • The CEO promising the next title song after Memory would be composed by Jaejin only to back out and force a non-self-composed song on them instead garnered this reaction.
      • Many of the CEO's decisions and management skills with them in general get this reaction from fans.
    • Some fans were unhappy that newer labelmate N.Flying were suddenly announced to be doing the opening for some of FTI's concerts, and they actually planned to turn off their light sticks and pull a Black Ocean on them. Many other fans were shocked and scolded said fans, reminding them that 1) FTI members would not be proud, and 2) it is incredibly rude to ever do it and that N.Flying do not deserve it at all. The plan was thankfully ditched.
  • Yoko Oh No: some fans hated Fuji Mina when she and Hongki filmed We Got Married and have called her ugly, stuck-up and too boring/not good enough for Hongki. Thankfully they're only the crazy minority of the fandom; most fans liked her and even joked she's the one who's too good for him.
    • Averted most other times though: the members don't hide that they date (they just don't say when) and most fans are perfectly fine with that.

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