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Funny: Foo Fighters
  • Their epic trolling of a certain church that doesn't deserve to be named, as well as a Moment Of Awesome.
  • The "Learn to Fly" video, featuring the three band members (at the time) as no fewer than thirteen characters Dave alone plays six!
  • The White Limo video. Shot in a VHS camcorder style, the video has Lemmy from Motorhead as a limo driver who accidentally hits bassist Nate Mendel. Rather than report the accident, Lemmy tosses him into the limo and picks up the remaining band members. After a few drinks, some implied marijuana use, and two random blonde women showing up, the video cuts to Stock Footage of a car flying off a cliff at the end, implying that the limo did the same.
    • The multicamera angles on Dave Grohl's Metal Scream are Funny Moments. Also Nate Mendel's ridiculous yellow T-shirt, green short shorts, old-school portable tape player, and roller skates.
    • The Stock Footage at the end is the same footage from the end of the Long Road To Ruin video.
  • In a cross with this and Heartwarming Moments, in Back and Forth, while Dave is recording a guitar part, his daughter starts poking him, as he promised to swim with her.
  • Dave's appearance in The Muppets as a member of The Moopets. Even better, he's the stand-in for Animal.
  • The video for "Walk."
  • FREEESH POOOOOOTS! Less funny is that Dave was actually hospitalized, but didn't take long to make fun of himself for it.
  • Back in 2000, David Letterman asked Dave Grohl about the entire Metallica vs. Napster dustup. Dave's answer summed up the general public's reaction to Lars Ulrich.
    Dave Grohl: "You know, I can see some garage band who depends on every single sale just to keep themselves going complaining about Napster, but when you're Lars Ulrich, a member of the biggest band on the planet, whose share of the last concert tour your band put on came to something like $80 million, I think you need to shut the fuck up and stop fucking whining!" (Naturally, CBS bleeped the profanity, but it was quite obvious what was being said.)
  • The band's tour riders describe the band's requirements for themselves and their crew in the most hilarious ways possible.
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