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Trivia: Foo Fighters
  • Breakaway Pop Hit:
    • Subverted with "The One", written for the movie ''Orange County', and received great popularity in the UK both from radio airplay and its video, but a physical single was not released, except as a one off competition prize. Singles were released in Australia and New Zealand but remain rare. "The One" did appear as a B Side to the following single "All My Life", which contributed to "All My Life"'s success. However, if "The One" had been a full single in the UK all signs indicated it would have been a huge hit, and many fans were disappointed when it didn't even appear on their Greatest Hits.
    • Played straight by the full band version of "Walking After You", from a mostly forgotten The X-Files album. At the time, it was far more popular than the version on The Colour and the Shape, mostly because the X-Files version was issued as a single (although these days, is not as widely heard).
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Dave is not fond of One By One, saying that 7 of the 11 tracks are subpar. He has said he never played the 7 again in his life but that's technically incorrect.
    • Dave is also not fond of "Oh George" from the self-titled debut.
    • For a very long time, they refused to play "Big Me" live because whenever they did, they'd be pelted with Mentos mints, since the song's video spoofed Mentos commercials, frequently making Dave chastise their audience. They started playing it again after Weezer covered it with great acclaim during their joint "Foozer" tour in 2005-06.
    • The Colour And The Shape is the band's most widely regarded album, but the band are critical of it, feeling they've got a lot better since then, but that critics take no notice. This is illustrated in Nate Mendel's comments in the liner notes of the 10th Anniversary Edition of the album.
  • Creator Breakdown: Dave Grohl recorded the Foo Fighters' debut album by himself as a way of coping with Kurt Cobain's death.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Dave Grohl's original Foo Fighters tape consists of the entire first album plus "Winnebago" and "Podunk", and a song called "Butterflies". When the record company decided to remix it and release on CD as the first Foo Fighters album, "Winnebago" and "Podunk" were left off for use as B Sides. "Butterflies" was also left off, but has deliberately never been released on CD, so the only way to get it is through transfers of the tape. This hasn't stopped Grohl playing it live.
    • An earlier example is Dave Grohl's album Pocketwatch which he released under the name Late!. He released this as a mail-order only cassette. He was asked if they could do a CD version but he decided not to to keep the tape special. Supposedly, the master tapes have now been lost.
  • No Export for You:
    • "The One" wasn't sold anywhere but the US and Australia, and a very limited UK run.
    • Inverted with the various Australian exclusives:
      • "Generator" is extremely popular in Australia due to the fact it was released widely only in Australia as a single. The UK had a short one-week release, although the single is widely available thanks to the band's popularity.
      • Stacked Actors, was also an Australian exclusive. Both songs still get played live often and both go down extremely well.
      • UK Bonus Tracks "The Sign" (on In Your Honor), "Once And For All (Demo)" (on Echoes Silence Patience & Grace)
  • The Pete Best: William Goldsmith and Franz Stahl, as they only played live but not in recordsnote  The latter still says his tenure with the band were the best 2 years of his life.
  • Troubled Production:
    • The Colour And The Shape. It was the first album as a full band (the self-titled was recorded almost entirely by Grohl), and Dave Grohl found it hard to direct the other band members. He found that drummer William Goldsmith could not reproduce the parts he wanted so fired him in a manner he regretted. He also had clashes with the album's producer Gil Norton. The album sessions featured a number of songs that didn't get finished for the album such as "Alone Again" and an electric version of "Butterflies", two distinctly different 'fast' and 'slow' versions of "Up In Arms" (the album version being edited from two such takes, one half featuring Goldsmith's drumming and the other half Grohl's). The album remains Foo Fighters' best regarded release, but band themselves are not that fond of the album, feeling they were inexperienced and went on to better things. This is evidenced by the fact the label had to get Nate Mendel to write the liner notes for the booklet of the 10th Anniversary edition of the album rather than Grohl as intended. Mendel is critical of the album and notes that they always had to record albums twice, and half the songs didn't get used.
    • One by One, as the band was exhausted and pissed off. They also later felt they rushed into production, as they wanted to get back into it after Taylor OD'd. The entire album was re-recorded from scratch in just two weeks as no one liked what had been done before.
  • Throw It In: Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs was sitting in on the Foo Fighters sessions and watching Dave record everything with producer Barrett Jones (the album was recorded in a week), and when Dave got to "X-Static", he asked Dulli if he wanted to play and handed him a guitar.

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