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Trivia: Foo Fighters
  • Breakaway Pop Hit: Averted. "The One" was written for the movie Orange County. Neither were especially popular.
    • Played straight by the full band version of "Walking After You", from a mostly forgotten The X-Files album. It's far more popular than the version on The Colour and the Shape, mostly because the X-Files version was issued as a single.
  • Creator Backlash: Dave is not fond of One By One, saying that 7 of the 11 tracks are subpar. He has said he never played the 7 again in his life but that's technically incorrect.
    • He always says he's sure people know what those four tracks are, which leads to people thinking it's the singles. But the band don't play "Have It All" or "Low" live very often, they have played "Disenchanted Lullaby" and "Tired Of You" more times, and "All My Life" and 'Times Like These'' regularly, so it is confusing.
      • "Halo", "Lonely as You", "Burn Away", "Overdrive" and "Come Back" would definitely be 5 of the 7 he dislikes. The frequent presence of "Times Like These" and "All My Life" on setlists leaves them at the 2 of the 4 he likes.
      • This leaves "Have It All", "Low", "Disenchanted Lullaby" and "Tired Of You". The school of thought is that "Have It All" and "Low" make the 4 songs he likes the first four off the album and the 4 singles, or that "Disenchanted Lullaby" and "Tired Of You" are the last 2 that he likes. It's also possible that since the quote was in 2005 that he softened his stance and that he disliked "Low" and "Have It All", but decided to start playing them live again in 2008 and 2009.
    • Ironically, at release Dave said the 11 tracks were the best they wrote and ones he would play every night. ("Halo" and "Burn Away" weren't even performed live...)
    • Dave is also not fond of "Oh George" from the self-titled debut.
    • For a very long time, they refused to play "Big Me" live because whenever they did, they'd be pelted with Mentos mints, since the song's video spoofed Mentos commercials, frequently making Dave chastise their audience. They started playing it again after Weezer covered it with great acclaim during their joint "Foozer" tour in 2005-06.
  • No Export for You: "The One" wasn't sold anywhere but the US, and a very limited UK run.
    • Inverted with the various Australian exclusives:
      • "Generator" is extremely popular in Australia due to the fact it was released widely only in Australia as a single. The UK had a short one-week release.
      • Stacked Actor, was also an Australian exclusive. Both songs still get played live often and both go down extremely well.
  • The Pete Best: Arguably William Goldsmith and Franz Stahl, as they only played live but not in records (the former's drum tracks in The Colour and the Shape were even replaced with ones by Dave). The latter still says his tenure with the band were the best 2 years of his life.
  • Troubled Production: One by One, as the band was really tired and pissed off (and later also felt they rushed into production, as they wanted to get back together into it after Taylor OD'd), leading to the entire album being re-recorded from scratch in just two weeks as no one liked what had been done before.

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