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"I get offered movie roles all the time, and I say, 'No! No, I don't want to play a manicurist!' I don't want to play a really pissed-off liquor store owner, I don't want to go nowhere with a chicken under my arm, I don't want to play an exceptionally good student, I do not want to get off a tour bus and take numerous photographs, I do not ever want to utter the phrase, "[Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond," I don't want to be a geisha and write my memoirs [...], I don't want to drown my baby in a bathtub, I do not want to be iny musical where there's gonna be a helicopter!]] What it is is that I CANNOT RUN UP A WALL!"

Tropes about race and racial behaviors in Western media.

See also Prejudice Tropes, or the analysis page for more detail.


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