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Faux Interracial Relationship
Darrly: So, what are you?
Elaine: I'm white.
Darrly: So, we're just a couple of white people?
Elaine: I guess.
Darrly: Oh.
Elaine: Yeah. So, do you want to go to the Gap?
Darrly: Sure.

Mostly a Dead Horse Trope.

A pair of characters (or one of a pair of characters) is in love, but because they are of different ethnicities, they don't actually pair up, out of fear of a Maligned Mixed Marriage. Then it's revealed or discovered that they aren't of different ethnicities after all, and everything is fine and they happily get together.


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    Live-Action Television 
  • Seinfeld:
    • In one episode, Elaine thinks the guy she's going out with is black, but she's not quite sure, and spends the episode trying to find out without directly asking. It turns out he had been thinking Elaine was Hispanic.
    • In another episode, Jerry falls for a woman named Chang over the phone, believing that she's Chinese - but it turns out she's Jewish. The family name was originally "Changstein."
  • Cold Case had at least one example of the Pass Fail variation.


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