Literature: Tasakeru

"One a ronin far from home
One a maiden fair
Who wore a bloom of sacred power
In her sun-gold hair
One a thief, of charm and wit
And one a scholar wise
Whose knowledge hid a champion's heart
A warrior disguised
And all of them in exile lived
In wilderness uncharted
These tales are theirs, for you to hear
Their legend only started...
The days of old were filled with bold
And wondrous acts of glory
Come one and all, and gather 'round
And hearken to the story..."
Traditional fox ballad, circa 1700, author unknown

Tasakeru is an ongoing Web Serial Novel series written by BHS. Planned as a series of 24 short books, the series aims to use animal characters to reflect on human nature. Think "Redwall, but grown-up".

The story takes place in an Alternate Universe, on an Earth where humans have never existed. With humans absent, various mammal species have evolved into intelligent, civilized creatures called "sentients". On a small island in the middle of the ocean, eight sentient species have evolved, and have clashed with one another for thousands of years. The story takes place during a period of uneasy truce, in which the island's only city enforces order by permanently banishing any "dangerous elements" to the uncharted forest on the island's eastern side. Those that are banished call themselves Outcasts, and the story is about a multi-species group of these exiles, fighting for survival. In time, though society has rejected them, the Outcasts will become critical to the survival of their species, their homes, and everything that they know.

And as if that weren't enough responsibility, things get even more complicated when they find out that one of their number has been chosen to enact the role of a God...

A relaunch of the series is in progress as of April 2015.

Now has a character sheet, still in progress.

The series also has a Tumblr account, "Ask the Outcasts".

BHS also writes an Intercontinuity Crossover fanfic called Stars Above, co-authored by Forzare, and additional Crossovers called Respect and Shattered Skies.

Tasakeru is currently undergoing a relaunch and major revisions. As such, the information on this page may be outdated or inaccurate. Until the revised chapters are posted, please excuse any discrepancies or contradictions.

Tasakeru contains examples of:

  • Hypocrite: The silver order is dedicated to protecting life. But not if that life happens to belong to a half-breed or Big Creepy-Crawlies. They could care less what happens to them. And they have no qualms about murdering Zero if he keeps sneaking into the city either. Lily, at the beginning of book 6, asked the Magistrate's help in arresting the outcasts.

If you haven't figured it out yet... the password is "ravager".