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Funny: Tasakeru
Funny moments from the Web Serial Novel series Tasakeru.

Book I: Without A Name

  • Faun showing a drunk how to do a dance called "The Headache".
  • Ashpaw's method of getting the keys from a guard while in prison. He engages the guard in a very reasonable discussion... and then knocks him out and frisks him.

Book II: Eternity Awakes

  • Faun's suggestion to Renubis on how to relieve his tension. "Have you ever tried indulging yourself? Honest to Gods, it really doesn't make you go blind..."
  • Most of the last chapter qualifies, but the crowner is Faun's... unique method of bringing her captor to his senses.

Book III: Soulsnatcher

  • Zero and his sister Naole having an argument right in front of the troops trying to arrest him.

Book IV: Twilight Dreams

Book V: Nightfall

Book VI: The Voice of the Dawn
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