Funny / Tasakeru

Funny moments from the Web Serial Novel series Tasakeru.

Book I: Without A Name

  • Faun showing a drunk how to do a dance called "The Headache".

Book II: Eternity Awakes
  • Faun's epic chewing out of Seker at the climax of the volume:
    “‘Harlot?’’’ said Faun, incredulous. Her eyes blazed with emerald fire. “That’s the best you can come up with? Three thousand years of time to think, and you can’t come up with anything more creative than ‘harlot’? Listen here, you metal-headed lummox, I was being called ‘harlot’ when I was 'eight'. You gargantuan, stuffed-up, milksop son of a taint, look at me! I’m tired and hungry and grumpy as hell and I can still think of a dozen better insults than that!”

    Seker turned to her in abject shock. He raised a hand to speak-

    “Don’t start with me!” Now Faun’s voice built to a roar of her own. The fur on the ruff of her neck stood on end as her tirade raged on: “Why don’t you go back into your hole in the sand and lie in it, you mangy, shedding, pigboar-snouted, flea-bitten, pathetic excuse for a wart on a senile goat’s hind! Better yet, do us all a favor and go back to the Beneath that spawned you, you pigeon-livered, dropsy, addlepated, toffee-nosed, bearingless, short-sticked waste of matter! I’d spit on you if it weren’t wasting perfectly good fluids! What’s the problem? Worn out your tongue from grooming your mother, or did you finally go deaf?”