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Light Is Not Good: Anime & Manga
The frequency of light-associated characters' villainy in anime and manga highlights the cultural differences between Western and Japanese audiences, as in East Asia, black is typically worn by heroic characters and white by antagonists.

  • Some members of Vagan from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE like Fezarl Ezelcant who dressed in white and have some gold on his headgear even his space suit is white with some gold on the helemet there is even Zeheart Galette Mainly after Lord Ezelcant revealed his plan to him he wants Zeheart to become a light that will be illuminating humanities future and interestingly there is Leil Light with light being his last name
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • The angel Arael is a beautiful bright bird that looks somewhat like a bunch of wings or branched out lights/leaves. It is, however, one of the most horrifying angels. It's the Trope Namer for Mind Rape and launches a brutal assault on Asuka's mind, which ends up putting her in a catatonic depression. And yet it's regarded as the prettiest and brightest of the angels. It's engulfed in a glowing white light. It's chilling.
    • The first Angel, Adam, is referred to as "The Giant of Light" occasionally. His form lived up to that name.
    • The Mass Production Evangelions from The End of Evangelion are painted white with an angelic-looking appearance, with cartoonish faces and giant flapping wings. Yet they aid SEELE's brutal assault against NERV, kill Asuka and cannibalize her Eva, and feature prominently in the notorious horror sequences that make up the latter-third of the film.
  • Fraud from Pokémon RéBURST when he used Reshiram
  • Knight-Commander Martel from Dawn of the Seeker Is a Templar in Shining Armor and one of the conspirators who betrayed The Chantry.
  • Crane Bahnsteik from Cyber Team in Akihabara
  • Byakuran in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! wears all white, decorates his office with white flowers and apparently consists on a diet of marshmallows. At the end of the manga arc, he also sprouts huge white wings and glows. Granted, he's glowing with stolen flames, but the flames turn into white light, according to the anime's current opening credits.
  • Friday Monday from Madlax wears white clothes, has white hair, and a golden mask. His base even looks like a church.
  • Inuyasha has a few examples.
    • First, we have the priestess Kikyo, the antiheroine of the story. Her resurrection is clearly ungodly. She comes back to life with a mind full of hatred and vengeance and does both good (helping people in need, feeding the hungry, taking care of kids) and not-so-good deeds (antagonizing Inuyasha and Kagome, stealing the souls of girls to keep herself alive). Yet obviously, she retains her old holy powers.
    • Even more strikingly, the Living Buddha Hakushin uses his holy powers consciously to erect a barrier to protect the Big Bad Naraku. This barrier prevents people who have demonic blood, like Inuyasha, Koga and Sesshomaru, from entering Mount Hakurei and attacking Naraku.

  • The original Yu-Gi-Oh! had Seto Kaiba dressed in white with his Light-type Mons, the Blue Eyes White Dragon, pitted against a leather-clad spirit named Dark Yugi and his Dark Magician (with the rest of their decks tending to match the Light and Dark themes of their signature monsters). However, Kaiba was the Jerkass and Yami Yugi barely hit Anti-Hero. (Of course, Kaiba had a lot of Dark monsters too, and many were fiendish creatures, if not actual Fiends.)
    • Subverted in the Millenium Arc when it turns out that the Blue Eyes White Dragon was Good All Along, but highly aggressive and destructive. Light is Good, but in this case you don't want to be near it.
    • And in The Movie, the Pyramid Of Light, used by Anubis in an attempt to take Kaiba and Yami's life forces to come back to life and destroy the world.
  • Two of the seasonal Big Bads in the original series, Noah and Dartz, were also light-aligned. Noah had a six-winged angel, Shinato, with regal robes and a halo as his deck master, who's name in Japan is Shinato, King of Heaven, and merges with it temporarily, and Dartz's whole deck was light-themed, meant to be around the Orichalchos.
  • Moving to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the driving force behind the first season were the Sacred Beasts, sentient cards of incredible power which were Obviously Evil. (They were called Demon Emperors in the original version.) One of them, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder, is a Light-Attribute Monster.
  • In the second season, there was the Society of Light. One could argue that the Society of Light are a deconstruction of the idea that anyone who loses to the light sees their point of view, since anyone who loses a duel against them instantly defects to their side, just like is traditional for villains to do upon losing to the protagonist under the rules of Defeat Means Friendship.
  • The driving force behind the Society of Light is the Light of Ruin, a Cosmic Entity described as a sentient "white hole" (the opposite of a black hole) which Pegasus compared to a "giant volcano of light". Throughout history, the times that its foul light has shined upon the world were dark times where tyrants ruled and bloody wars were fought, as it seems to feed off of hatred and despair. It is virtually Made of Evil.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, we have Rex Godwin, our heroic mentor to the The Chosen One(s), but also has some sort of counter-agenda planned. And then there's Divine, resident Jerk Ass (and a downright bastard).
  • Let's not forget Lucciano, Placido, and Jose, who wear white ropes and cloaks, and whose Machine Emperors tend to be brightly coloured. Their fused form, Aporia, also counts, clad in all white and having an Ace monster that's white and described as a god. Z-One also qualifies, taking the form of a white, armored magatama, and using a deck based on the Sephirot.
  • This carries over to the cards themselves - the two cards linked on the page for Eldritch Abomination are both Light-type.
  • In the manga version of GX, there's Reggie MacKenzie, The Dragon (more or less) to Tragoedia. Her deck contains Fairy-Type monsters and celestial beings like Athena and The Splendid Venus, but as far as the villains in the story go, her sadistic nature is second only to Tragoedia himself. (In fact, while she was originally Brainwashed like the rest of his servants, it is implied that she eventually regained at least some of her free will back.)
  • D.Gray-Man: Despite being demons, Level 4 Akuma most closely resemble angels, complete with glowing white halos and wings. The Noah themselves avert this trope by gaining white skin when not in "horrifying evil" mode.
  • Lucemon from Digimon Frontier was most definitely a version of this; it also had Darkness-based powers, but started out pure Light. He uses both together in his second form.
    • The Royal Knights, being Holy Knights with light-oriented powers, also fit.
    • SlashAngemon would be another example.
  • Bleach
    • Maki Ichinose's ability was the power to manipulate light. However, he betrayed Soul Society to side with Jin Kariya who wanted to destroy the Shinigami. He does a Heel-Face Turn after losing to Kenpachi and getting "The Reason You Suck" Speech, but is killed by Kariya.
    • The Gotei 13 captains started out as the antagonists, and their trademark clothing is a white haori. The main antagonist at the time was Byakuya, whose power is defined by his white reiatsu which transforms into pure white attacks when his sword releases.note 
    • The Arrancar wore a white uniform in contrast to their opponents, the black-clothed shinigami. When Aizen, Tousen and Gin were revealed and took command of the Arrancar, they also changed their uniforms from Shinigami black to Arrancar white, symbolising their villainy.
    • The Quincies typically wear white uniforms lined with black as a contrast to the Shinigami uniforms which are black and lined with white. Their unique ability to destroy souls threatened the existence of the world, making them the most dangerous enemies the Shinigami have ever fought. They return for the final arc, more dangerous than ever, and still dressed in white.
  • Light Yagami from Death Note. All of his symbolism in the opening credits, his speeches, and his ideals (his given name is considered (an ironic) coincidence, for crying out loud) state that he is firmly Light-aligned. Yet his method for purifying society, and the way he deals with those around him, peg him clearly as the series' villain. His powers aren't directly Light-inspired — though everything else about him is. For added melodrama, "Yagami" means "night god".
    • Word of God states that the reason Light became so evil was because he was so pure to begin with. Light was such a good person he was incapable of comprehending evil, and so evil's very existence in the real world threw him all the way off his axis and off the deep end. He couldn't think of any other method of dealing with evil other than pure, unrestrained destruction... no matter the cost.
      • Also, Light very literally is not good.
    • Also Near who, while not as evil as Light himself (though Word of God states that he is the more evil of him and Mello), dresses all in white, which is also his hair color.
  • Johan Liebert of Monster is so bright and beautiful looking that he could almost be mistaken for an angel, and indeed, the aura he gives off is one of almost unmistakable lightness. He's also the title character and his deeds fit his name.
  • The Ineffectual Loner brigade "X Laws" in Shaman King all had angels as their spirits. And they did some pretty horrible stuff, being Knight Templars who beat and kill people just so they wouldn't join Hao. Also, in the manga, one of their original founding members defects to join Hao... and this defector used the angel Lucifer as his spirit.
  • Jakou in Fist of the North Star 2 is addicted to light, to the point where he captures slaves to operate his light-generating machinery. Justified by this being caused by his utter terror of Raoh and Hokuto Shinken practitioners in general, who (with the exception of Toki) are very much darkness-aligned and whose martial art is, according to Shin, the Yin (Dark) side of the art of killing.
    • Other examples come from the evil Nanto Seiken practitioners. Their martial art is stated early to be the Yang (Light) side of the art of killing, all but one of the known Nanto Seiken practitioners are clearly light aligned (Souther going so far to declare himself an holy emperor, and having the phoenix as his symbol), and Shin, Yuda, and Souther are three massive jerks.
  • Krad from D.N.Angel fits. He's the villain, but he's got all the light-related imagery, white wings and all that, while the good guy, Dark, has... well, you can probably guess.
  • From Trigun Knives, a Bishōnen decked out in white, who created the "Angel Arms" — super-guns of highly destructive light-beams. The manga takes this to an extreme, when Knives starts absorbing the Plants, he is the center of a writhing mass of angel wings and limbs.
  • Trinity Blood is another classic example of this: The "Enemy of the World" is a blond bishonen with six white wings, who dresses all in long white robes and is first seen standing atop the enormous cross which hovers over the Vatican. The hero, in contrast, is a white-haired pretty boy with black wings who dresses all in black and wields a scythe made of his own blood.
  • One Piece has Marine Admiral Kizaru, whose abilities via the Pika-Pika Devil Fruit give him power over light. He can move/attack at the speed of light, focus light into lasers, and also use blinding flashes. This isn't also including the basic advantages of his type of Devil Fruit, which cause solid objects to pass right through him. Though whether this is an aversion, playing straight, or subversion depends on your point of view as One Piece has pirates as the protagonists, making Kizaru the enemy, even though he's on the side of "Good" as far as the OP-verse is concerned.
    • Another possible example is the Fleet Admiral Sengoku himself, what with how he apparently has the power to morph himself into a copy of the Buddha.
    • A lot about the Marines and World Government play with this trope, from the white uniforms of the Marines to the Five Elder Stars, the leaders of the World Government.
  • In Berserk, Griffith is a godlike demon who would willingly offer his best friend's life for power ( he has, in fact, having sacrificed the Band of the Hawk in order to become a Godhand) and is said to bring about an "age of darkness" which definitely does not sound nice. He appears to people in dreams as a hawk surrounded by light and is appropriately called the Hawk of Light by the Pope of this world.
    • And through Griffith's recent fusing of the planes of existence together with the mortal world using the Skull Knight's dimension-warping attack in the most recent installment, the "age of darkness" is now here.
      • It's worth noting that the fusion of the worlds was achieved thanks to the light produced during said event, further strengthening Griffith's connection to light.
    • Also Inquisitor Mozgus. He is a Knight Templar to the book, who believes the absurd level of sadism (with good measures of masochism) he reaches brings him closer to (probably non-existent in Berserk) God. He's given Light Powers as well. Specifically, angelic wings and a Light Breath. Given by a ragtag false God who's a servant to the false God Griffith (who probably works for another False God... although it's possible it is the real "God").
      • In a chapter that was later stricken from the books and archives because it "reveals too much about the direction of the series", it is revealed that God is actually a manifestation of humanity's negative emotions. Therefore, God is indeed evil. You can find the original chapter online in some places.
  • The sinister "White Prince" of Code Geass, Schneizel.
    • Also Lelouch, after taking control of Britannia and becoming next Emperor starts wearing a white suit, as opposed to Zero's and the Black Knight's black outfits.
    • And then there's Mao, a Pretty Boy whose power is Telepathy which enables him to "see through" the "shadowy personality" of Lelouch (and most of the other characters). Oh, and he's also one of the purest-hearted and most innocent characters in the entire show, who prides himself on using his mind-reading skills to Mind Rape and ultimately kill people he sees as "bad." He may not be the only other one, either, since most antagonists in Code Geass (including Mao and Schneizel) are Knights Templar, and thus in theory light-aligned by default.
    • Suzaku Kururugi has shades of this, as well. Known as the White Knight, and later as the "White Grim Reaper" in the places he helps conquer, he actually started out with noble morals and an honest belief in reforming the system. A few traumas later, and he was willing to do anything to maintain what he saw as peace and reform over violent revolution. This trope is played deliberately in his case, much like Scheizel and Mao, since he's an antagonist of Lelouch. Meanwhile, Lelouch's mother and father are both portrayed as Light in their own ways (his father is the Emperor, and while not overly white in the same vein as Schneizel, still has shades of it, his mother was treated by all who knew her as a saint, and nicknamed "The Flash"). In the end, both were sympathetic in their very ultimate goals, but were veritable antagonists who wished to destroy the Gods as part of an Assimilation Plot, and their twisted love for their kids was their main motivator.
  • In the series Yami no Matsuei, Muraki Kazutaka has a lot of "light" symbolism surrounding him. (In the anime, he was even first encountered in a church by the hero.) The manga takes this even further, in his final appearance he is saved from dying by a giant ball of light "so strong and evil it could burn your eyes out." He may have inherited this trait from his mother, who may have been the one who saved him. That manga arc was really vague in some areas.
  • In the prologue of one of the Baccano! books, a twelve-year-old runaway is found by a man. Said man is androgynously beautiful, dressed almost entirely in white and (thanks to a trick of the light) appears to even be glowing. Is it an angel? Nah, it's Huey Laforet — terrorist and Mad Scientist who just so happened to be looking for "raw materials" for some very morally questionable experiments.
  • The true villain of YuYu Hakusho in the manga? King Enma, the lord of the Spirit World, who was catching weak and innocent demons and brainwashing them to be evil so that he could justify the Spirit World's more questionable actions as being for the sake of protecting the Human World. In fact, the last battle in the manga was against the more fanatical members of the Spirit World, who was appalled at the thought of humans and demons living in harmony and was planning to do some cleansing by causing Armageddon. Ultimately, Enma is overthrown by his son Koenma.
    • Sensui, Big Bad of the Chapter Black Saga, is a former Spirit Detective who has the ability to use Holy Chi.
  • Initially an antagonist, Jellal Fernandez from Fairy Tail used a wide variety of light and heaven themed magics.
  • You can't mention corrupt angels without pointing out Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan.
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, which has the evil angel Michel with his six white wings, white clothing and constant glowing.
  • Spoofed in Slayers, when Amelia, right in the middle of a villain's grand appearance, declares that he can't possibly be the bad guy because he's wearing white, whereupon the other characters collectively facepalm.
  • Big Bad Paptimus Scirocco of Zeta Gundam wears an immaculate white uniform as a visual contrast to the black-and-red wearing jackbooted thugs he works beside. Say what you will about Scirocco, the man had standards.
  • Code:Breaker: When we see Ogami's Terrorist Without A Cause, possibly Social Darwinist brother "on camera" for the first time, he has white hair and a white outfit and an ice-cold body in contrast with Ogami's black hair, black uniform, and FLAME ON! abilities.
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Ooh, look, pretty shiny gold butterflies! That lady in the portrait can't be all ba... Dear God.
    • By the 5th Arc, it's subverted, with Battler as the Golden Sorcerer. Which means Dark Is Not Evil gets subverted too...
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Father is a noble looking old man with white hair and who dresses all in white, and in the Brotherhood anime actually seems to glow with white light. That being said, his true form is an Eldritch Abomination Living Shadow - so he's actually more like Dark Is Evil. He later succeeds with his plans and reshapes his body into looking like a young Hohenheim, meaning that he became a long haired, angelic-looking male teenager, going back to playing this trope straight.
    • This trope is also present in the form of certain religion related characters. For instance, the first villain faced is a priest, Father Cornello, who maintains the guise of a kind old man when his real intentions are quite megalomaniac. Scar probably fits as well, though he becomes an Anti-Hero.
    • Another example is that of the Affably Evil Mad Bomber, Zolf J. Kimbley. Kimbley wears a pure white suit, has a pair of alchemical circles drawn on his hands that involves the sun and moon, both symbols of light, and his fighting style creating quite a bit of light as a side-effect.
    • In the first anime, there is Hohenheim of the Light, a man who for centuries murdered countless people to either steal their bodies or make philosopher's stones, before ultimately reforming.
  • Hiromu Arakawa, the author of Fullmetal Alchemist, used this trope in her older manga Stray Dog; the villainous bounty hunter mage makes use of light related powers in the very first fight scene.
  • Solomon from Blood+ is an angelic blonde bishounen that more often than not wears a white suit. Needless to say that he's also one of Diva's chevaliers.
    • Diva as well. Pale pretty girl with blue eyes, wears white Victorian clothing, is a opera singer and often described as an angel. Bad side? She is a century and a half old Chiropteran Queen who has killed thousands of people, participated in a experiment to create a virus to turn others into chiropterans, had figures such as Gregory Rasputin and Martin Bormann as her chevaliers, meaning she was involved in, if not being the mastermind of, the Romanov Massacre (As she also impersonated Anastasia) and WWII, raped a 14-year old boy to get pregnant and then killed him, all for the sake of pissing off her sister. Also, when she sings, people turn into monsters.
  • Xargin of Blassreiter may look like a wandering evangelist...but his message is genocide, and he will disintegrate you in your own best interests, with that darn perty smile on his face.
  • Team Trinity are a group of Gundam meisters with biblical surnames and they wear white clothes. Guess what?
    • Well Johan is more of a Dark Is Evil since his Gundam looks more Dark Based.
    • The Alvaaron is bright, shiny gold, and is shaped like an angelic knight. It is also piloted by a guy who wants to destroy and recreate human society as he sees fit.
    • The Innovades also wear white... outfits. Their leader and Big Bad Ribbons Almarck pilots a white Gundam.
  • Hellsing Ultimate
    • Alexander Anderson, a Catholic priest/paladin dressed in white who's kind to children and puppies. However, you even mention the word "Vampire" in front of him and he turns into a homicidal psychopath who won't hesitate to chop up normal humans in his path to purify the world of "evil".
    • The Crusade that was assembled when the Nazi Vampires destroyed most of London. They not only looked like a cross between the historical Knight Templar and members of the Ku Klux Klan, but their mission wasn't to eliminate the vampires and save London, it was to eliminate the vampires and KILL EVERY PROTESTANT IN ENGLAND.
    • The Major; he wears White and has Blond Hair. This could be attributed to Phenotype Stereotype however. He is still ein Sturmbannfürer des dritten Reichs note , despite having become one of the most solid examples of Always Chaotic Evil and Blood Knight existing in Anime.
  • Kurohime: Yashahime is a beautiful young woman who frequently wears long, stylized kimonos and flowers in her hair, is rather graceful with her White God Tree katana and is the High Goddess of Earth. She also has a rather obsessive crush on the Grim Reaper (who's not so nice himself) and is batshit crazy. Oh, and she's really a tree monster.
  • One of the major themes of the manga Angel Sanctuary. God Is Evil, and many of the angels are fanatical, murderous, lunatics. And with which group does the hero side? The demons.
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia Russia manages to curse Japan using the power of the Orthodox Church. Apparently even White Magic is evil if Russia is involved on it. Somewhat subverted with England's "Brittania Angel" mode, which is merely creepy when he's not being hilarious.
  • In Black Butler, Ash is the main villain of season 1.
  • The Sword of Light from Slayers. Slayers Try reveals that it is actually one of a set of five weapons from another dimension that are that dimension's equivalent of the Five Dark Lords.
  • In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Kuze has a cybernetic body with white skin and hair, and usually dresses completely in white. His followers see him as a savior, but he's also Japans most dangerous top terrorist. Slightly subverted, as it later turns out that he's actually the most noble and kind character in the entire franchise, even though he has turned to extreme measures to bring an end to injustice.
    • Probably emphasized further by the fact that he becomes a lot more sympathetic character after he gets rid of his white getup permanently, and switches to brown leather jacket and blue jeans.
  • In Bastard!!, the only Angel willing to fight to protect humanity instead of wiping it out is the fallen angel Lucifer, AKA Lucien Renlen.
  • Dragon Ball Z.
    • Frieza. His main colors? Pink, purple, and white. Especially in his final form; he's like a bastion of whiteness. In regular demeanor he's completely regal. And he is indeed the lord. Of an intergalactic organization of planet pirates responsible for multiple genocides, including at least one of a race that worked for him at the time.
      • However, Frieza is more of a subvertion in his second form, since he has a much more diabolical appearance than in its final form, with resemblance to Satan.
    • Broly, in terms of movie villains. Adorned in holy-looking clothing. Apparently mild-mannered and harmless. An incredible mass of repressed unstable rage and monstrous power which bursts open and crushes everything in sight including his own father once he's seen Kakarot (Son Goku) again for even ten minutes.
    • In terms of Broly, his father Paragus applies as well. Dressed in a white cape, sporting a damaged eye, introducing himself as a humble servant of Vegeta, and presenting Vegeta a new planet to rule over as its king and restart the Saiyan race - just as soon as he defeated a "Legendary Super Saiyan". His true intentions are to leave Vegeta stranded on this planet, which is a complete ruins beyond the supposed throne city and is about to be bombed by a comet, so that he can restart Saiyan dominance for himself on Earth and rule over it with his Legendary SSJ-potential son as his instrument of power.
  • Kurei from Flame of Recca was made to believe he carried the cursed flame when he really carried the sacred Phoenix flame.
  • Dr. Butterfly from Busou Renkin.
  • The Hyuga clan of Naruto often dresses in white, and many of their names have to do with the sun or other sources of light. However, the leadership of the clan oppresses the branch house with a curse mark that can cause great pain or kill those with it when it's activated, and some members of the branch house possess resentment toward the head family that can be potentially murderous. Despite this, it is implied that Hiashi, current head of the clan, is rethinking the role of the main and branch families, especially after Hizashi sacrificed himself for the sake of his brother and village rather than the head family, and the current heiress, Hinata, is a kind individual who cares for the members of the branch family.
    • During his time as the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki, Obito is clad almost completely in white, which also becomes his skin and hair color. When he becomes the Ten-Tails' Jinchuriki, Madara's clothes are also almost completely white. The trend of a white-clad villain is later continued by Kaguya, the series' true Big Bad.
  • Raijin in Yaiba is the God of Thunder, but hinted to be quite evil. Kaguya is the Moon Princess, but is at least a Well-Intentioned Extremist at worst. Also Plasma the Light Demon.
  • In Saint Seiya, Virgo Shaka fits. Whilst he's more of an Anti-Hero, he's very deceptive-he's an incarnation of Buddha, but in the first series has aligned himself with the very evil Pope and is only too willing to Mind Rape and maim the main characters. He also happens to be an angelic-looking blonde with bright blue eyes and very long hair. Who glows. In the dark. His Expy from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas does a similar thing, as does Virgo Fudo from Saint Seiya Omega. Both Shaka and Fudo have Heel-Face Turns and fight on Athena's side in later arcs of their series.
  • Aion of Chrono Crusade dresses in all white, and comes with white hair. Underneath his disguise however is a total bastard. Prone of long winded speeches and making your life a total misery.
  • Love Machine, the big bad AI gone mad in Summer Wars might qualify. After it feeds on a few unsuspecting avatars he goes from rather ditzy looking to something that could only be described as a Hindu deity sporting a permanent S Lasher Smile, Holy Halo and and all. What drives the point home though is the bright white godlike aura he can activate at will in this form, making him look like a cyber-messiah. As it devours more and more accounts and its power grows the halo becomes so enormously huge and shiny it actually blots out the ambient light of OZ itself.
    • Later when the plan of the family to lock him down fails, he emerges as a giant black monster, made from avatars he already ingested. What involves the trope in this form though are the bright white angelic wings he got from the OZ-Central Building. Moreso, he now looks very dark, but he still has the ability to project his aura, which leads to an extremely cool looking moment, when the behemoth Love Machine triumphs over King Kazma, calls back his minion avatars and activates his bright aura, which actually looks out of place behind his now massive black body. The following scenes show King Kazma, powerlessly floating in the void of OZ, being shined on what can only be described as angelic light.
  • In Saikano, Chise glows a bright white when she uses her abilities, which, along with the techno-wings that often sprout from her back, make her look downright angelic. Unfortunately, being "The Ultimate Weapon", this frequently ends in lots and lots of people dying and/or cities being reduced to dust.
  • Da Capo and its sequels have the Giant Sakura Tree and its ever-blossoming kin. There are some truly terrifying scenes in the animes when everything is going horribly right we see beautiful cherry blossoms budding up and blossoming to life even as the characters beg for the trees to die.
  • In Gundam SEED we have Rau Le Creuset. Adorned in white from head to foot, he has blond hair, blue eyes, and pilots a mecha entitled the Providence. And is absolutely out of his mind. His Unwitting Pawn, Muruta Azrael, wears a light-blue suit, and has a religious name...and is even worse.
  • Miaka and the Suzaku senshi are the main characters of Fushigi Yugi but it's not until Eikoden do we see how selfish and uncaring Suzaku and the other Beast Gods are, concerned only with maintaining their immortality by taking the souls of the girls who become their priestesses.
  • The Guild in Last Exile. Aside from the customary white clothing, Guild ships are very bright and full of sunlight, particularly in contrast to the Silvana.
  • GaoGaiGar loves this trope, especially in FINAL, where the mostly black Genesic GaoGaiGar faces off against a so-white-it's-glowing Palupalrapa Plus.
  • Psycho-Pass has Makishima who dresses in white (including his hair) and has a clear Psycho Pass/low crime coefficient, but is a Well-Intentioned Extremist at best.
  • Arthur Angel, the current paladin of an order of exorcists in Blue Exorcist. He is described by Shura as "a saint on the outside and a devil on the inside", and at best he's a Jerkass who puts Honor Before Reason and has a bad case of Fantastic Racism. His Moral Event Horizon was arguably when he cut off Rin's foot just to keep him in place. Rin is fifteen.
  • Kill la Kill: Very much the case for Satsuki and her underlings' white Goku Uniforms, juxtaposed to Ryuko being clad in black and red.
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • Accelerator is very handsome, has white hair, wears brightly colored clothing, and can even sport an angelic appearance. He's also enormously insane who enjoys fighting other and is easily angered. However, it has appeared that he's pulled a Heel-Face Turn, and may be slightly closer to Light is Good.
    • Then there's his rival, Teitoku Kakine, who can sprout angel-like wings and generate weaponized light, but is one of the most despicable villains.
  • High School D×D:
    • The first enemies the Gremory Group faces are the fallen angels, immortal beings who can create weapons of light. This light is incredibly strong the the devils, the story's main protagonists.
  • The Hanged Man from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a light-based stand that can only manifest in reflections. It's also used by a grotesque Serial Killer, and resembles a sinister-looking mummy with a Blade Below the Shoulder.
  • Valkyria from Gokukoku No Brynhildr is a white-haired Woman in White who is as Ax-Crazy as she is powerful, and she is very powerful.
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