Groin Attack: Western Animation

  • Code Lyoko's "The Pretender" had Johnny getting hit square between the legs when trying to imitate Yumi's pipe-vault. He got over it fast.
  • Beavis and Butt-Head take groin shots to a philosophy class.
  • The episode of King of the Hill titled "Bobby Goes Nuts" has Bobby take a women's self defense class and, well, you can guess what happens from there. Remains fully faithful to the trope in that Bobby attempts it on his mother, and she dismisses the kick with a smirking: "That's right, I believe you'll find that I have no testicles!"
    • Bobby's signature war cry: "That's my purse! I don't know you!"
      • Though as stated in the Real Life section, she should have dropped to the ground in agony, most likely with a broken pelvis bone. However, Bobby never tries the maneuver again, so it could just be he missed a vital spot.
      • Bill Dauterieve, Hank's chubby, unlucky friend, gets hit below the belt in a couple of episodes ("Enrique-ciliable Differences", "Don't Take Me Out Of The Ball Game", "My Hair Lady", "The Texas Skilsaw Massacre", and "Bobby Goes Nuts".)
    • In the episode "Unfortunate Son" after Cotton triggers a panic attack on the Vietnam War veterans one of them grabs him in a headlock he escapes by head butting him in the groin.
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, had Apache Chief sue a coffee shop because the hot coffee spilled in his lap made him unable to "grow larger", fnarr fnarr. After he gets his power back by getting excited, it becomes a Running Gag that his "lap" is constantly either threatened with, or receiving, great harm.
  • South Park:
    • In "The List" Cartman comes up with "Operation: Cannot Possibly Fail", to steal the titular list from the girls. This involves one of the boys kicking the girl carrying The List in the balls and taking it. It becomes increasingly funny due to the looks of growing horror on the boys' faces when they don't get the expected results.
    Cartman: Okay, our mission failed, but we've learned a lot. Primarily that girls do not have balls.
    Butters: [with a black right eye and his right arm in a sling] They sure don't.
    Cartman: Never mind, because we are going to Plan B, one that I call "Operation: Cannot Possibly Fail A Second Time."
    • "Roshambo-ing". A "Cartman Roshambo" involves two guys taking turns and kicking each other in the nuts. Whoever is unable to stand up anymore loses. Obviously, these matches tend to be rather short. In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the Roshambo is one of the Fighter's special moves.
    • The boys' game of "I'll kick you in the nuts!" in "Here Comes the Neighborhood". And early!Cartman's repeated threats to kick people "squa' in the nuts".
    • In "Cartman Joins NAMBLA", Kenny hits his dad in the nuts with a baseball to prevent his parents from having another baby.
    • In "Cow Days" to make Cartman's elderly bull start bucking, Kyle hits it in the nuts with a snowball.
    Stan: What are you going to do?
    Kyle: Hit the bull in the balls with a snowball.
    Stan: Oh, yeah. That's a good idea.
    • In "The Return of Chef" Cartman tells Kenny "Spin Blossom Nut Squash!" who then headbutts a Super Adventure Club member in the proper area.
    • In "Tweek vs. Craig", Jimbo teaches Tweek how to box. Averted later in the episode when Mr. Adler tries to kill himself by lying down on the tablesaw feet first. He quickly repositions himself, noting "That would have hurt like hell!"
    • In "Succubus" Cartman promises the optometrist that if he calls him piggy one more time he would "rip his goddamn nuts off" with his bare hands.
    • "Hey hey let's go kenka suru/Taisetsu na mono protect my balls!"
  • In The Fairly OddParents episode "Frenemy Mine", after Timmy saves Vicky's life, she gets kicked out of B.R.A.T. (Babysitters' Rage Against Twerps) and she becomes insufferably clingy towards him. Fed up, Timmy does humiliating things to Vicky and manages to turn her back to her normal, cruel self by hitting her with a wrecking ball. The newly restored Vicky then proceeds to humiliate Timmy back, and one of the ways was a golf club to his groin.
  • The Simpsons features this trope in many episodes:
    • "Bart Star": Bart, wearing a cup, goads Milhouse into kicking his crotch. Milhouse repeatedly does so, to which Bart merely yawns. Eventually:
    Marge: Milhouse, stop that!
    • The infamous "Man Getting Hit by Football" short film (directed by and starring Hans Moleman) shown in the film festival episode "A Star is Burns". Homer, upon seeing it, says "The contest is over, give that man the $10,000!", even though it was pointed out that this wasn't Americas Funniest Home Videos. Homer replies, laughing the whole time, "but... the ball... his groin... it works on so many levels!"
      • Homer is apparently the only one who finds it funny. Yet at the end of the episode, Homer's comedic taste is vindicated when a remake of the film starring George C. Scott wins the Best Actor Oscar.
      • Jay Sherman also got hit by a football in the same episode.
      Nelson: Ha ha!
    • Homer Simpson himself is at the end of a variety of attacks to the groin, in the episodes "Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington", "Bart the Mother", "Little Big Mom", "Tennis The Menace", "Mom and Pop Art", "Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)", "Goo Goo Gai Pan", "You Gotta Know When to Golem", "Million Dollar Abie", "Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes", "Reaper Madness", and "Weekend at Burnsie's", as well as in The Simpsons Movie, where he gets kicked in the crotch by a tree.
      Homer (skiing, accidentally doing the splits, Tempting Fate): "Owww, my legs! This is the worst pain ever!" (receives several additional attacks from moguls as he passes not-quite-over them)
    • In "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes", an episode spoofing The Prisoner, Homer returns home only to be attacked by his own German body double. As the evil Homer tries to strangle him, Homer counters with this attack, reasoning that "If I know me, he won't like being kicked in the crotch!"
    • In "Homer to the Max", The "fat and stupid" version of the 'fictional' Homer Simpson (From the show 'Police Cops'), falls from a great height and lands on a cactus.
    • In "Lisa the Iconoclast", a flashback shows George Washington using his wooden false teeth to bite infamous pirate Hans Sprungfeld, a.k.a. Jebediah Springfield, on the family jewels.
    • Sideshow Bob and Bart fall from the "new" Springfield Dam, and Bob lands straddling a large, protruding pipe. It's implied to be very painful, as Bob doesn't even scream, he just stares forward blankly, as still as a statue.
    • In an unusual female example, Marge knees a female child therapist in the crotch. Appropriately, the woman crumples over in pain.
    • In the Treehouse of Horror segment "Frinkenstein", Professor Frink kills his father this way as the only organs he didn't have were testicles.
    • In "Treehouse of Horror IV", when attempting to stake the Vampire-Burns, Homers nailed him in the crotch first, before Lisa corrected him.
    • Comic Book Guy gets kicked in the crotch by Nelson in the episode "Lisa the Drama Queen", and Krusty shows an old clip from 1964 of him being bombarded by snowballs to the nuts in the episode "Simpsons Christmas Stories" (which he claims is his "most requested" clip all year).
    • Although it's offscreen in "Lisa's First Word" when a toddler Bart jumps off the TV trying to land on a sleeping Homer's stomach, when Bart makes the jump it implies he jumped a little too low and it cuts to Homer screaming in pain.
    • Subverted slightly in "Beyond Blunderdome", as during shooting of Rainier Wolfcastle's Saving Irene Ryan (Which Homer, Mel Gibson, and studio executives interrupted due to a chase between the executives and Homer/Gibson in regards to an edited film), Rainier's character is carrying Irene Ryan through a battlefield while she's kicking and screaming, and it is implied that she's kicking him in the crotch, yet his only reaction is "...and stop kicking me there!"
    • In "Million Dollar Abie", Bart is helping Grandpa train to be a bullfighter by pretending to be the bull, using a pair of horns strapped to his bicycle's handlebars. He misses Abe, but heads right for Homer, who's bent over trying to pick up a lucky penny that he found on the sidewalk. Bart manages to brake in time, but then Homer turns around and walks groin-first into the horn, complete with a cartoonish "doink" sound effect, and falls over clutching at himself.
    • "The Greatest Story ever Doh'ed": Bart gets groined by Dorit, the daughter of Jakob the tourist, and from Lisa herself; both in the art of Krav Maga.
    • "The Wandering Juvie" has this threatened by guest star Sarah Michelle Gellar at knife point.
    "Touch my fence again, and puberty's gonna be very boring.
    • In "Take My Wife, Sleaze" near the end when Homer gangs up on the bikers who had kidnapped Marge he punts one of them in the crotch; little did he realize at this point they had given up their violent ways.
    • Mabel Simpson, the true ancestor of the Simpson family in "The Color Yellow," threatens to shoot Colonel Burns in the groin with a shotgun should he ever try to approach her property again (especially to retrieve a runaway slave). Colonel Burns gets the hint and flees, although not before swearing revenge.
    • An eagle responds to Moe's bird call.
    • At one point, when kicked in that area, Homer yells "Ow, my thingies!"
  • Almost happened in the Futurama episode, "Roswell That Ends Well." Fry is trying to ensure that his grandpa, Enos stays alive. If Enos dies, Fry gets erased from existence. While they are at Joe's Malts, Fry panics at the sight of flames from a hamburger patty being flipped by one of the cooks and accidentally bumps into the table he and Enos are sitting at, causing a knife to almost hit Enos' crotch.
    Fry:[gasps] Fire! Look out!
    Fry:[gasps], You almost got neutered.
    Enos: Well 'taint as bad as gettin' killed.
    Fry: For me it is. I'm getting you out of here.
  • Robot Chicken:
    • A musical "Ode to the Nut Shot," played a mélange of — you guessed it — nut shots to the finale of The 1812 Overture, and finished with an orchestra pit musician running up to swing his saxophone into the conductor's groin.
    • The Christmas episode starring Goku and Gohan of Dragon Ball Z fame. The Nutcracker has a moveset of over 100 testicle based attacks. Poor Gohan gets hit with attack # 49, which causes him to shout, "OWWW! MY DRAGON BALLS!" upon hit (He also believes one of them "popped". Ouch.).
    • During Composite Santa's rampage, he kicked a rabbi "right in the Matzah Balls."
    • The "Ted Turner as Captain Planet" sketch. "Protect the environment, or I'll f***ing kill you!"
      "You got glass in my eye!"
      "And my foot in your balls — CAPTAIN PLANET!"
    • He-Man proved that this move was just as effective against women when he declared that "one in the hand is worth two in the BUSH" as he punted Evil-Lyn between her legs.
    • What Bob Barker did to Snoop. Plus, all those dogs, cats, racehorses, pandas.... Snoop got a shot on Barker too, but it didn't bother him too much.
    • In "Idle Nuts", a man agreed to have his nuts run over by a car for $2 million. The doctor could do a transplant for $2 million plus tax. He only had the nuts of a serial killer to work with, so the trope was inverted when the groin started attacking others. Jessica Alba also makes an appearance.
      "You know, I'd want to attack you with my nuts even if they weren't possessed."
    • A group of Star Wars and Star Trek fans quarrel at a sci-fi convention. One fan dressed as Spock says that they can handle the situation logically...
    • Petroleum Pete notes the next time you see a hippie telling you about alternative fuels kick them in the balls or if they're a woman, in the taco.
    • When Cameron Diaz learns she has less then a day to live she decides to get some final revenge, hitting Ben Stiller and Bill Murray in the nuts with a baseball bat. She then goes to the house of John Rutter, who blackmailed her over topless photos. After his mom points out he's in prison, Cameron remembers she won that case. She hits his moms with the bat instead, noting "You win this round, John Rutter's nuts."
    • In the season 4 finale the characters recap what happened that season. An alien notes there were 50 nut shots. He then gets hit in the groin, and quickly updates the tally.
  • Disney's Bonkers
    • Officer Lucky Piquel, Bonkers D. Bobcat's fat, human partner, gets hit in the crotch in an episode called "Hamster Houseguest". At one point, he is hanging on to the bottom of a helicopter as it flies down an alley. A tow truck dives past in the opposite direction, and Lucky, looking panicked, pulls his legs in tightly, narrowly avoiding getting smacked in the nuts by the crane at the back. He looks back with relief, only to have a palm tree whack him in the groin. Afterwards, he sports a goofy expression, with crossed eyes and a wavy mouth. His efforts were not entirely wasted; at least he didn't take it in the cojones twice in a row.
    • In episode 1, when Bonkers slips on a banana peel, he slides across the room and in between Piquel's legs. In the second episode, Bonkers bounces up and down on Lucky's belly, and Lucky changes positions while Bonkers is still in the air. As a result, he lands on Lucky's lap.
  • The Disney cartoon Goof Troop has a surprising amount of groin hits. In the episode "Midnight Movie Madness" Pete falls two stories from a ladder and lands groin-first on a tree branch. In "Everything's Coming Up Goofy", PJ slides down a banister and slams into the bottom knob. In "Take Me Out Of The Ball Game", PJ gets hit in the crotch twice by baseballs fired out of a pitching machine at full speed. In the episode "From Air To Eternity" Pete narrowly blocks getting jabbed in the crotch with a walking stick by an old lady. And in "Hot Air", when he, Max, and Goofy are up in the air, with Pete's legs tied to the back of a plane and Goofy and Max are hanging onto his arms, Goofy walks across him to get the pilot, and accidentally stands on Pete's nads. In "Maximum Insecurity", when PJ and Max are sliding through a waste pipe chasing after Chainsaw, Max stops himself when he reaches the end of the pipe by grabbing onto the sides. Unfortunately, PJ comes straight out after, and crotch-slams Max out of the pipe. Funny how it only ever happened to Pete and PJ...
  • Another Disney cartoon that features a crotch-shot is TaleSpin. In the episode "Bullethead Baloo", Professor Buzz gets caught on a rocket, which flys around his lab, before crashing into Baloo's stomach, slamming him into a wall. Then, Buzz follows up by crashing into Baloo, and his beak hits him right in the groin, causing him to yelp.
  • Happens to Donald Duck in the Quack Pack episode "Snow Place To Hide".
  • Mickey Mouse
    • He gets dragged along a fence in the Mickey Mouse Works short "Mickey's New Car".
    • In the classic 1930 short "The Chain Gang", the poor mouse even yelps to the beat of the background score as the fenceposts hit him.
    • In another 1930 short, "Pioneer Days", Mickey gets into a scuffle with the Indian chief. At one point, while struggling to pull a knife away from him, Mickey kicks him in the groin several times; this is probably the very first use of an intentional Groin Attack in a cartoon.
  • Mickey's overweight foe Pete gets hit in the crotch during several classic Disney cartoons. In "Two Gun Mickey", Mickey accidentally bodyslams Pete in the balls after he tries to kick Mickey off a cliff. The spur on Pete's peg leg gets caught on Mickey's belt, causing him to spring back and slam into Pete's family jewels. In "Shanghaied", Mickey stabs Pete in the groin with a swordfish, and later on Pete falls onto a lamp crotch-first, his weight causing it to bend. In "Klondike Kid", Pete gets hit in the nuts by trees three times. He gets hit again in "The Mad Dog" as his crotch slams into a lamppost, sliding him to the top where he smashes all of the lamps with his groin. It seems that Mickey himself is also on the receiving end in the episode "Klondike Kid". In the fight scene with Mickey and Pete bouncing on springs, Pete finally lands a blow by punching Mickey in the crotch which sends him flying into a cuckoo clock.
  • In Disney's Marsupilami episode "The Hairy Ape", when Mars and Norman are sliding down a bank towards a river, Norman smacks his crotch off a rock and lands in the water.
  • Avoided (by a few centimetres) in a Darkwing Duck episode. Since it was an axe involved, surely Darkwing appreciates the fact that it didn't hit, but the look on his face in the episode ("Life, the Negaverse, and Everything") suggested it was a concern.
  • In an episode of Yin Yang Yo called "Gone A Fowl", Master Yo gets kicked hard in the crotch whilst fighting with a clown, and is knocked through the air, landing on top of a parked truck.
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • Poison Ivy kicked The Joker in the balls after his attempt to poison her failed - and she kicked him hard enough to knock him onto his back. He gives out a high-pitched remark before collapsing again. He does recover rather quickly.
    • It happened to him again while fighting the Phantasm in Mask of the Phantasm. And again in Return of the Joker. Maybe it's Crotch Guided Karma for his regular atrocities against humanity.
    • Another episode features Robin nut-punching one of Ra's Al Ghul's cronies. You don't actually see the impact, but the look on the mook's expressive mask is unmistakable.
    • Batgirl gives a thug a kick to the junk in Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero.
  • In The Batman vs. Dracula, Vicki Vale knees Oswald Cobblepot AKA the Penguin between the legs after he tried to apprehend her.
  • Batman Beyond
    • In the pilot, Terry escapes from Mr. Fixx by kicking him in the nads.
    • Terry himself was also subject to a Groin Attack in Return of the Joker. During the fight in the night club with the Jokerz, one of the Deedee twins grabs him while the other kicks him in the balls with a flying jump kick before restraining him for a punch from Chucko. His back was turned when the attack was delivered so it wasn't actually seen, but the doink sound effect and Terry groaning in agony while collapsing to his knees makes it very obvious.
  • In Batman: Under the Red Hood a younger Jason Todd kicks The Riddler in the nuts and later threatens to put a cap between Joker's legs.
  • Wonder Woman kicks Granny Goodness in the fork during Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.
  • In one episode of the short-lived MTV cartoon Downtown, the groin attack is attempted by two characters on what they think is a creepy stalker guy. It's actually a creepy stalker girl (and the best friend of one of them...don't ask), who promptly reverses the attack with more success. The kickee falls down gasping, "Always go for the balls...just like my mom taught me."
  • In an episode of Dexter's Laboratory Dexter gets hit in the nuts with a dodgeball and spends the whole day holding his crotch.
  • On The Venture Bros., The Monarch threatens the crotches of the Venture family with the DREADED CANDIRU! A naughty little fish with a penchant for swimming directly up the human urethra! ...But Mother Nature beats him to it with a groin attack of her own.
    • In a later episode, Brock tortures one of Baron Ünderbheit's mooks by squeezing his testicles to get him to give away the Baron's location. In a case of Crosses the Line Twice, this causes him to notice that the mook has a lump in one testicle. The victim then tells him where the Baron is, figuring nothing matters to him any more.
    • In Season 4's "Handsome Ransom", the Monarch does this on Dr. Venture when they try to make a deal for $10 million in exchange for the titular brothers; instead, the supervillain decided to take the money "the Monarch way".
    • The Murderous Moppets in "Shadowman 9 In the Cradle of Destiny". They take out Henchman 21 & 24, as well as about a dozen other henchman, by kicking them all in their crotches.
    • In another episode, Hank Venture tries to dry out his crotch with a bathroom's hand dryer, but holds it there too long and his pants ignite. Dean tries to beat out the fire and ends up repeatedly striking his crotch.
    • Hank tries to use a gun, but the recoil makes the gun's butt fly back into his crotch.
    • In the episode "Every Which Way But Zeus", the boys and Sgt. Hatred pretend to kidnap Dr. Venture to make him feel less insignificant and Hank re-enacts the torture scene from Casino Royale with him. Subverted when it turns out he hasn't cut out the seat of the chair Dr. Venture is tied to, meaning that he's been hitting the seat rather than the victim's balls all along.
  • You might think that robots would be invulnerable to crotch kicks. Beast Wars' Rattrap demonstrates otherwise... on Waspinator. Twice.
  • Total Drama has one or more of these in practically every episode.
    • It becomes a little heart breaking in season 3, when Owen says that he regrets breaking up with Izzy, and misses the way she would kick him in the 'kiwis' constantly.
    • In the 3rd season finale, Heather and Alejandro make-out for about 5 seconds, then Heather kicks him in the groin and pushes him onto an ice cube, letting him slide down the volcano, making him lose.
  • In an episode of Rocko's Modern Life Rocko is picking berries for himself, Heffer, and Philburt to eat after getting lost in the woods. After picking a few he grabs one and a loud scream is heard and a bear clutching his groin in pain runs him over.
  • Family Guy has quite a few of these.
    • Whenever Peter fights Ernie the Giant Chicken, he's always guaranteed to take at least one. In fact, almost every fight scene Peter's in usually has at least one groin shot. So far those Peter has been nailed by include: Lois, Brian, the Giant Chicken, Joe, and some random Jewish guy in a cutaway gag.
    • Brian has also been kicked by Stewie for insulting his favourite TV show, Jolly Farm Revue.
    • In a nice bit of Medium Blending one cutaway had Peter scolding Scat (from the movie Ice Age) for touching his "frozen nuts" (acorn stuck in ice). Scat responds by attacking him.
    • Ironically, Peter took a shot to the nuts by a familiar guy wearing a blue jumpsuit and orange Afro wig...
    • In a deleted scene Chris kicked Quagmire in that particular region...SEVEN TIMES IN STEEL TOED BOOTS!
    • Anna rules... cause she kicks all the bad guys in the jewels.
    • You got to be aggressive. Even more aggressive than Michael Jackson's treatment of his own groin on stage.
    • During the Chicken Fight in "Internal Affairs" Ernie gets two: First he's punched by Peter and then he's skewered by a broken metal rod. [1]
    • In "Sibling Rivalry", Stewie kicks a kid in the nuts to get on the jungle gym.
    • In the episode "Christmas Guy," after Brian's death is prevented, Stewie hits him in the groin with a hockey stick.
  • American Dad! subjects Stan and Steve to these every now and then.
    • Stan finds himself being beaten up by a bunch of Chinese gangsters on a parade float...until he remembers his CIA training...Which apparently is solely based on this trope, since he proceeds to promptly smash EVERY gangster in the balls with Kung-Fu moves. Needless to say, he wins the fight.
    • A mind-controlled Hayley punches her father in the groin.
    • Stan punches Steve in the groin after they share a father-son moment and he points it out. He does the same to Stan at the end of the episode for doing the same thing.
    • Stan's father kicks him in the groin just before he's taken away to jail, saying that he has to assert dominance around others. Stan does this to Steve a moment later when he says that he may end up in jail himself one day.
    • Stan gets one by one of the performers of the What's Happening!! version Cirque du Solei by talking throughout the whole performance.
    • In another episode Stan beats up Roger for stealing his dog, as Roger attempts to defend himself he hits Stan in the crotch by accident then upon realizing that it hurt him he offers to help him up only to kick him there again and again.
    • Steve accidentally burns Stan's crotch with a blowtorch once.
  • Eek The Cat
    • In the episode "Fatal Eek Traction", when Alice picks him up and hugs him tight near the beginning, his groin is accidentally pressed up against a fire hydrant. He says that he thinks it pierced his appendix, since it's a kid's show and all.
    • He also lands on Sharky's dog house and is accidentally hit by J.B. when he and his sister fight in the episode 'Eek's Funny Thing That He Does'.
  • Oggy and the Cockroaches has several. Oggy in the episodes 'The Techno-files', 'Going Up',' Welcome to Paris', 'Boxing Fever', and 'Upside Down'. Jack in the episode 'Go for it, Jack'.
  • Tom and Jerry
    • In the episode "The Flying Cat", Tom falls from out of the air and lands onto a treeďż˝ and then splits it in half with his groin with an accompanying sound of a buzzsaw.
    • In "A Mouse In The House" after Jerry hits Butch in the foot with a plank of wood while hopping in pain he accidentally steps on Tom's crotch causing him pain.
  • In the Disney cartoon Soccermania, there are a few attack to the groin. The first is on a hippo on Scrooge McDuck's team, who is accidentally hit in the crotch when one of his teammates crashes into him. The second one was when one of the Beagle Boys intentionally kicked the ball as hard as he could into the elephant goal keeper's crotch, in order to knock him backwards and score a goal.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show
    • In the episode "Mad Dog Hoek", Ren kicks Stimpy in the groin to get his face to pop back out.
    • Also in the Adult Party Cartoon episode "Onward and Upward", Ren kicks a giant hobo in the testicles after leaving his mouth, and then Stimpy does the same.
    • And in "Fire Dogs 2", Ren accidentally performs one on the Fire Chief when trying to unzip his flies.
  • Two Stupid Dogs
    • In the episode Las Pelotas!, Little Dog tries to carry too many tennis balls in his mouth, and one of them files out and hits Big Dog in the crotch. Big Dog then talks in a strained, pained voice.
    • At one point during Seeing Eye Dogs, Big Dog and Little Dog are leading a blind Hollywood, through a construction site, and end up falling of the top of a building that is under construction. Little Dog and Big Dog land on a girder on their torsos, but Hollywood isn't so lucky. He lands on his groin with such force that the screen shakes, and it bends under his great weight. He then asks in a high voice if he's home yet.
  • Watch closely, this happens to Starscream at 3:01
  • Hey Arnold!
    • In one episode when doing martial arts training with his grandma at one point he tries to kick a can off Grandpa Phil's head but he trips and accidentally kicks him in the groin.
    • In The Movie one of Sheck's goons (despite his protests) gets whacked in this particular area courtesy of Gerald.
  • In The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries episode "Something Fishy Around Here", Sylvester J. Pussycat is whacked in the crotch with a bamboo staff by a ninja, lifted up off the ground, and thrown over the ninja's head.
    • Sylvester lands crotch-first on a water buffalo's head in the episode "This Is The Kitty", before uttering "grandmother" in a high pitched voice.
    • In "Don't Polka Me", Sylvester stomps on a floorboard and hits a grey cat in the groin in order to retrieve Tweety from him.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures
    • "Europe In 30 Minutes" features a butler called Reginald getting his groin stepped on by a maid.
    • In "Minister Golf", one scene has Baby Plucky hitting his golf ball that ricochet's right into his dad's groin. Though not explicitly shown, his remark "Congratulations son, you're going to be an only child!" leaves little doubt about where that ball hit.
  • Sasha in Titan Maximum takes Groin Attack to a new level. She tore a monster's heart out through its crotch. Sasha later demonstrates an entire fighting style based on this trope, downing several armed soldiers in quick succession with nothing but brutal, complex groin attack combos.
  • In an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Grim is taking a walk with his girlfriend Malaria and at one point they come across a mud puddle. Grim looks for something for her to walk across and grabs a little Scottish man and has her walk across him with high heels. She begins to walk slowly from his face to his groin; upon stepping on them the Scottish man winces in pain and says "you busted me bagpipes!".
  • In the Spicy City episode "Sex Drive", a Dirty Cop is kicked in the groin.
  • Stripperella features this quite often. In "Crime Doesn't Pay...Seriously, It Really Doesn't", she hits Cheapo between the legs with a giant spoon, and in "Evil Things Come in Small Packages", she takes out Small Fry by headbutting him in the crotch. She also hits Chief Stroganoff with a sledgehammer in "The Wrath of Klinko" because he wanted to try out a protective plate... but he thought he had to put it on after the blow.
    Stroganoff: Really? Well I'm lucky I lost my genitals in the war.
  • The Boondocks:
    • In "A Date With the Booty Warrior", Tom punches a prison rapist in the crotch, although that isn't what takes him out of the fight.
    • Cindy does this to one of the chocolate company goons in the episode "The Fundraiser"
    • Then we have Jack Flowers, whose usual Interrogation Technique involves multiple kicks to the nuts... capped off with a kick from a studded steel boot... with a running start.
    • The fat white kid on the basketball team accidentally gets hit with one in the episode "Ballin'"
    • Thugnificent's hit single: "Stomp 'em in the Nuts"
    • Uncle Ruckus interrogates a security guard by doing the above song's title.
    • Bonus points for Uncle Ruckus stomping him in the nuts to the song "Stomp 'em in the Nuts".
    • Uncle Ruckus himself becomes a victim of this trope when he "nigga-sits" Huey and Riley.
  • In the very early Looney Tunes short "Bosko's Store", Bosko chases a kitten through his store. The cartoon ends when the kitten grabs a roll of barb wire, unravels it between Bosko's legs, and pulls it while running away causing it to rub up against Bosko's groin causing him to scream in pain.
  • Adventure Time:
    • To get an ogre to release Jake from his stomach in "The Enchiridion!", Finn kicks him in the crotch. In the same episode, Finn uses a groin attack to retaliate against The Final Temptation and, in so doing, dispatches the Evil Sorcerer that is tempting him. The Manly Minotaur also lists "Nard Kicking Ability" as a trait of a truly righteous hero.
    • In "Freak City", Magic Man turns Finn into a giant foot, so Jake makes a sort of catapult to launch him between a giant monster's legs. Bonus points for actually mentioning "kicking someone in the crotch" in a kid's cartoon. And the two-headed giant's reaction is just hilarious.
      • "Our crotch! Our EVIL crotch!"
    • Marceline eventually kicks her Jerkass boyfriend Ash in the nuts in "Memory of a Memory".
    • To distract the hitman he summoned to kill Finn and Jake in "Hitman", the Ice King repeatedly states that someone got hit in the boing-loings. Bonus points for remembering he actually said "nuts" in the antimatic for that episode.
  • The Proud Family actually manages to sneak in a groin attack in one episode. After Sugamama and Penny's Teacher buried the hatchet, or at least decided to team up to defeat their old twin rivals at a 40s style dance competition, they grabbed Oscar Proud for him to be a dancing partner without his consent, they then decide for the finale to do the "wishbone", which involves tossing their male dance partner and then the dancers grabbing a leg each to "make a wish." shortly after doing this, they pull on his legs, causing a zoom in on Oscar's face as he chuckles nervously, and then followed thereafter with a distinct "ripping sound" with Oscar making a quivering, big-eyed, evidently pain-filled facial expression with the audience going "oooooooo" in shock as the screen comically falls down and crashes. The aftermath with Sugamama and Penny's Teacher winning the award also has Oscar lying on a stretcher passing by with one of his legs extended in the air, making it quite apparent as to what happened.
  • One Rugrats episode features Drew trying to video tape Angelica in an attempt to get her on America's Wackiest Home Movies; needless to say her attempts to be funny were failing to say the least, until she's told to do something funny like on the show. She does. All you see is her on video swinging her baton towards the camera, Drew screaming in pain and Angelica holding the now bent baton with a confused look on her face.
  • In the Pinky and the Brain episode "Welcome To The Jungle" at one point during their fight Brain punches Snowball in the crotch.
    • In the Slappy Squirrel cartoon "One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock" when Slappy goes insane from watching too much day time talk shows. Skippy takes her to a physician and he tests her reflexes with a hospital hammer; she tells him she's not feeling anything so she suggests he try her mallet. When he does, it causes her foot to fly up and kick him in the crotch.
    • In "Take My Siblings Please" when Wakko confronts the troll, he convinces the troll not to eat him because it would violate his contract and that the executives would sue his pants off, and he demonstrates by pulling the front of the troll's pants back and snapping them back into place, the troll grabs his crotch and yelps in pain.
  • One episode of The Penguins of Madagascar had Skipper falling into a tree.. then falling down it with a branch hitting him between the legs the more he fell.
  • A staple tactic on Celebrity Deathmatch, used too many times to count. Inverted by Tommy Lee, who killed Ron Jeremy with a Gag Penis to the eye socket.
  • Shows up in (of all places) My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In the first season finale, "The Best Night Ever." While dancing onstage, Pinkie Pie knocks a piano stool out from under a pianist, and she just keeps dancing there for a few seconds, to the pianist's visible displeasure.
    • In "Keep Calm and Flutter On", Rainbow Dash disparages Discord after he makes a gravy boat come alive. His response is to make the gravy boat pour hot gravy on her lap.
  • In an episode of Phineas and Ferb, Baljeet gets hit in the crotch by a Soccer Ball.
  • In the Regular Show episode "Grave Sights" when the lead zombie a large muscular man named Fightinton starts attacking the crowd Skips tries this on him only for his groin to crumble to dust and because he's a zombie he doesn't feel anything.
    • Mordecai has also kicked Rigby in the crotch in "Death Punchies".
    • Done to a giant floating head named Garrett Bobby Ferguson, causing it to shout "My chin!".
  • The Angry Beavers
    • In theHalloween Special "The Day The Earth Got Really Screwed Up" while trying to remove Norbert's mask, Dagget accidentally smacks Mann Servante in the crotch.
    • "If You Insisters" has this happen to Dag again when kid sister Chelsea's bag hits him in the crotch.
  • Not only does Rogue threaten this in X-Men: Evolution, she's Leaning on the Fourth Wall to do so. Catching Spyke with a video camera, she says if there's any footage of her "they're going to be calling you spike-less." It's not the bone quills she's referring to, and as she says the words she looks straight at the screen, possibly causing many a viewer to stop recording and erase their tapes.
  • The Cleveland Show episode "Yemen Party" has 2 Groin Attacks in quick succession during the Fight Scene where Rallo, who is in a baby harness attached to Cleveland Jr, is fighting the sandbox bully Rodney, who is attached to his own brother via a baby harness. During the fight, Rodney asks Rallo if he likes Kickball, then his brother kicks Cleveland Jr in the groin. As Junior is recovering Rallo retorts that he "prefers Handball" as Junior swings his arm around and punches Rodney's Brother in the crotch.
  • In the Ed, Edd n Eddy pilot Ed repeatedly runs and knocks himself and his groin into a pole. It's even more painful to watch when looped as shown here.
    • Eddy did this to him after finding out that the lump forgot where he placed his magazines.
  • In the Men In Black episode "Big Bad Bug Syndrome" Agent L does this to Edgar's (the villain of the first movie) brother Dung.
  • In the adult animated "Once Upon A Girl" a squirrel bites Jack in the dick after he starts humping its tree.
  • In the film version of Watership Down during their fight at one point Bigwig digs his hind claws into General Woundwort's crotch.
  • In Hotel Transylvania, Quasimodo kicks an animated suit of armor in the crotch in an effort to avoid capture. The armor goes down to his knees, clutching his crotch, then asks the camera, "Why did that hurt me?"
  • In the fourth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, during the bounty hunter arc, Obi-wan (while disguised as Rako Hardeen) is subject to this courtesy of a pissed off Anakin Skywalker. It Makes Sense in Context, don't worry.
  • Rare female version from Moral Orel, where Bloberta uses power tools on her own vagina, in an effort to attract a guy who liked that.
  • The LEGO Movie has Bad Cop constantly abuse chairs and occasionally underlings. One scene has him kick around a chair in a rage, starting with a punt that sends it flying straight into the groin of the Mecha-Mook who set up the chair for him, complete with a high-pitched mechanical "Erk!" from the victim followed by them freezing in position and falling over very stiffly.
  • In the Star Wars Rebels episode "Idiot's Array," Hera punches Lando Calrissian in the crotch for all the trouble he caused her, resulting in Lando briefly gaining Instant Soprano.