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Funny: The Eric Andre Show
  • The 2012 New Years Eve special ends abruptly when Eric discovers that all the crew members are Mayans, who proceed to sacrifice him on live TV to please their God. Eric then thanks all the celebrity guests as he's being cut open.
    • Both the Omorosa and Demi Lovato interviews, which seem as though neither of the women were warned about the nature of the show and seem to obliviously walk in expecting a standard late-night talk show. Even better, the Omorosa interview lasts so much longer than it needs to that she eventually just gets up and walks out amidst the chaos after about two full minutes of no interaction.
  • Realizing the Season 2 finale is just Eric trashing the set for 11 minutes, Hannibal goes in the back and reads a newspaper.
  • Russell Brand from the second episode of season 1, and all of his appearances after that.
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