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  • Pretty much all the scenes the have Nerville in them:
    • "Veggie Zombies":
    Nerville: "I found some ranch dressing! Zombies hate that stuff."
    Orange: "Nerville! Look out!"
    *Vegetable zombies start crawling on Nerville and start dragging him behind a barrel*
    Nerville: "No! No! No! I! Hate! Vegetables!
    • "Escape from the Planet of the Grapes of Wrath", Nerville eating a lot of grape jelly.
    Nerville pours a whole jar of jelly onto a piece of bread, then puts a piece on top of it.
    Nerville: "More jelly!"
  • "Follow the Bouncing Orange":
    *Pear gets shot at a wall courtesy of a tennis ball shooter*
    Pear: Hey, let's dog to the go-park (laughs deliriously).
  • In "Lords of Fruitbush", this exchange:
    Pear: "This is the produce aisle, you don't own this territory."
    Squashy: "There are signs all around that say we do."
    (Cut to graffiti that says Squashies)
    Orange: "Well this sign says you're a doofus." (Holds up sign that says "Doofus" with an arrow on it.
    • After noticing someone squirted icing on Sweet Cookie, "Someone iced Sweet Cookie!"
  • "Captain Blood Orange":
    • Marshmallow revealing his deep dark secret:
    Marshmallow: "Sometimes darkness washes over me and all I can see when I close my eyes is blood death and destruction. And that I love you guys and you're my best friends, yay!
    • When Nerville is revealed to be He Who Comes During Night Shift he says he's getting hungry. So what do the fruit serve up for him? The creepy corn guys.
  • Founding Fruits:
    • Watermelon blowing up. Plus this:
    Orange: "Wow! Watermelon sure had a short fuse.
  • In "Fruitloose", Nerville comes up on the fruit, he notices they're all depressed, he tells them: "Snap out of it. No one wants to buy depressed fruit, I should know." The scene cuts to him standing next to an old broken down cart with depressed fruit inside. The best part is Nerville's sales pitch: "Buy my fruit, or don't I really don't care."

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