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Funny: A Dose Of Buckley
  • From his Wiz Khalifa Musical Autopsy of "Black and Yellow":
    Buckley: By the same logic used by the illogical dipshits commenting on YouTube, "Black & Yellow" can be about a bee, Michael Keaton's Batman, a taxi, a tiger, fucking Pikachu!
    • Buckley's deviation from his normal "Musical Autopsy" catchphrase at the end:
    Buckley: This has been Musical Autopsy. Fuck your mother!
  • From a video called "Respect" about the Penelope Soto contempt of court case:
    Judge: How much is your jewelry worth?
    Penelope Soto: It's worth a lot of money.
    Judge: How much?
    Penelope Soto: Like...Rick Ross.
    Buckley: It's worth Rick loopy cunt!
  • Stop. Fucking. Raping.
  • Buckley reads tweets from rappers. It's exactly what it sounds like. And it is hilarious.
    • The parody of the Reading Rainbow theme in the intro.
    • Some of the tweets themselves
    Gucci Mane: I got picks of nikki n my bed I got tape off rocko begging 4 his ?got pix of 3sum k kaior. Dm asksem ciara kelly fantasia mya buffy maliah?

    Tyga: First off Let's address the Elephant in the room. Every 1 knows Burberry has HIV dats why nobody fuk with him.

    Gucci Mane: fucked bufy in d ass
    Buckley: Apparently, the Vampire Slayer likes taking it in the dumper.

    • After a particularly garbled and nonsensical tweet from Gucci
    Buckley: This appears to potentially be a stroke. I think Gucci should get some medical attention here.

  • In the Musical Autopsy of True Love:
    Buckley: Lily Allen - the voice of an angel and the mouth of a sailor! What's not to love?!?!
  • From the worst songs of 2012 video:
    "[Madonna] had better give up now, call it a career, before she releases 'Like a Geriatric'."
    • Buckley comments on what "Whistle" is about
    "How fucking novel. It's a song about blowjobs."

    "Good one, Flo Rida, now soccer moms are singing along to songs about blowjobs with their eight year old kid in the back seat."

    Rihanna: "Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake."
    Buckley: (After listening to another verse) "Hmm, wonder what the next line's going to be?"
    Buckley: "Brutal."

    Buckley: (On Future's "Turn on the Lights") "He's off-beat. He's off... key, I guess, if there's a key that this is in. I'd say that in this case, they should have auto-tuned him; but it sounds like they did - it just didn't work!"
    (Gilligan Cut to an auto-tune machine with two speech bubbles from off-screen technicians)
    Technician 1: "Is it broken?!"
    Technician 2: "No, there's just no setting to fix this guy's voice!"
    • The sheer fact that the Number 1 Position wound up being a FOUR-WAY TIE between four different Nicki Minaj songs
    Buckley: "And there it is, the 10... well, 13... Worst Songs of 2012."
    • He describes the beat for Pound the Alarm sounds like a squirrel being raped with a ziptie.
  • From his musical autopsy of "Grenade":
    "This sounds like it was written by Dr. Seuss in his Emo years. 'I would get blown up by a grenade/I would impale myself on a blade/I would jump in front of a moving train/I'd even get shot right in my brain'.
    • Buckley's bafflement on Bruno Mars catching a grenade.
    "Are you trying to woo some girl in a warzone?!"
    • He claims that Bruno was high when he wrote the song.
  • From the worst songs of 2010 video:
    "Wow! I wonder what this song is about. Katy Perry wants to see my brightly colored Indian bird? No, it's defiantly her desire to see penises."
  • From his video on Rob Ford
    "Everyone seems to have an opinion, ranging from having him removed from office to public hanging, which you really need some strong rope for. Plus, he doesn't even have a neck."
  • His Musical Autopsy of "Fine China"
    Chris Brown: It's like all the girls around me don't have faces
    Buckley: Well, they don't when you get done with them.
  • His "Jocks vs Nerds" video
    "They're laughing at how obsessed you are over sweaty men who shower together after they spend all day falling on top of each other."
  • His Musical Autopsy of Call Me Maybe
    "She's just waiting for torn Levi's to give her a shout and already she's mental for him."
    (pauses song) "Okay. Now see, this is the point where she's gone fucking nuts."
  • Forensically dissecting the 'lyrics' of LMFAO and taking it all very seriously.
    "I don't remember a single Bruce Lee movie when he was at a nightclub rocking."
  • In "Justin Bieber: A Year In Review", Buckley comments on how lame Justin's drag race was (going 60mph in a Gallardo) and says he should arrested for "acting like a pussy in a badass vehicle"
    • This gem
    Buckley: Bail is set at a laughable $2500, which is probably why he was smiling like a smug asshole in his mugshots."
    (Gilligan Cut to Justin's mugshot with a speech bubble)
    Justin: 2500?! Where will I come up with that kind of money? Oh wait, did one second pass? I just made another $10000.
  • In the autopsy of "Stupid Hoe", he interpretates the line "I piss one bitches" literally and thinks that Nicki actually urinates on women
    • After hearing Nicki hold a long note, Buckley thought that nothing else was more annoying. Cue the chorus:
  • From his "Worst of 2013" list:
    Tyga: OK, open up your Bubba Gump, let me see your bumper
    The booty so smooth, can't believe is not butter
    I go in from under, she wetter than a surfer
    I ate the pussy fast, I'm about to start burpin'-
    Buckley: (Still deadpan, but clearly Squicked out) Oh, and that. Thanks for that image, Tyga.
    • This gem at the end of his Honorable Mentions, on Ace Hood's "Bugatti":
    Ace Hood: "I woke up in a new Bugatti! (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!) I woke up in a new Bugatti-!"
  • His video about the KFC charity hoax begins with the intro of his "Scumbags of the Internet" series, right before moving on with the regular dose.
  • From his autopsy of Pink's "True Love":
    "Also, are you really stealing lines from Kelly Clarkson? This is just as bad as when you were stealing lines from The Dark Knight. Granted you stole it from the dead guy so he's not going to miss it.
    • At the same time:
    Captions: The "You" (in "My Life Would suck without You) in this case referred to Cheeseburgers
    Speech bubble at the corner of the screen: That's not nice Buckley, she has struggled with her weight!
  • During one "Advice no one asked for" video, he gives a Flat "What." at the writer saying how she is pregnant with her stepbrothers child.
  • His autopsy of "Dark Horse":
    • The rant about rapper shout outs.
    • About this song counting as a number 1 single for Juicy J note , even though most listeners are here for Katy
    Buckley: I could have been on this fucking track and it still would have been #1!
    • "Capable of anything and everything, huh? Well, there you go, boys! Katy takes it in the dumper!"
    • After listening to a lyric
    Katy: Boy, you should know what you're falling for.
    Buckley': It's nice of her to give the guy a warning that she's a psycho bitch.
    • Dissecting Juicy J's verse
    Juicy J: She'll eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer
    Buckley: Jeffrey Dalmer ate more than just the heart.

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