Film: Blades of Glory

In 2003, two skaters — Charles "Chazz" Michael Michaels (played by Will Ferrell) and James "Jimmy" MacElroy (played by Jon Heder) — have been banned from the Men's Singles Skaters after a fight between the two skaters.

After going through a slump in their lives, Jimmy discovered a loophole with the help of his stalker Hector saying that he can compete in the doubles even though he's been banned. Jimmy gains the help of his coach, but is unable to find a female partner, so they enlist the help of his rival Chazz to compete in the Figure Skating Championships.

The two must overcome mutual dislike, limited time to prepare, their coach's secret past, and the dirty tricks of their main opponents, the Van Waldenberg siblings. The key to victory or defeat may lie in the attraction of Jimmy towards Katie, the Van Waldenbergs' little sister.

Not to be confused with Balls of Fury.

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Blades Of Glory