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Fiery Redhead: Videogames
  • Ghost Trick gives us an excellent example in the determined, passionate and energetic Lynne.
  • Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • Princess Daisy of Super Mario Land.
    • Friend and unconfirmed cousin of Princess Peach, the redhead Daisy was stated as a tomboy in Mario Tennis, her first modern appearance, and is known for her energetic, loud, and competitive character traits.
  • Nariko from Heavenly Sword. There has perhaps never been so much red coming out of one head.
  • Claus and Kumatora from Mother 3.
  • Atlas from Mega Man ZX Advent uses fire attacks when merged with Model F. She doesn't mess around.
  • Excepting the game versions and art which depicted her as a blonde or brunette, Tyris Flare of the Golden Axe series. A fiery redhead in that she was able to summon explosions and dragons with her magic.
  • Tasha/Zadia from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict.
  • Aika from Skies of Arcadia. She seems to be aligned with the Red Moon, which embodies heat, as well.
  • What Disgaea 2's Adell lacks in gender, he makes up in ridiculous levels of fieriness - both figuratively and literally.
  • Mars Adepts in Golden Sun typically partner this trope with Hot Blood and Personality Powers, making them good cases of Color-Coded for Your Convenience. Red hair = fire! As of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, we have:
    • Garet (hair is more brown in his character art, but red on his sprite and he fits the personality)
      • Garet's siblings both demonstrate this trope; his parents, less so.
    • Jenna (hair is maroon, but the personality fits).
    • Akafubu of Kibombo (subverting Magical Negro in the process).
    • Karst (surprisingly, the only Fire Clan member to follow this trope).
    • Tyrell (considering Garet's his father).
    • Eoleo the Champa (debuted in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, but grew into the personality for Dark Dawn).
  • Planescape: Torment features the sharp-tongued, passionate, brash tiefling thief Annah-Of-The-Shadows.
  • Of all the Redheads in The Witcher, Princess Adda is the one who could be called fiery. Triss has her moments but is more often the tactician in combat or politics, as does Shanni, but she is more often motherly.
  • Subverted in Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. Eliwood is a redhead, but he's very level-headed and somewhat of a Technical Pacifist. The Hot-Blooded one among the lords is Lightning Bruiser Hector, who happens to hair. Also subverted with Kent, who's an Officer and a Gentleman and The Lancer to Lyn.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening gives us Sully, the redheaded Action Girl from Chrom's Shepherds group. Can be potentially played straight by either Owain or Cynthia from the Kid from the Future team too, but only if either of them is fathered by a redheaded man; i.e, Gaius or a redhaired male Avatar. Averted by Miriel or Laurent, however.
  • Monica Raybrandt in Dark Cloud 2. Even though the game's point of view is centered on Max, she's the leader in the team and has a...unique sense of humor, especially where Firbits are concerned.
  • Kimmy Eckman from Backyard Sports.
  • Steve Burnside from Resident Evil: Code: Veronica.
  • That Fighter sprite from Final Fantasy I caused nothing but trouble.
  • House Harkonnen from the Dune games. While this trope may not be entirely noticeable in Dune 2 and Dune 2000, this is very prevalent in Emperor: Battle for Dune. Several of the Harkonnen people notably have red hair (including Baron Rakan, Copec, and plenty of the house's infantry) and this very house is known to be cruel even to their own. The Baron does not hesitate one bit to scold a field general who failed a mission, giving a warning like "if this inept performance continues, I'll have you skinned alive!" Indeed, when you view the first FMV cutscene for this house, you hear the previous general cry out in agony, getting tortured by a slow and excruciatingly painful death because he failed his superior leaders. In the cutscenes, Copec and Rakan have short tempers. In the first cutscene when Gunseng attempts to help his ailing father, Rakan pushes Gunseng away with a hint of anger and tells him to go away. The whole House of the Harkonnen is corrupt and only consider their own desires, hence the artificial alterations to most of Geidi Prime; hardly anything can grow there by itself and new things require the expense of older substances to develop.
  • Mass Effect 2: The Normandy crew has two redhead NPCs. One is the The Pollyanna, but the other is a hotheaded Brave Scot who fits even if he's an engineer rather than a fighter.
  • Inverted in Neverwinter Nights, in which (by hair color) Aribeth is the closest thing to a redhead among all of the NPCs but is also the most rational and collected of the entire cast (until the dreams begin).
  • At first glance, this trope is averted in Dragon Age: Origins, where pious "good girl" Leliana is a redhead and "bad girl" Morrigan is a brunette. But Morrigan is a frosty kind of dark - sexual but not emotional; whereas Leliana is a former seductress-assassin and potentially an affectionate romance option for the player's character (whether male or female).
    • If Leliana becomes "hardened" due to her personal quest, she plays this trope perfectly straight from then on.
    • Aveline from Dragon Age II also seems to be one, and various redheaded NPCs play it straight, subvert it, etc.
  • Lilith from Borderlands has Elemental Powers in a game otherwise mostly devoid of sorcery.
  • Natalie from Ape Escape.
  • Axel from Kingdom Hearts.
  • The titular heroine of Atelier Liese. She is slightly tamer by the time she reappears in Atelier Annie, but still.
  • Trauma Team features Maria Torres, who is in first response. She seems pretty tanned, too.
  • As stated above, Misty from Pokémon Red and Blue. Flannery (who's a Fire-type Gym Leader) and Gardenia fit to a point, too.
    • Maxie from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is an interesting subversion- despite being an Evil Redhead who likes Playing with Fire, he doesn't have the personality!
    • Mars from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, one of the Team Galactic admins who of all things has a short temper.
    • Chili from Pokémon Black and White, Unova's resident Fire-type Gym Leader.
    • Silver, the rival of the Pokémon Gold and Silver
    • Pokémon example: Darmanitan, the absolutely berserk-looking daruma doll gorilla, is covered in red fur. A literal example too, as it's a Fire-type. The series has a few other examples like this.
    • From the Nobunaga's Ambition crossover, Pokémon Conquest gives us Kai, who has literal fiery red hair. Not in the Flaming Hair sense; this woman's hair shapes like flames when she gets angry, and looks like an explosion when she get's shocked. Fittingly, her Perfect Link is Darmanitan, listed directly above.
    • From the Pokémon ranger sideseries, we have Lavanna.
  • Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII is a classic Tsunde-redhead with the pigtails to match. She's also the games' richest source of Grade-A fanservice.
    • Ashlynn from Dragon Quest VI is an earlier example of a Fiery Redhead in the series and, like Jessica from VIII, specializes in offensive magic and thus is also fiery.
    • And Alena from Dragon Quest IV, who (despite the pointy hat) isn't even a magic user, but instead a princess who would sooner punch her problems away than act like the stereotypical princess her father wants her to be.
  • Tsubaki of BlazBlue is a rare example of this trope being Double Subverted. She's a redhead, but for all of the first game (where she was an NPC) she was a studious, level-headed, rather pleasant Proper Lady. Where the double subversion kicks in is when she is introduced as a playable character with her own story in the second game: she's actually a Clingy Jealous Girl to her love-interest Jin. It goes so far that not only does she become a vengeful, screaming maniac whenever someone gets too close to him, she actually tries to murder her friend Noel after Big Bad Hazama convinces her that Noel stole away her chance to be with him, and she performs a Face-Heel Turn.
  • Aurora from Black Sigil, with powers to match. So. Many. Fireballs.
  • Asch from Tales of the Abyss is rude, crude and liable to shout at everyone Except Natalia. He has his reasons, such as a clone replacing him and his family leaving him for dead because of it.
  • Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark and its prequel Perfect Dark Zero. Although, in the first game, her hair looks more brown than red, her personality is still Fiery Redhead.
  • Subverted with Khalid in Baldur's Gate, who is anything but fiery.
    • Nalia in the sequel is a straightforward example, however.
  • Cass in Fallout: New Vegas is a hard drinkin', foul-mouthed spitfire of a woman who also happens to be mighty handy with a shotgun.
  • RosenkreuzStilette presents to us Zorne Sepperin, who's a short-tempered, impulsive, and moody little girl with love affections towards Graf Michael Sepperin (whom she regards as her father despite the absence of blood ties) and a knack for creating and throwing bombs a la Bomberman.
  • Brooks in The Orion Conspiracy plays this trope straight to a T. She can cuss, she can fight, she can have sex, she can do a lot.
  • Harvest Moon has various Fiery Red Head's, though the most famous are the two Ann's.
  • In the 1st Degree presents Ruby Garcia. She is a redhead (Captain Obvious), her first name refers to red, and she has the attitude. She is the girlfriend of the defendent James Tobin, and she wants to believe that he's not a murderer. In fact, asking the wrong questions (especially questions that make Tobin sound like a murderer) will get you an explosive outburst from her.
  • Ursula Unquenchablefire, the Amazon leader in The Spellcasting Series. Apparently quite the warrior and leader, but not real big on foreplay.
  • Liza, from Kaiser Knuckle.
  • From Neptunia, RED, Falcom, and Cave, though the latter is a subversion since her personality is cool as ice.
  • The eponymous battle-girl.
  • Viewtiful Joe. A lot of his attacks are even fire related.
  • Nadine from Fallout 3's Point Lookout expansion pack.
  • Mama from Cooking Mama, despite looking like she's an innocent woman that loves to cook and not spoil her food.
  • Averted in StarCraft. Sarah Kerrigan, with blood-red hair, has a cool, calculating, and professional personality.
  • Doug from Rune Factory 4 is a hot-tempered, red-headed dwarf. But he's also capable of being cool and calculating, as his plot to get revenge on Ventuswill shows.
  • The red-headed Gladiator from Sacred is the Big Guy among playable characters and a specialized męlée fighter. According to the lines he occasionally shoots when fighting, he is also very enthousiastic to fight and kill.
  • In what could be another double subversion, League of Legends gives us Miss Fortune. She's red-headed and passionate... but falls more into the territory of cool-headed, teasing and seductive Femme Fatale Ms. Fanservice, but still has a competitive edge. That is, until she's told to use her ultimate skill, Bullet Time, in which she goes very fiery and let out a great laughter as she pelts you with bullets.

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